Oregon Media Associations

The following are regional and national organizations with local chapters to which media producers within the state often belong. Media organizations provide the opportunity for networking and collaborative efforts.

American Institute of Graphic Arts -Portland.

The purpose of the AIGA is to further excellence in communication design as a broadly defined discipline, strategic tool for business, and cultural force. The AIGA is the first place design professionals turn to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research, and advance education and ethical practice.

American Society of Media Photographers Oregon
The Oregon chapter is one of 40 chapters nationwide of the American Society of Media Photographers, a trade organization which promotes photographers' rights, educates photographers in better business practices, and produces business publications for photographers. It was founded in 1944 by a handful of the world's leading photojournalists and is recognized internationally for its leadership role. ASMP has over 5,000 members, including many of the world's greatest photographers. The ASMP has three purposes: To protect and promote the interests of photographers whose work is for publication. To promote high professional standards and ethics. To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding between photographers.

Animation Northwest

ASIFA-Northwest is the Pacific Northwest's foremost organization for the animation community, with a collective membership of professional animators, filmmakers, students, teachers and fans as well as affiliated professions such as voice-over actors, composers, puppeteers, illustrators and cartoonists. The Northwest has a rich history of experimental and independent animation, as well as commercial production in the areas of stop-motion, computer graphics visualization, interactive and video game animation. The mission of ASIFA-Northwest is to promote the art of animation and foster the development of the animation industry in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, and Western B.C. Canada. Founded in 1988, ASIFA-NW is one of eight U.S. chapters of the International Animated Film Association, ASIFA, which was established in 1960. Currently, there are approximately 2000 ASIFA members in more than 30 ASIFA chapters worldwide.

Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers
. (AIVF)
Maybe the best description of the Portland AIVF Salon (know locally as The Indie Film Group) is that it is a paragon of informality. After all, the group was founded in an impromptu style, with the very loose mission of "togetherness." News of the group has largely been spread by word-of-mouth. The tone of the meetings is as casual as the reputation of the laid-back Pacific Northwest. But in spite of (or maybe because of) this relaxed atmosphere, it all seems to work quite well. Portland has a growing independent film community with a strong contingent of world-class animators (among them Chel White, Rose Bond, Joan Graz, Joanna Priestly, Jim Blashfield, Will Vinton). It also has a number of busy documentary and experimental filmmakers (like Kelley Baker and Miranda July, respectively), and even spawned some feature folks (the most well-known of whom is director Gus Van Sant, who those in the know simply refer to as "Gus."). There is no real hierarchy, no officers, nor any long-range plan in the Portland Indie Film Group. It's admittedly low-key. We usually screen something as a group, sometimes a completed work, sometimes a work-in-progress and, depending on the needs of the filmmaker, we have some sort of session -- critique, pats on the back, suggestions about marketing or distribution, grousing and commiserating.

Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon (CHIFOO)
(CHIFOO), is the local chapter of SIGCHI, the ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction. The ACM is the Association for Computing Machinery, the national professional society for computing and information processing. CHIFOO's purpose is to provide a mechanism for exchanging ideas, and organizing workshops & similar educational activities related to computer-human interaction. All persons in Oregon and Southwest Washington who are interested in computer-human interaction are invited to join CHIFOO.

DevGroup NW.
Since 1994, the Portland Multimedia|Internet Developers Group (now DevGroup) has provided a forum for developers to network, share knowledge and find out what's happening in the web|multimedia world

Graphic Artist Guild of Oregon
The Graphic Artists Guild is made up of individuals who work in many disciplines, including illustration, graphic design, photography, cartooning, web design, multimedia, surface design and others. The experience, wisdom, and activism of our members, accumulated over 32 years, is by far our greatest resource. The Graphic Artists Guild is a national union of illustrators, designers, web creators, production artists, surface designers and other creatives who have come together to pursue common goals, share their experience, raise industry standards, and improve the ability of visual creators to achieve satisfying and rewarding careers.

Internet Professionals Northwest.
IPN is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting the interests of professionals engaged in providing Internet services, products and technologies of all kinds. We serve individuals and companies with information sharing, training, personal and business networking, and other benefits.

Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network
The Mid-Oregon Production Arts Network (MOPAN) is a nonprofit association of over 200 professionals working in film, television and video, as well as in audio and multimedia. MOPAN's region extends roughly from Salem to Roseburg, and from the coast to the Cascades. In an effort to serve the voice of the industry in this region, MOPAN is active in the fields of business, education and politics locally and statewide. MOPAN GOALS are to promote open communication, unity and cooperation within the local media production industry - actively promote the local media industry as a production center for local, state and national producers - monitor the activities and maintain open communication with government agencies affecting the media production industry -provide the membership with other services and resources beneficial to the media production arts community

Oregon Creative Services Alliance.(OCSA)
The Alliance is made up of a consortium of member organizations who represent Oregon's creative services industry. This industry is a significant cluster of firms and people creating communication in several media. These include advertising, graphic design, public relations, film and video, interactive media and software. By bridging these creative categories with our website, networks, marketing and the Creative Services Center, we're working together to help Oregon's creative services industry flourish.

Oregon Media Production Association (OMPA)
OMPA is the largest nonprofit film, video and multimedia association in Oregon. Since its founding in 1982, OMPA has educated and informed its diverse membership about important industry news and provided forums for networking and professional development.

Oregon Screenwriters. An organization of film and television writers located in Oregon that meet in Eugene every month. Meetings are free and open to all. The web site features links to individual writers within the group, links to other Oregon writing groups, and links to film and television information on the web.

Portland Advertising Federation (PAF)
The Portland Advertising Federation encourages the improvement of all phases of advertising in order to be an effective marketing and communications tool. PAF exists to: Educate and inform the general public, government, business management, educators, and others concerning the role advertising plays in a democratic society. Preserve advertising from legislation that needlessly restricts advertising's part in the economy and lessens the role advertising plays in a democratic society. Support truth in advertising and opposes those who would use advertising dishonestly. Educate students and advertising educators about the positive role advertising plays in a free enterprise system. Create opportunities to train future advertising professionals. Work through the American Advertising Federation so that advertising is used truthfully and with good taste to continue to build a sound economy within a democratic society. 511 SW 10th Ave. Suite 1308 Portland, OR 97205 Telephone Number:

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Here you will find information about the Oregon chapter, including an application for subscribership, a sample of newsletter, news of upcoming events, and links to local authors and illustrators. There is also a page devoted to getting you started in the field of writing and illustrating books for children.

Software Association of Oregon
Formed in 1989, the Software Association of Oregon (SAO) fosters an environment that fuels the explosive growth of Oregon's software industry. Our members enjoy exceptional networking and educational opportunities, critical workforce development programs, and valuable company benefits. Whether you are a startup software developer, established industry leader, or a provider of services to the industry, your company will benefit from an SAO membership.