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Proscenia Interactive was formed in the Fall of 2000 as an association of affiliated independent producers. As such, we are not a company, but an informal organization that brings together individual media designers and artists who share information and ideas, and when appropriate, collaborate on the design and development of media projects.

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Our mission is to encourage the design and development of informational, educational, and entertainment products that stimulate curiosity and positive cross-cultural values through intelligent program design. Watch Crazy Time Livestream.

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We share resources, facilities, and when appropriate collaborate on specific projects that integrate the latest multimedia tools and techniques.

The emphasis of all Proscenia Interactive activities is to facilitate independent or collaborative projects that advocate positive individual and social empowerment and reinforce the development of thinking and problem-solving abilities.

We provide, when appropriate, Internship opportunities for local community college and university students studying multimedia design. We are currently working on a disc for children about attentive listening.Our "Hear, Here The Listening Ear" disc contains games, activities, and material about sound and how we hear.

Proscenia publishes a free online Newsletter publication featuring news, events, and career opportunities within the multimedia community. Our publication contains no commercial advertising. Back issues and special features are archived and available online.

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The Proscenia web site provides a variety of informative resources including tutorials and information value to anyone interested in multimedia production

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