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Thought for today: ""We are more ready to try the untried when what we do is inconsequential. Hence the fact that many inventions had their birth as
toys." (Eric Hoffer)"
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December 07 - Vol 2. No. 49

Up Front Sunday Morning NW:

It is with personal sadness that we note the passing of Eugene media artist David Joyce. David was a remarkable photographer,film maker, artist, and teacher who touched the lives of many of our readers who were students at Lane Community College.

David Joyce is best known for his life size photographic sculptures. His whimsical Eugene airport mural has greeted thousands of visitors from around the world. He will be remembered not only for his art, but his encouragement of young artists and leadership in the Oregon arts community. A full story about David's life and work is available on line.

The Web is used for many purposes ranging from retailing to providing the latest in news and entertainment. It is increasingly used for the delivery of educational programs through web based instruction (WBI). Many secondary schools such as Oregon based CoolSchool,and institutions of higher education offer courses and some complete degree programs using the Web.

Today's Random Links section provides information about web based instruction. We will be writing more about distance education and multimedia design in the future.

Today we begin a tutorial feature that will appear from time to time. Our first tutorial is on the use of Maya software for the design of 3D environments. This contribution is by Keith Legg, 3D specialist with the Oregon Research Institute's Applied Computer Simulations Lab in Eugene, Oregon.

A recent CBS Evening News program featured a growing problem with the use of camera phones. The segment focused on Gary Dann a 23-year-old Philadelphia who armed with a camera phone takes pictures of "whomever he wants, whenever he wants". These are then uploaded to his web site for anyone to log on and see.

According to the report, "Though many complain the pictures are often far less than flattering, the biggest concern among photo subjects is that people like Dann and perhaps countless other 'pocket paparazzi' like him could become a threat to privacy."

This technology , on the other hand, may prove valuable in certain circumstances such as when a 15-year-old Clifton, N.J.boy took pictures with his camera phone of a man who tried to entice him into his car. Police were able to identified the man based on the images and made an arrest.

With 18 million camera phone users already snapping away there will etiquette abuses and no doubt legal questions about how images taken with these new devices are displayed and used.

The use of the Internet for the sharing of photographs of most anything, anywhere, at anytime is exemplified at Fotolog.Net.This is a free web site that lets you display digital photos in a daily log format.

Are you looking for a search engine that offers audio and video search services? The Singingfish audio/video search engine helps people easily find mp3s, movie trailers, sports highlights, newscasts, and other streaming files. It indexes millions of files in the Windows Media, RealMediaTM, QuickTime® and mp3 formats, enabling end users to quickly find, play and/or download a wide variety of entertainment-related content. The Company claims to have the world's largest index of streaming media - currently 9 million searchable streams and mp3s, with 200,000 to 300,000 files added monthly. Singingfish is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and was formed in 1999 with the goal of providing streaming search services to businesses involved in new media industries. You can find Singingfish on many leading media players and portals.

Our entertainment for today comes down the wire from Play/Create. Play/Create is an attempt to create unique online entertainment. What you find is best described as 'interactive music videos' or 'interactive video tracks'. These are creative works with which you can become engaged. They are designed to "entertain, enlighten and bring about an emotion response."

New-York-based filmmakers Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder will present their work in "The Matter of Film" at the Downtown Initiative for Visual Arts (DIVA) today.The program features a multiple-projector expanded cinema performance

The artist use filmstrips as their canvases and apply materials such as paint and photos modified by glue and tape and then pair the visual material with abstract soundtracks. DIVA is located at 110 W. Broadway in Eugene.The program begins at 9:00 PM.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) presents its first Web-only exhibition, showcasing over 120 German Expressionist prints. Artists of Brücke: Themes in German Expressionist Prints is an excellent online example of how art might be made available through image,sound, and animation from this time forward.

Student Films are being accepted for the Vail Film Festival. The festival accepts student films postmarked by December 31st, 2003. Kodak will be presenting $1500 in film stock to the winner of the Best Student Cinematography Award. For further questions, email

Call for Contributors:If you are interested in contributing an article, have news of an event or activity of interest to readers, or would like some professional promotion as a new producer, please be in contact. Write Gary Ferrington at,

MAIL BAG: It is always good to hear from readers.

"I was checking the tracking numbers for the Don Hunter Legacy Web site and came across your newsletter link with the posting of the "Inside Oregon" story about the Institute of Museum and Library Services grant to preserve nine of Don's multi-media presentations.  Just wanted to thank you for the interest and spreading the word about this wonderful project." Robert Voelker-Morris Project Coordinator - Don Hunter Archive Museum of Natural History University of Oregon.    

" send me every week a copy of your excellent Proscenia Newsletter, which I blatantly plagiarize and send on to many others. If you are getting subscribers from all over Europe, I might have influenced some of them since I send out extracts from time to time to all the International Baccalaureate schools that are teaching the new Film course." CW Ontario, CA

GF ()

Photo - Wagon wheel, Vancouver B.C. by Gary Ferrington

Service Directory:

The Proscenia Newsletter offers a listing of services by subscribers. If you would like to include your web site please contact the editor at ., Eugene. Human-oriented interface design, web development, and interactive mixed media performance solutions. Ben Beekman and Micky Hulse, Designers.

ATGpro.Com, Eugene. Aaron Thomas Graham, Media Developer. Mr. Graham is currently a Graphic Designer with Monaco Coach company.

BeekMedia. Eugene. Ben Beekman is a graduate of the UO Multimedia program currently doing contract work in a variety of media including DVD and web design.

Chris Gates: Creative Graphic Communication for Electronic and Print Media. Portland. Chris Gates is a web and multimedia specialist and medical illustrator.

Clandestino Productions. Eugene. Gabriel Guzman, and Michael L. Wilson. A progressive new media design house that specializes in analog and digital creative solutions for commercial, non-profit and private interests. Clandestino specializes in assisting progressive businesses, organizations and individuals that support global and cultural enrichment and preservation

Cory Davidson. Eugene. Ms. Davidson is currently a web designer with Monaco Motor Coach company.

Creative Imagery. Gresham. Don Strike is an instructional designer and trainer providing course development for business and industry.

Equilibrium Designs. Portland. Manuel Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez is a professional web designer with clients in the Eugene area. He is also completing a degree in animation at the Portland Art Institute.

Ideascape, Inc. Portland. Doug Freeman is an award-winning scriptwriter and producer for video, broadcast, film and multimedia. He works with government, commercial and non-profit clients nationwide on technical and non-technical productions. Eugene Josh Taylor provides web design, animation, audio, digital art, illustration, photography and video services.

Troy Seattle. Mr. McFarland Specializes in 3D and motion graphic services for the film, video, and multimedia industry.

Add Your Web Site:()


RANDOM LINKS:Designing Web Based Instruction

Random Links provides an opportunity to share online web resources. Listed sites may focus around a specific topic or be truly random. If you have a collection of hot links you'd like to share please let us know ().

The Web is an excellent medium for the delivery of education and training. It can provide sound, photos, graphics, video, and text online and in an interactive format that engages the learner. This set of links provides an initial overview of what is involved in the design of Web Based Instruction (WBI).

Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning. If you would like to know more about online teaching and learning. Or are interested in knowing how to organize a course for online delivery the Distance Learning Resource Network’s"Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning" may be for you. This guide will help you design a course or materials for the Web or convert an existing course into an online course. These materials were designed in partnership with WGBH Interactive, a division of Boston’s WGBH Educational Foundation. Source: Distance Learning Resource

Using Instructional Design Principles To Amplify Learning On The World Wide Web. This article justifies and describes instructional design principles which can be used to transform Web material from simple informational resources to a powerful, instructional medium .Source: San Diego State University.

Design considerations for experiential web-based instruction. By David M Peter. An article that explores the modification of traditional instructional design models that focus on instructor to students relationships and provides a more experiential model appropriate for web-based instructional: University of Georgia

Web Based Instructional Resources This site presents examples of WBI courses, extensive articles and research papers, listings of conference and events, and general information and WBI resources. Source: University of California at Berkeley

Web Based Instruction.Web-based instruction has been defined as teaching and learning supported by the attributes and resources of the Internet. This site provides extensive links to guidelines for how to best utilize Internet attributes and resources. A very comprehensive site with examples of WBI programs.

So You Want to develop WBI? This site is dedicated to helping educators develop a better understanding of Web Based Instruction (WBI). Users are encouraged to take a pretest that provides a fun way of identifying your strengths and weaknesses relative to developing WBI. There is no starting or ending point to this course, however, you may want to take the posttest to get feedback on the effectiveness of this site. Source: Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District


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DISCUSSION:Maya Tutorial No. 01

Maya artist Keith Legg has contributed the first in a series of tutorials that Proscenia will be offering. We hope that this Alias Maya 3D tutorial will be of value to those interested in learning more about this dynamic software package.

Keith is a 3D artist with the Oregon Research Institute's Applied Computer Simulations Lab (ACSL) in Eugene, Oregon. The Lab's research team is well known for the virtual reality programs it has designed to help physically disabled children operate motorized wheelchairs successfully and safely in the natural environment.

Keith has been the lead 3D artist for an Internet version of ACSL's wheelchair training program. It is an online environment in which multiple users can connect to a computer network that allows them to practice driving in a shared virtual space with other children from across the country. Keith uses Maya as the software of choice in creating the 3D environments in which these training activities take place.

The goal of today's Maya Tutorial is, according to the author, " make a simple control handle for a set of Venetian blinds. The objective is to link the blinds rotation channels to a common control we don't have to select each one to open the blinds. We also want a constraint so they do not rotate all 360 degrees because blinds do not do this in the real world."

Here are two links that Keith recommends for those interested learning more about 3D graphics:

We would also like to mention that the Alias Studio Personal Learning Edition, is a special free access for non-commercial use version of Studio® software. It is for anyone who wants to learn about 3D sketching, modeling, rendering and animation tools.

Photos courtesy of Keith Legg

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"The management team in Multimedia Instructional Design are educationalists with vast experience in learning methodologies and computer based training. Building on its educational expertise, the over riding philosophy behind any courseware developed is to incorporate effective instructional technologies. The company targets organisations with recognised training needs and offers bespoke training solutions and tailored packages to address these needs.The company also provides advice and consultancy to organisations that develop their own courseware but do not have instructional design skills in-house." This company produces CD-ROM, computer based learning, and Web Based Instruction.Example products are available online. The company is located in Waterford, Ireland.

Source: MMID web site.




The following news items are from The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.) This publication is distributed on line and is a free subscription service.

Zoom Player 3.2 [Windows Operating System] While there are a number of good multi-purpose media players publicly available, this latest edition of Zoom Player is definitely worth a look. Some of the features include various presets for video playback, variable speeds for playback, multi-language support, and a programmable keyboard interface. The website for the player contains a number of screenshots, and detailed information about all of the available features. Zoom Player 3.2 is compatible with all systems running Windows 95 and higher. [KMG]

Aquallegro .[Mac OS X.]This rather novel little program functions as a basic way to teach elementary music theory. This version of Aquallegro has sections for note names in a number of clefs and key signatures. Essentially, the program uses a series of ear training exercises that allows users of the program to recognize major, minor, diminished, and augemented chords, along with a number of intervals, ranging from the augmented prime to a perfect octave.


The following news items are selected from NewsScanDaily an online publication distributed Monday through Friday. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to this free news summary.To subscribe or unsubscribe to the TEXT version of NewsScan Daily, send an e-mail message to with 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the subject line. To subscribe to the HTML version of NewsScan Daily, send mail to , with the word 'subscribe' as the subject.

INTERNET MAPPING PROJECT POSES ARTISTIC CHALLENGE. Networking engineer Barrett Lyon is hard at work on his Internet mapping project, dubbed Opte, with the goal of creating a comprehensive graphical representation of the Internet in just one day using a single computer and a standard networking program called "traceroute." "It started as a bet, but after I warmed up to the idea I found a lot of value in the project itself," says Lyon, who notes his maps could provide a useful overview of the Internet's structure and even pinpoint the effects of disruptions caused by real-world disasters. The traceroute software records the network addresses that a data packet traverses as it travels toward its destination. Lyon has modified the software to map only larger "class C" networks, and theorizes that by performing 194 traceroute searches per second, it should be able to scan the whole Net in a day. And while some question whether Lyon's schema will be capable of tracking every
interconnection on the Net, Lyon says he's more concerned with the aesthetic aspect of the endeavor: "The project is art." (New Scientist 28

A MICROSOFT IN EVERY CAR? Microsoft has already invaded most of the PC-equipped households and businesses in the U.S. and is now eyeing its next conquest -- your automobile. "We'd like to have one of our operating systems in every car on Earth," says Dick Brass, VP of Microsoft's automotive business unit. "It's a lofty goal." The software giant already has its platform installed on 23 different vehicle models, including the BMW 7 series, Daimler, Volvo, Subaru and Toyota. Brass says the myriad gadgets that drivers use to while away their commuting hours can all be connected via Microsoft's "TBox," which will also enable hands-free operation. "The idea is to make easy to bring phones and laptops into the carand connect to networks around it." He also envisions using the TBox system to organize van pools and reduce traffic congestion. "It's possible to imagine setting a system in place with 5,000 to 10,000 vans and have a dramatic reduction in traffic. With GPS and TBox, we have the tools we would need to put this all together." But some critics have voiced concern over Microsoft's new venture: "I don't want Ford making PDAs, and I don't want Microsoft making cars," says one skeptic. (AP 1 Dec 2003)

SOCIAL NETWORKING.An intellectual property war may be in store for "social networking"
Internet services designed to help people do such things as find dates orjobs. These include such sites as Friendster, Tickle, Zero Degrees, Spoke,Ryze, Tribe, and LinkedIn. The owners of Tribe and LinkedIn have paid$700,000 to YouthStream Media Networks for a U.S. patent known as the "SixDegrees Patent," which covers an online software platform that allows usersto build relationship networks. But one industry skeptic says: "Thisindustry is going to go in a thousand different directions. I think we'regoing to find that many of the things being protected today are completelyirrelevant a year from now." (New York Times 1 Dec 2003)

MOD ART. Computer game developers are increasingly willing to give away the software
tools used to construct the games, including them on the disc with the game itself and thereby allowing users to modify the graphics, sound effects, and even the way the game is played. One young mod maker explains what this development means: "People are taking the tools that someone else made and using them as sort of a paintbrush to define their own canvas. They are really, really expressing their own creativity and defining the ideal environment for their own game play. I would go as far to say that it is an art." Some game industry observers say that game makers can inspire loyalty and sales by creating games that remain fresh and sometimes serve as the basis for entirely different games. (New York Times 4 Dec 2003)

STREISAND LOSES LAWSUIT AGAINST CONSERVATIONIST WEB SITE. A judge in Los Angeles has ruled against singer Barbra Streisand in her $10 million law suit alleging an invasion of privacy by two photographs of her Malibu estate posted on a conservation Web site. The defendant said he has posted more than 12,000 photos taken by helicopter for scientific research on the coastline. The judge ruled: "Occasional overflights are among those ordinary incidents of community life of which plaintiff is part. The taking of photographs in picturesque, coastal areas is a similarly routine activity." The site is located at (AP/USA Today 4 Dec 2003)

MOVIE PIRACY CONTINUES DESPITE INDUSTRY EFFORTS. Although film industry efforts to make illegal copying more difficult,piracy appears to have increased from previous years. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) estimates that there are now 200,000 Web sites offering movies pirated by "ripping crews" (who recruit members around the world to obtain, edit, transfer and store films); these ripping crews are frequently assisted by people connected to the movie industry itself, such as cinema employees, workers at post-production houses and friends of Academy members. The MPAA and California law enforcement officials are planning how to enforce a new state law barring the illegal recording of motion pictures in movie theaters. (Los Angeles Times 4 Dec 2003),1,6779001.story?coll=la

AMERICA'S CHILDREN EMBRACE THE WEB More than 2 million U.S. children aged 6 to 17 currently have their own Web sites, according to a survey by Grunwald Associates, and based on respondents' answers, the market research service predicts that more than 6 million children could have their own personal sites by 2005. "Previous generations of kids wrote earnest poetry, or joined rock bands to express themselves. Today's kids do so by building personal Web sites. And they're hungry for tools to help them build better, more engaging sites, and stay in closer touch with friends," says Peter Grunwald, president of Grunwald Associates. And while almost half of the teenagers with home Internet access polled either had a Web site or planned to build one, a third of 6-8-year-olds expressed similar plans. The study also indicated that girls were more likely to have their own sites than boys (12.2% vs. 8.6%). Meanwhile, the proliferation of broadband connections at home has rendered Internet access from school a disappointing experience for many. A whopping 76% of kids with home broadband connections reported their home connection was faster than the school's. Even a majority of children with dialup access at home (62%) perceive their home connections to be the same or faster than those at school. And though the connections may be slow, both parents and kids expressed rising levels of dissatisfaction with the amount of time allotted to their children for computer use at school, with nearly
half (49%) of kids and 34% of parents saying their children were getting "too little time online" during the school day. An overview of the "Children, Families and the Internet" survey findings is available at (Grunwald Associates 4 Dec 2003)

WHAT'S IN A NAME? PLENTY, IF IT'S TRADEMARKED!Amid mounting concern over possible trademark violations, Google has asked the U.S. District Court in San Jose to rule on whether the search engine's advertising program, which focuses on the sale of keywords, violates trademarks owned by other companies. Google maintains that its terms and conditions stipulate that advertisers themselves "are responsible for the keywords and ad text that they choose to use," but the search engine leader lost a lawsuit brought last summer by Louis Vuitton in French court and is battling similar accusations by American Blind & Wallpaper Factory, which owns the trademarks to the phrases "American wallpaper" and "American blind." American Blind & Wallpaper has threatened to sue Google if it doesn't remove those phrases from its keyword pool. An additional controversy has arisen over search providers' responsibility to give trademark holders appropriate visibility in the search results based on keywords related to their trademarked terms, regardless of whether they pay for it. A lawsuit against Yahoo alleging unfair treatment was brought last year by Mark Nutritionals, which is seeking $440 million in damages. (CNet 4 Dec 2003)

FATE OF ALBUMS UNCERTAIN IN THE SINGLES ERA Record albums used to be the primary way that songs were packaged for sale but in today's world of single-track downloads, albums may be losing their cachet as a marketing vehicle, says aging rocker David Bowie. "The present young generation has a deeply ingrained music-for-free attitude. They want, expect and take for granted their music like water from the tap or electricity from the wall socket, at a minimum cost. (Music) is much more a lifestyle choice now rather than the ritualistic environment-creator that it was when I was young." Does it really make any difference? Well, yes, says Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas. "Remembering Michael Jackson's music, I know what happened to me during the "Off the Wall" period, during "Thriller," during "Bad." I can chart my life by Elton John's albums. I feel sorry for kids 13 or 14 who never had album experiences and got by one song at a time." (USA Today 4 Dec 2003)

BRAZIL'S POOR LEARN NEW JOB SKILLS IN CYBERCAFÉS With a 20% unemployment rate, Sao Paolo is experimenting with a innovative way to help its poorest citizens learn computer skills -- the city's Telecenter Cidade Tiradentes is a free Internet café set up by the local authority. The Telecenter is a haven for young people, who frequent the cybercafé to learn keyboarding skills and surf the net for employment opportunities. The federal project began about two and half years ago and there are now 250,000 people using the nearly 100 net cafés throughout the country. "We want to take the telecenters to the poorer areas in the periphery, to reduce the social and economic divide," says Beatriz Tibirica, coordinator of the city's E-Government project. "Access to technology is fundamental in order to get full rights and opportunities in modern society." The computers use the free GNU/Linux operating system, which significantly reduces the cost of running the program and is part of the Brazilian government's overall plan to move toward open source software. (BBC News 2 Dec 2003)



Arts Electric Calendar. A worldwide calendar for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.

The BBC has announced the Vision Design Competition that helps talented designers at the start of their careers gain an introduction into the film & television industry. Successful applicants have the opportunity to gain practical experience within their chosen design discipline and are invited to apply for the Vision Design Trainee Scheme. Entry submissions must be received between April 12 - 23,2004.


Digital Video Expo West Conference, the largest event on the West Coast for video professionals working in production, postproduction, and delivery. December 9-12, 2003.

December 12, 2003 - 8:00 p.m. Willamette Hall Room 100 - University of Oregon-Eugene

UO News Release: The documentary: Enjoying the Ride:The Life of David Foster explores the life and teaching of University of Oregon art professor, David Foster (b.1924-d.2002). During his 30 years with the University, Foster taught the first classes in photography, film, video, and computer animation during his career at the University of Oregon where he founded the visual design program that evolved into the current multi-media program. His students have gone on to careers in the film industry and their names appear in the credits of such films as Star Wars: Episode I, Unbreakable, Armageddon, and the Academy Award winning animated film Mona Lisa: Descending a Staircase by Joan Gratz.

This documentary was made by Professor Daniel Miller's J4-508 Advanced Documentary Workshop class in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Communication and the Department of Art at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

It was directed by students Cree Riggs and Kristi Wenzel with help from Journalism Professor Daniel Miller and Art Professor Ken O'Connell.

It runs about 30 minutes and is free and open to the public. (A 9 minute award-winning documentary on the Department of Art's animation program will play with Enjoying the Ride. It is entitled Animania and was also produced by Journalism and Communication documentary students in collaboration with the Department of Art.

Photo Credit: David G. Foster Endowed Fund for Teaching in Fine Arts


Studio Sale & Open House. Second Avenue & Blair Artists. December 12, 13, & 14. Address: 1166 West Second Avenue, Eugene, Oregon. Information:Bryan Licon <>


Videomaker Expo, Burbank Airport Hilton Burbank, CA Expo: January 22-24, 2004 Conference: January 21, 2004 is a 3-day event where attendees have a chance to attend numerous seminars on all aspects of video production. Attendees can also visit the exhibit floor and meet with key manufacturers and resellers in the digital video industry. New this year is a 1-day Pre-Expo Conference on DVD Authoring.

JULY, 2004

Sounding Out 2 8-10 July 2004 University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK. This event aims to promote links and dialogue between practitioners, students and academics concerned with SOUND as communication, entertainment and creative practice across converging media: including film, radio, television, electro-acoustic music, new digital media, computer games.For more information: web site, email: or write to Sounding Out 2, School of Arts, Media and Design, Staffordshire University, College Road, Stoke on Trent, ST4 2DE.

Digital Generations: Children, young people and new media 26-29 July 2004 London, England A major international conference organised by The Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media Institute of Education, University of London Computer games, the internet and other new communications media are often seen to pose threats and dangers to young people; but they also provide new opportunities for creativity and self-determination. This international conference will present the most exciting and challenging new research on children, young people and new digital media.



The multimedia industry offers a diveristy of job opportunities for those interested in graphics, film, video, audio and computer technology. The following resources are recommended for learning more about careers in multimedia production.

Careers in Informational Technology.This is an extremely comprehensive guide to careers within the field of information technology which includes multimedia design and development. There are 10 chapters in this online document and each chapter is based around a set of professional concerns. The site guides the user from understanding what careers exist through to getting a job.Site created by Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Job Guide 2003! provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations, and their education and training pathways. It also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit you best, based on your interests and abilities. Some examples:

Careers in Multimedia.The Multimedia and New Media industries cover a wide range of activities. This guide looks at the types of job positions and the work environments in which one might be employed.

Entertainment Careers has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer

Landing Your Dream Job in Computer Graphics:
Steps you should take to get the ultimate computer graphics job. By Mark Swain. A nice clearly written guide to professional opporutnities in web design, game development, and television and video.




JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Computer Game Design Job Board. This site is provided by and lists a wide variety of job opportunities from lead design to 3D artist and programming specialists.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Computer. Our Staffing division is hiring! Our staffing division is always placing IT positions throughout the U.S. For a description of our current job openings, please visit us at These positions vary from contract to perm within several different companies and industries. Please don't hesitate to send your resume to us at: InfoGroup Northwest offers competitive salaries, generous benefits, and other unique advantages to joining our growing, dynamic team  Date: 12/5/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer Programmer for OmegaWave Systems. Exp required. Resume to: OmegaWave Technologies, LLC, 3843 Ashford Dr. Eugene OR 97405 Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Director TV- Creating applicant pool of qualified candidates to be considered for future openings. Responsible for preparation, production and direction of newscasts and assists in production of commercial and program material. Team player, basic computer skills and ability to perform well under pressure in fast-paced environment. Prior experience and college degree preferred. Submit resume to Human Resources, KMTR NewsSource 16, 3825 International Court, Springfield, OR 97477 for immediate consideration. No phone calls. EOE Location: OR Date: 12/7/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic Designer/Typesetter - part time. 50-60 accurate wpm, excellent proofreading skills required. Quark, Photoshop, and Freehand or Illustrator experience required. Plate-/Imagesetting experience desirable. Primarily Mac but multi-platform experience helpful. Come work for one of Eugene's best printers. Competitive wages and excellent benefits including 401(K). Send resume with wage/salary history to: TechnaPrint, ATTN: Theresa, 909 Garfield St., Eugene. Location: OR Date: 12/7/2003Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic/Web designer. Mac, Dynamic template. Resume, samples: Location: OR Date: 11/30/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Information Technology Consultant. Architecture & Allied Arts. Responsible for providing computing support and lab management for faculty, students, and staff. Requires basic foundation of knowledge and skills of technology and information systems as generally obtained through an associates degree in information systems or related fields, or similar certified course work in applicable fields of study. University Of Oregan - Applications and supplemental questionnaire are available at the University of Oregon Offi ce of Human Resources, 463 Oregon Hall (corner of 13th and Agate) and on our web site at phone , TTY . 2663899D07 Location: OR Date: 12/5/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Network Administrator. Networking, Cisco, MCSE, Novell, MS Exchange, security, VPNs, TelCo., Desktop Adman. Mid-sized company with team atmosphere. 4 yrs. experience required. Send resume &/or application access at ( ) to: LIPA, P.O. Box 11740, Eugene OR 97440 attn.: HR Location: OR Date: 12/5/2003Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Producer - TV news journalist with prior producing experience and Journalism degree preferred. Newsroom leader with strong news writing, organizational and communication skills. Must work well under deadline and production pressures. Searching for creative producer who can cover live, breaking news. No show-stackers, please. Experience with AP NewsCenter or other newsroom computer system preferred. No phone calls. Resume and non-returnable VHS sample of recent newscast to HR, KMTR-TV, 3825 International Court, Springfield, OR 97477 asap. Applications accepted until position's filled. EOE Location: OR Date: 12/7/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Progammer. We are seeking a strong Programmer for a two week project just south of Salem. Candidates must be senior level, minimum 5-6 yrs. of programming experience, strong .NET or C# programming skills, and need to understand developers tool kits. Project will consist of designing an interface to bring together two applications. Qualified candidates please send resumes to InfoGroup NorthWest Location: OR Date: 12/7/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Research Assistant to design on-line training materials and evaluation measures. Set up data systems for project evaluation and data analysis for early intervention research and training grants. 1.0 FTE, initial one-year contract. Bachelors degree in information technology, computer science, or a related field required, experience and proficiency in developing web-based materials, setting up data systems for project evaluation and analysis. For a complete position description see application, contact Eva Quinby, Early Intervention Program, 5253 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97, . Closes December 21st, 2003. The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity, affirmative-action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.Location: OR Date: 12/7/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Web Designer / Developer Must have experience in all aspects of development & design. Required expertise in HTML, JavaScript and CSS (not reliant on WYSIWYG editors). Experience with Fireworks MX, Dreamweaver MX & Photoshop. ASP & SQL experience a plus. Please send resume' and portfolio with working examples of the above to Location: OR Date: 12/5/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)


Distance Learning Marketing. KC Distance Learning is a leader in the rapidly evolving field of K-12 distance learning. We operate Keystone National High School and the Learning & Evaluation Center, delivering highquality education to high school students across the US, both in online and traditional correspondence formats. We have a key position available on our executive management team in our corporate office in Portland, OR.Director of Strategic Marketing In this role, you will be responsible for transforming KCDL into a world-class marketing organization, resulting in our recognition as the leader in our market, improved brand awareness and increased market share. Responsibilities include: Dramatic improvement in KCDL's company's understanding of our business, our competitors & our customers to define the most effective way of reaching our customers; Development of key messages for our various markets; Design and oversight of our marketing campaigns to drive leads, improve lead closure rates, upsell current customers, and improve retention rates, etc.; Implementation of an analytical approach to data; Oversight of staff at satellite sites and ad agency; Educate sales force on marketing strategy.Must have proven experience in: Marketing in a small company environment, preferably in a venture-capital-backed firm; As a marketing manager in an organization reporting to a COO or CEO; Managing PR or advertising agency relationships; The ability to see the big picture and think at the detail level; Ability to thrive in dynamic changing environment. Successful candidates will possess a Bachelor's degree, MBA preferred. Must be able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills with experience in Web marketing useful. KinderCare offers a comprehensive benefit package, bonus plan, relocation costs and more! KinderCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer.To apply, please submit your resume to:
KinderCare Learning Centers, Inc. Attn: Employment Specialist 650 NE Holladay Street, Suite 1400 Portland, OR 97232 Fax: Email: DISTANCE LEARNING, INC. Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Graphic Designer. The Multnomah County Health Department is seeking a Production Graphic Designer. This position will be responsible for using desktop publishing technology to design/create layouts for forms used in medical practice such as encouter forms and for brochures and flyers. This position will require the successful candidate to organize,schedule, and prioritize multiple jobs of varying complexity through the various stages of design and production including proofing and final artwork. The Production Graphic Designer should have the ability to scan documents into editable files and knowledge of type sizes and faces. This position will be responsible for the editing of forms and coordinates form development with medical records personnel. Salary is $18.89 per hour. Apply by December 19, 2003. Application materials are available online at: Applicants may also submit appli-cations in person at Multnomah County Human Resources Division, 1120 SW Fifth Avenue, 1st Floor Lobby, Portland, OR, or by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope (with two stamps) requesting the application materials. Assisted access to Multnomah County job information and web site is available at Multnomah County Libraries.Multnomah County Health Department is actively recruiting persons from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds to enhance service to our diverse communities. Bilingual/bicultural candidates are encouraged to apply. An Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Graphic Designer. Talented, experienced graphic designer for advertising dept of whsle art & craft supply importer / distributor. Must be proficient in desktop publishing using Macintosh computer, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Fine Art background a plus. Duties include work on seasonal promo materials, catalogs & package design. FT, M-F, 8 to 5. Excellent benefits include medical and 401K. Please send resume and salary requirements to: C2F / Attn: Marcia P.O. Box 1417 Beaverton, OR 97 FAX#: e-mail: Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Graphics Production. Experience in the production of tradeshow graphics using large format inkjet printers, pressure sensitive and thermal laminators. The cutting and application of vinyl materials and experience using Illustrator, PhotoShop, Freehand, Onyx. Send cover letter, resume and salary history to: PPI HR/Graphic Production 11601 SE Foster Road Portland, OR 97266 Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Marketing. KC Distance Learning KC Distance Learning is a leader in the rapidly evolving field of K-12 distance learning. We operate Keystone National High School and the Learning & Evaluation Center, delivering highquality education to high school students across the US, both in online and traditional correspondence formats. We have a key position available on our executive management team in our corporate office in Portland, OR.Director of Strategic Marketing In this role, you will be responsible for transforming KCDL into a world-class marketing organization, resulting in our recognition as the leader in our market, improved brand awareness and increased market share. Responsibilities include: Dramatic improvement in KCDL's company's understanding of our business, our competitors & our customers to define the most effective way of reaching our customers; Development of key messages for our various markets; Design and oversight of our marketing campaigns to drive leads, improve lead closure rates, upsell current customers, and improve retention rates, etc.; Implementation of an analytical approach to data; Oversight of staff at satellite sites and ad agency; Educate sales force on marketing strategy.Must have proven experience in: Marketing in a small company environment, preferably in a venture-capital-backed firm; As a marketing manager in an organization reporting to a COO or CEO; Managing PR or advertising agency relationships; The ability to see the big picture and think at the detail level; Ability to thrive in dynamic changing environment. Successful candidates will possess a Bachelor's degree, MBA preferred. Must be able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication and customer service skills with experience in Web marketing useful. KinderCare offers a comprehensive benefit package, bonus plan, relocation costs and more! KinderCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer.To apply, please submit your resume to:KinderCare Learning Centers, Inc. Attn: Employment Specialist 650 NE Holladay Street, Suite 1400 Portland, OR 97232 Fax: Email: DISTANCE LEARNING, INC. Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Programmer, Macromedia Flash. is now hiring. See job description at Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Public Affairs Specialist. At PeaceHealth, we carry on the healing mission of Jesus Christ by promoting personal and community health, relieving pain and suffering, and treating each person in a loving and caring way. To those who share our commitment to Exceptional Medicine and Compassionate Care, we offer the opportunity to learn and grow as a member of the PeaceHealth family.In this full-time position, you will provide both print and web communications for the PeaceHealth Lower Columbia Region. You will coordinate marketing and promotional requests, and participate in special events and PR activities. Requires a Bachelors degree in Graphic Arts, Commercial Arts, Communications, or a related field. Excellent writing skills, spreadsheet experience, and a minimum of 5 years experience in desktop publishing, communications, or related field essential. Experience with budgets, coordinating special events, and marketing/public relation experience preferred.We offer an excellent team environment, competitive salary, & a comprehensive benefit package. For additional information or to apply online, please visit our Web site:, for more information, please contact: PeaceHealth, Attn: Hu- man Resources, 1615 Delaware, Longview, WA 98632. Email: . Phone: . Fax: . PeaceHealth is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Dedicated to Exceptional Medicine and Compassionate Care.PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center Published in The Oregonian on 12/07

Web Programmer. Entry level intranet programmer needed for 4-6 week project. ASP or J2EE/JSP programming exp req'd. Please fax Published in The Oregonian on 12/07


I'm currently limiting Newsletter job searching to Oregon and South West Washington. However, for those interested in positions elsewhere in the Northwest may I recommend the following:

America's Job Bank.Provides a simple search engine that generates a number of NorthWest jobs. Try, for example, typing in Seattle and using as a keyword photoshop, graphics, web design, or video. Be sure to select the Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media category.

Sakson and Taylor. Most media jobs in the Seattle area seem to be promoted through Sakson and Taylor a Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to the media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Seattle Times. Seattle area jobs not listed with Sakson and Tayler will be found in the Seattle Times online employment service.

Career Click .COM. This online service allows you to search individual, regional, or national Canadian newspapers for job positions. Remember that Canada has tight employment restrictions for non residents.

Vancouver Sun . The Vancouver Sun provides an online employment section that lists jobs in that great city of the North. These same jobs can be found on Career Click. Com listed aboved.


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