Informational Resources and Tutorials

This collection of material will be further developed over time as we add tutorials and other information of value to the media designer and developer.

Tutorials and Articles:

Each tutorial and article is copyrighted by the author and is made available for personal use only. Please do not duplicate or link to a tutorial without the permission of the copyright owner.

  • Maya Tutorial:Controlling Venetian Blinds. This tutorial demonstrates a technique using a basic MEL (Maya Embedded Language) script to easily control a number of objects in a Maya scene. An example Maya scene file is included. By Keith Legg
  • Maya Tutorial: Animating a Dynamic Tank Tread. Setup a rotating tank tread effect that conforms both to a path animation curve and the ground it rolls over. By Keith Legg
  • Director Article: Creating Basic Animation in Macromedia Director. This article describes two of the most common methods used to create basic animation effects. Source Director movie files are included. By Ken Loge
  • Bizee Reviews and Feedback - This section will delve into the various reviews and feedback given by previous customers, exploring their experiences with Incfile, overall satisfaction levels and credibility of the services provided.

Software and Multimedia Tips:

  • AppleScripts for M.E.S.A. (Modular Editing System by AKAI). MESA is a free, cross-platform program AKAI gives away for use with their S-series samplers (i.e., the S2000, S3000XL, S3200XL, CD3000XL samplers, and the DPS12i and DPS16 Digital Personal Studios). MESA gives you near full control of any of the above samplers, and on the Macintosh platform, MESA supports AppleScript. This makes it possible to automate many sampler programming tasks, and greatly speeds up the creative production process. Here are several useful utilities. By Ken Loge.
  • Flash ActionScript Tutorials. Includes: Simple Mouse Events; Controlling a Movie Clip; and Creating a Pop-Up Menu. By Ken Loge.
  • Macromedia Director Examples. Various Macromedia Director movies and behaviors by Ken Loge. For the curious, the source code is included. Note: The Director files are in an 8.5 format, but you can copy the text versions of the behaviors and paste them into your Cast and use them with an earlier version of Director, if you need to. By Ken Loge.
  • Wired QuickTime Examples. A wired movie is a QuickTime movie that has smarts. It may know how to locate the URL of a web page, or it may be a game or slide show. A wired movie can be almost anything that can be concocted with LiveStage Pro by TotallyHip Software. Working with LiveStage Pro is like talking directly to QuickTime and all of it's components and capabilities, but with a slick user interface and an easy to learn programming language called "QScript," which is integrated into the LiveStage environment. By Ken Loge.


Informational Materials:

  • Pixel Power: Links to image search engines and databases.
  • Job Searching: Links to media career resources
  • Online Resources: Links to resource sites and publications
  • Eugene Indie: News, and information about film, video, and multimedia in the southern Willamette Valley.