Job Searching for Media Careers

This material has been compiled as a resource for Proscenia Interns and affiliated producers and is shared with others through the Internet as a service of Proscenia Interactive. This list is periodically updated.

For a successful search use key words such as graphic artist, media designer, filmmaker, multimedia, television producer, journalist, or web page designer. It is often good to put your keywords within quotation marks such as " cell animator" .

Finally, evaluating the criteria for various positions will give you a good idea of what the job market requires of you in terms of expertise and experience. You will also gain insight into the wide range of salary options available.

Neither Proscenia or its staff is responsible for content found at linked sites or issues arising from use of this information.

Gary Ferrington
Proscenia Interactive

ABRACAT. This is a job search engine in which keywords can list both state and national job positions.

Advertising and media Jobs Page. A free and confidential search service for positions in advertising and media.

All Search A very comprehensive site but includes more than media related jobs. Takes a bit of looking at to figure out what to do, but once you understand it is a great resource for finding jobs.

America's Job Bank. Provides a simple search engine that generates a number of NorthWest jobs. Try, for example, typing in Seattle and using as a keyword photoshop, graphics, web design, or video. Be sure to select the Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media category.

Animation Jobs. This is a guide to sites which may have animation jobs listed. I'm not sure how many of the links on this site are active as it seems it was originally a student project. However, it is well worth exploring.

Animation World Network. Finding a job in the field of animation may best be located through this international web site. The site also has all the current information of animation productions around the world.

Art Jobs.

BBC Jobs-Multimedia.
Career Builder.Com. Try typing in web designer, illustrator, multimedia, graphic designer, and other key words and it was fun to see what jobs came up around the country and the salary range one could look.

Career Click .COM. This online service allows you to search individual, regional, or national Canadian newspapers for job positions. Remember that Canada has tight employment restrictions for non residents.

Computer Jobs. Be sure to check the "newmedia box" to find art and graphic positions. You can also search by regional sites such as Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, etc.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Search for TV and Radio production positions related to public television.

Creative Central. Search by region using the Media section of this web site. I've tried searching but did not have much luck. It may be the site is relatively new with few listings.

Craigslist - San Francisco. Jobs are listed in categories such as: TV/film/video/radio jobs: art/media/print/design jobs: web / info design; writing / editing

Entertainment Careers. This site provides access to careers not only in multimedia, but animation. Graphic design, feature TV development and production, acting, advertisement. Nice li sting of positions can be found when clicking on animation/graphic design category. jobs

Eugene Register Guard. A search engine for jobs in Eugene, Oregon. Use keyword searching to find specific graphic art and web design type of positions.

Freelance Connections. A full-service placement agency in the computer graphics industry, placing both temporary and permanent staffing concentrating efforts in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Find-A-Job. A search engine for job opportunities in broadcast media Claims to be one of the best job search engines. I haven't tried it that much to say if it is or not. But you can search by region and identify jobs in many categories.

Gamasutra. If you are interested in the game design business this may be the place to look for national and international opportunities.

Industrial Light and Magic: Jobs. You too can work on Star Wars if you are lucky. Check this site often as positions change depending upon the projects being developed by ILM.

Higher Education Jobs. Online since 1996, this website serves as a clearinghouse of available job opportunities, ranging from such positions as a custodial engineer in a small college in western New York to an assistant professor of Egyptology at a major research university in California. Visitors to the site can begin by searching the new job listings by date, location, institution, or title. Of course, they may also perform more detailed searches as well, courtesy of the nice search engine made available here. Another option is for visitors to post their resume or vita so that employers seeking out new employees will have access to this information. Source: Scout Report.

JobBase. Search a global database of leading jobs within games and interactive entertainment. From programmers to producers, this site has openings in the creative, technical, production, sales, marketing and buying departments of some of the world's most exciting companies.

Jobs - British Broadcasting Company A data base of jobs in media with specific attention to TV and radio in the UK

Job Factory. Employment opportunities in primarily corporate settings requiring use of multimedia and web designers. Links connect you to an employer's home page for more specific information.

Job Search Engine. A very good search engine that searches the web for career postings. Use keywords such as multimedia, animation, etc., to locate specific job announcements.

JobSmack. This site is devoted to meeting the needs of the interactive media development community.

Jobveretise. This is a good site for people looking for careers in TV and broadcast media as well as multimedia. Most positions are within companies that have corporate in-house production.

Lightwave 3D Animator. A job board for those interested in 3D animation primarily using Lightwave software.

Lucas Arts: Jobs. There are a lot of divisions related to George Lucas's empire. Lucas arts is one that has frequent positions depending upon projects being developed. Film and television job opportunities.

Media Centre. International jobs in print and non-print media with most positions in the UK.

Monster.Co Jobs. A job search engine that lets you define regions and other specifications for a possible position. Use terms such as graphic artist, animation, multimedia, etc. as keywords.

Monstor.Canada Jobs. This is the Canadian version of Monster.Co. Use terms such as graphic artist, animation, multimedia, etc. in your search.

Multimedia Resource Centre. Want to work in Europe? This page provides links to various multimedia recruitment agencies.

National Association of Broadcasters. Professionals, students, and others interested in radio and television careers will find this site of value in finding current job positions.

Net-Temps. A job search engine listing temporary jobs in technology including broadcasting and multimedia. Be careful as to terms you select for a job position. Multimedia brings up positions with software engineering as well as webmaster.

The New York Times: Job Market. Locate media opportunities in the Big Apple and surrounding areas.

NY Times Job Market.

NW Classifieds - Seattle Times.

Oregonian Job Classifieds. Find statewide job postings and postings specific to the Portland region. Search advertising, illustration, computer, and communication sections
Oregon Film: Job Hotline.
3D Cafe. This is another up front site that is easy to browse and look at national postings for job positions in animation and 3D work.

3D Site: Job Offers. If you are into 3D animation and modeling this may be the site for you to check out for career opportunities. Type into the Search box the type of 3D software you use or type of position you want.
Sakson and Taylor. Most media jobs in the Seattle area seem to be promoted through Sakson and Taylor a Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to the media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Web Development and Multimedia Opportunities. A listing of job search engines specific to web and multimedia careers.

Webmaster Locate web design and development positions. The site seems a bit complex but the jobs are there. Search for media positions in broadcasting, graphics, advertising and other media. Canadian employment.