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Proscenia Internships

As an association of independent producers we provide a limited number of non-paid internships to qualified students who are interested in the design and development of value based multimedia materials.



Interns are engaged in a planned program of training and work experience. Selected projects provide a sequence of activities that build one upon another in increasing complexity. These projects are of significant effort and require progressively higher levels of technical and creative competency that are coordinated with school-based learning.

The design, development, and production of media products require critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Our goal is to give interns as much "real life" experience as possible so that they develop the needed knowledge and skill to work effectively in an entry-level professional position upon graduation.

As an association of independent producers we have no single media facility but instead make use of our collective resources in the development of media projects. Interns have access to these resources as needed. Interns frequently choose to use their own equipment and software. Proscenia provides needed discs and other expendables.

Proscenia views the internship process as an opportunity to provide a learning experience for those individuals serious about a career in multi-media development. Intern supervisors provide consultation and tutorial assistance as needed to advance student knowledge and skills. In addition we use staff meeting time and the Internet to assist interns in their learning. Students have access to intern supervisors at all times.

Interns need to realize that their participation in Proscenia project activities does not result in the displacement of any regular employee, employees being laid off, or results in not hiring an employee. Nor does the completion of a successful internship result in a job position with Proscenia.

Although internships are not entitled to wages or other compensation expendable materials needed for a project are provided and an honorarium is often awarded at the end of the internship.


  • As with any professional relationship, an intern is expected to be a responsible individual who is actively engaged in project efforts.

  • A term-length project is coordinated with an Intern supervisor, which may include any number of design and development activities. The scope and sequence of a project is developed in consultation with the Intern that will challenge and enhance his/her learning and the development of effective production and creative skills.

  • Interns are expected to attend weekly staff meetings in which they are asked to present the status of their work efforts for that week. If an intern is unable to attend a session he/she is expected to arrange a meeting that week with a supervisor to review work progress and topics covered in the staff meeting.

  • Interns are to asked to carefully budget their time between his/her Internship school, and other responsibilities. One's weekly work schedule for Proscenia is flexible. We do ask interns to keep a detailed daily time sheet that not only provides us with an overview of effort but also helps the intern realize the amount of effort needed in project development. The timesheet is designed to reflect the value of the effort individuals put into their work.

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Proscenia internships provide certain benefits:

  • Interns work with professionals in the field of multimedia production and the development of educational and informational products.

  • Interns are involved in the design and development of multi-media projects that build upon their current knowledge and skills and facilitate further individual professional development in the production of multi-media works.

  • Interns retain ownership of their artwork. An Intern may use any artwork he/she produces in future projects of his/her own. Proscenia Interactive retains indefinite rights to use or modify produced artwork in any current or future project without compensation. Interns will receive credit for the original effort in project documentation.

  • Interns may option for benefits resulting in the successful marketing of commercial product(s) upon which they worked. A point award system is provided by which an Intern's hours spent on a given project can be used to receive future compensation on return after all production and overhead costs are covered. This does not apply to grant funded projects that may provide paid internships and benefits.


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