Eugene Based Media Producers:

This page presents a growing list of Eugene media companies. It includes firms engaged in audio, film, graphic, multimedia, video and web development. For additional listings see the Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network web site.

Abracadabra. Producers of games, CD ROM's on model railroading,Game studio, and other software.

Blind Pirate Studio. Phone: 541/746/1130. Full service digital studio. State of the art facility.

Cawood. Phone:541/ fax: 541/ 1200 High St., Suite 21 Eugene, OR 97401 e-mail: . Award-winning advertising, creative, public relations, marketing, Internet design and web content services.

Chambers Productions. Phone: 541/ fax: 541/ Business Office & Studios 2975 Chad Drive, Eugene Mailing Address: PO Box 7009, Eugene, OR 97401 e-mail: . Chambers Media Center with full-service digital video post-production. Quantel Edit Box, Avid editing, Stratosphere nonlinear, 2 linear component online suites, computer-generated motion graphics, Lightwave 3D.

Cullis and Wood Video and Film Phone: 541/485/0200. PO Box 25328 Eugene.

Don Ross Productions. Phone: 541/343/2692 Audio recording for music demos, CD's, narration and multimedia. Both digital and analog recording.

Intervision. Phone: 541/ fax: 541/ 261 E. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401 e-mail: . Complete multimedia production services for DVD, CD-ROM, interactive kiosks and Internet applications. Designing, scripting, digitizing, recording, computer graphics and animation services.

KVAL Creative Services. 541/ fax: 541/ 4575. Blanton Rd., Eugene OR 97405 email: Creative, cost effective 3D logos and animation. Mac/Adobe based suite for maximum agency integration. Networked with NWI Digital Post and Avid Suite.

Maximo Productions. Phone: 541/343/9293. Full service audio production.

Moving Image Productions. Phone 541/ fax: 541/ 372 W. 12th, Suite 3, Eugene, OR 97401 e-mail: Seventeen years experience - proven abilities on location and in-studio. Educational, dramatic, documentary projects are my specialty. Video for CD/Internet.

Northwest Media. Phone 541/ fax: 541/ 326 W. 12th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401 e-mail: Studio & field production equipment and facilities. Full digital production and post-production using DVCAM, DVCPRO and high-quality digital nonlinear editors.

ORCAS (Oregon Center for Applied Science). Phone:541/342/7227 - FAX: 54/ 342/4270 : ORCAS Inc., 1839 Garden Ave. Eugene, OR 97403 Developing state-of-the-art multimedia programs to help people improve their lives. Current programs include health risk appraisals, smoking cessation, choosing a healthier diet, health exercise/fitness, family caregiver-Alzheimer's, avoiding teen pregnancy, contraception, drug refusal skills, and more. ORCAS programs are available in a variety of formats, Internet to CD-ROMs and VHS video.

Pacific Video and Internet. Phone: 54 1/463/8100. PO Box 2113, Eugene, Oregon 97402, USA Serving small business with solidly-produced and affordable promotional, instructional and other videos.

PACINFO. Phone: 541/344/5006. Address: 44 W Broadway Suite 305. Custom web design..H.ome of Lane County's oldest and most reliable locally owned Internet Solution Provider.

Panda Productions. Phone: 541/345/8483. . Web sites, homepages, graphics.

PCS Internet Inc. Phone: 541/. 1200 Executive Parkway Suite 200. Business web development and programming.

Pipeworks Software, Inc. Phone: 541/685/0644 Fax: 541/685/0671. 260 E. 11th Ave. Suite 3D Eugene, OR. Email: . Producers of interactive game software.

Premierelink Communications, Inc. Phone 541/344.8575 fax: 541/344/3997 toll free : 1.888.4 LINK ME (1.) 576 Olive Street, Suite 207 Eugene OR 97401. Voice:email: . Web based communication.

Proscenia Interactive. An association of affiliated producers engaged in the design and development of pro-social materials for children and adults.

Producers Studio. Phone: 541/ 683/1400 fax: 541/ P.O. Box 7846, Eugene, OR 97401 email: web: Over 25 years experience. Production development/packaging. Television, theatrical, home video, spoken word. Presentation/boardroom technology, design and project management.

Pro Logo Graphic Design Group. Phone: 541/683/7267. Web site design and support.

Stafford Video Productions. Phone: 541/683/5445. 21 East 28th Eugene. Full service production photos, slides, video, and film.

Thin Air Advertising & Design. Phone: 541/ fax: 541/ . 132 E. Broadway, Suite 900, Eugene, OR 97401 email: A full service design and placement agency. Specializing in identity, strategic planning, packaging, complete Web services including e-commerce and multi-media.

Timeless Media Group. 2480 W. 7th Place Eugene. Mail Address:
P.O. Box 22738, Eugene, OR 97402. Phone: 1-.