Today's thought: "Many engineering deadlocks have been broken by people who are not engineers at all. This is simply because perspective is more important than IQ." (Nicholas Negroponte)

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October 26 - Vol 2. No. 43

Up Front Sunday Morning:

The joy of watching a movie under the stars seemingly ended with the closing of once popular drive in theaters. But this isn't so. The urban core of many American cities have been energized with summer outdoor film events. A recent article by Los Angeles Time's writer Shawn Hubler, explores a growing trend in using urban open spaces for the community viewing of movies. Hubler writes, "In Silicon Valley, dot-commers were rigging up after-hours movies with DVDs, laptops and office PowerPoint projectors. Ad hoc "micro-cinemas" were appearing in bars, on college campuses and on rooftops in Los Angeles and New York. At the same time, equipment was becoming more powerful and cheaper, from projectors to massive inflatable screens from Europe that could be blown up on site. Ideas spread on the Internet and via word of mouth." Now there are outdoor showings on "Main Streets and in warehouse districts, in Rust Belt cities and in Sun Belt suburbs."

Some city governments, such as San Francisco, Washington D.C.and Baltimore have seen outdoor movies as an opportunity to create a sense of community and re-energize inner city participation in urban renewal. Check out the Outdoor Cinema Network to learn more.

The BBC is saluting the last flight of Concord last Friday. Take a QuickTime virtual tour of the Concord. Listen to informative commentary by clicking on the highlighted areas in the plane. What's amazing is how little room there is in this aircraft.Even more amazing is how much people will pay to travel faster than sound.

I recently found a recommendation by former Proscenia Intern Ache Hernandez that seems as relevant today as when it was printed in an e-mail posting to staff. He suggested that students explore design techniques used in "Rust Boy", a film under development by Brian Taylor. The Taylor site continues to provide a wealth of information about what goes into making of an animated film. A wealth of material can be found about the drawing of detailed storyboards to undertaking trial animation experiments. This is a valuable site to experience a work in progress.

The current Apple Newsletter notes that on Halloween, one of the scariest of movies of all time "Alien" by Ridley Scott returns to theaters. Director Scott provides an online preview of the digitally-remastered director's cut of this 1979 hit thriller produced by 20th Century Fox.

While checking online movie previews, take a look at the sample scenes and creator commentary from the WB hit series"Smallville," featuring the life and times of the youthful Superman and his adopted family, the Kents. There is a nice presentation of storyboard concept and actual filmed scenes.

It is getting to difficult to tell the difference between computer generated human images and the photographs of real people. Take a look at these three pages recommended by Proscenia Affiliate Keith Legg: (01), (02), and (03). Keith notes that these were most likely done in 3D Studio Max and rendered using the Brazil Rendering System.

I received this informative posting from UO College of Education Network and Information Systems Manager Mary Harrsch and thought I would pass it on. "Many of us use for our web research and now Google has added a rather nifty new feature.  If you conduct a search for a word preceded by the word define (such as define hegemony – don’t use any quotes), Google will return a definition it has found on a website along with a list of all other definitions it found on the web.  Below the definition it will list the usual search results for the word hegemony.  If you want just the definitions, use a colon (define :hegemony). Unlike some of the more succinct definitions you often get using a web site like, definitions from websites using the word in context are often much more extensive."

MAIL BAG: It is always good to hear from readers. Here are two recent postings:

"Enjoying the weekly newsletter.Also, the new format with link and quick overview of topics covered is great and very helpful. Thanks again." R.R.

"Upon initial review, your magazine is great! Extremely well designed, easy to read and lots and lots of interesting articles. I love the little mini movies. Thanks. I'm looking forward to future issues." J.M.

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Service Directory:

The Proscenia Newsletter offers a listing of services by subscribers. If you would like to include your web site please contact the editor at ., Eugene. Human-oriented interface design, web development, and interactive mixed media performance solutions. Ben Beekman and Micky Hulse, Designers.

ATGpro.Com, Eugene. Aaron Thomas Graham, Media Developer. Mr. Graham is currently a Graphic Designer with Monaco Coach company.

BeekMedia. Eugene. Ben Beekman is a graduate of the UO Multimedia program currently doing contract work in a variety of media including DVD and web design.

Christ Gates: Creative Graphic Communication for Electronic and Print Media. Portland. Chris Gates is a web and multimedia specialist and medical illustrator.

Clandestino Productions. Eugene. Gabriel Guzman, and Michael L. Wilson. A progressive new media design house that specializes in analog and digital creative solutions for commercial, non-profit and private interests. Clandestino specializes in assisting progressive businesses, organizations and individuals that support global and cultural enrichment and preservation

Cory Davidson. Eugene. Ms. Davidson is currently a web designer with Monaco Motor Coach company.

Creative Imagery. Gresham. Don Strike is an instructional designer and trainer providing course development for business and industry.

Equilibrium Designs. Portland. Manuel Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez is a professional web designer with clients in the Eugene area. He is also completing a degree in animation at the Portland Art Institute. Eugene Josh Taylor provides web design, animation, audio, digital art, illustration, photography and video services.

Troy Seattle. Mr. McFarland Specializes in 3D and motion graphic services for the film, video, and multimedia industry.

Add Your Web Site:()


RANDOM LINKS: Photoshop 7 Tutorials

Adobe - Recent Photoshop Tutorials. Expert tips and tutorials, free downloads, and useful resources - all organized into one convenient location. These tutorials are nicely illustrated and present information in a logical sequence that facilitates learning. Tutorials include: Camera Raw basics,Batch process Camera Raw files,Creative Camera Raw technique,Create a Web gallery of Camera Raw files,Restore blemished images instantly, Create a natural-media brush,Fun with vector shapes, and other techniques.

Designer Tutorials. These are well written and illustrated tutorials. Topics include: Editing Content part 1, Text Patterns,Gel Buttons,Stone Texture,DigitalDots,Rounded Corners, and others.

Photoshop Crash Course. A WebMoneky site by Jim Frew that covers six lessons: (1) Cropping, resizing,file formats, (2) Selection tools, filters, (3)Text, layers, (4) Merging graphics, paths, (5) Faking image, (6) Making illustrations.

Photoshop 7 Tutorials. Computer Based Training Cafe offers free web design and graphics tutorials for Photoshop and many other software packages. The content is free. All you need is QuickTime® or latest Flash player. Major headings for which there are multiple tutorials include:Text/Special Effects, Buttons/Web Brushes/Shapes, Textures/Patterns Basics and Automation.

Photoshop Tutorials: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. This site provides techniques and skills for different levels of Photoshop expertise.

Photoshop Tutorials. Learn how to create a motion text with sparkles, a 3D sheet, a Speed Type, pipes,assembled pipes,3D Well,Burst FX, Grid,and creating a 3D Sphere.

Random Links provides an opportunity to share online web resources. Listed sites may focus around a specific topic or be truly random. If you have a collection of hot links you'd like to share please let us know ().


DISCUSSION: My Summer as a Production Assistant

Proscenia video affiliate, and UO Senior Journalism Major, Nat Flynn-Ryan had a unique opportunity to be a Production Assistant on a film being shot in the Portland area. Here is his, "What I did this summer," story.

I had big plans for this past summer. After 2 years since my first trip to Italy, I was going to return and study Italian, hopefully to reach the point of fluency. But after a disappointing offer of financial aid that dream was out, and I was left trying to figure out what I would do.

I had a keen idea that it would be rewarding to find an internship, preferably one that was paid. I searched and searched, one day stumbled over an posting at It was very vague, but what it did say was that a film production from L.A. was coming to Estacada, (east of Portland) and they needed unpaid interns because the budget was so low. So, I submitted my resume and after two interviews I was asked to come back and help out as a production assistant/intern.

The first week was spent at the office and in my car, running errands and making phone calls for the production coordinators. I later found out that it was a period for them to figure out if they wanted me to work on the set. The next week I was assigned to be one of six production assistants, and for the remaining 4 weeks (26 days) I was on the set an average of 12-16 hours a day. It wasn't easy work, either.

A production assistant's job (ref.1) (ref.2) is to essentially do whatever no one else wants to do: carry equipment, set up lunch tables and tents, run errands, help with catering, and help lock off the set by keeping it quiet and still.

It did turn out to be a rewarding experience, despite all the tough work, and the fact that I wasn't paid. I spent most of the production nights camping on the set, as it was an hour and a half away from home. I learned a lot about what goes on during set production. I was able to see what everyone did, how movies were shot, and make connections with people in the film industry. I even had the luxury of having a movie star fart on my back. All I have to say about that is Rory Culkin (Macaulay's brother) is a typical teenage boy.

The movie is called Mean Creek, and the release date as stated on is in February, so I'd look for it around then. It's the story of a bunch of high school and middle school kids who decide to revenge the beating of one of the boy's younger brothers (Rory). Their plan goes awry, however, and you'll have to watch the movie to see what I mean. I have the feeling it is going to be a really brilliant picture. The director, Jacob Aaron Estes, is just a beginner as this is his first full length feature. He is also the writer.

The movie was subsidized by White Water films, which is owned by , the executive producer. The other producers were Susan Johnson and Hagai Shaham, both really nice people. Everyone on the set was great to hang out with, and overall it was an incredibly fun experience. I would easily do it again.

Hopefully next time I will get paid

Editors Note: Taking advantage of opportunities, as Nat did this summer, is one way to get your foot in the door. Finding unique networking opportunities facilitate one's securing additional work in the future.



Free Range Graphics"...concentrates on offering top-quality design and publicity services to companies and organizations whose vision goes beyond turning the world into a strip mall. And while our clients range from world-wide activists like amnesty International to independent store trying to survive in an age of franchises, they all share our belief that a life's work should create, not corrupt."




The following news items are from The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.) This publication is distributed on line and is a free subscription service.

Avant Browser 8.02.106 [Windows Operating System] As many users have already discovered, AvantBrowser (which is entirely free) is a rather user-friendly and quite versatile multi-window browser. AvantBrowser 8.02.106 includes a flash-animation filter, a built in pop-up stopper, a built in Google search engine, and is available in over 25 languages, including Thai, Catalan, Greek, and Polish. Additionally, the user support for Avant Browser is quite strong, with a good online forum section where users chime in about suggestions, problems, and the like. This version of Avant Browser is compatible with all systems running Windows 98 and higher. [KMG]

Text Analysis Markup System 2.345b [Macintosh Operating System] Persons doing qualitative research in the social sciences or humanities will want to take a look at this novel research tool created by Professor Matthew Weinstein at Kent State University. Essentially, the program allows users to take qualitative data (such as transcripts of interviews) and place tags around pieces of text that are particularly crucial or noteworthy to any given research agenda. After doing so, users can perform a search based upon a particular tag, which helps facilitate the process of discerning recurring themes (something quite crucial to those doing content analysis, for example). This program is compatible with all systems running Mac OS X. [KMG]


The following news items are selected from NewsScanDaily an online publication distributed Monday through Friday. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to this free news summary.To subscribe or unsubscribe to the TEXT version of NewsScan Daily, send an e-mail message to with 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the subject line. To subscribe to the HTML version of NewsScan Daily, send mail to , with the word 'subscribe' as the subject.

MICROSOFT TOUTS SELF-DESTRUCTING E-MAIL. Microsoft's new Office 2003 software, set to debut on Tuesday, will include an e-mail feature that can be used to time-stamp messages, directing them to delete themselves on a certain date. In addition, senders will be able to restrict forwarding and printing of messages by the recipient. The new Information Rights Management software could run into opposition from U.S. regulators, who view destroying e-mail as on a par with shredding documents. Earlier this year, Morgan Stanley was fined $1.65 million for failing to keep e-mail records, despite the company's claim that it due to oversight rather than a deliberate attempt to evade financial investigation. (BBC News 19 Oct 2003)

INTERCEPTING E-MAIL IS A CRIME. An Arizona woman was sentenced to 60 days of home detention for intercepting at least 215 e-mail messages directed to her husband's ex-wife. Law enforcement officials said Angel Lee fraudulently obtained the ex-wife's user name and password, allowing her to log in and read mail. Ex-wife Duongladde Ramsey said Lee's actions were comparable to breaking into her house and reading her diary, and the judge agreed, saying Lee's penalty is a warning to others who might be tempted to spy on others' e-mail accounts. "Privacy is still a cherished value," said U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch. (AP 19 Oct 2003)

INFO TECHNOLOGY HELPS WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS. The overall number of microbusinesses (companies with no paid employees) increased by 9% between 1997 and 2001, and the number of those owned by women increased by 14% over the same few years. By exploiting such technology as PCs, fax machines, and color printers to start
information-based companies, women are changing the face of traditional mom-and-pop ventures. "This is definitely not your father's small business," says consultant Terri Lonier. Information technology has liberated many women who want to leave corporate jobs for self-employment in the same field. One example of the trend: Jennifer Lawson, who started a
TV production consulting firm in her Washington home, equipped with video-screening equipment. Another: Jaime Caris of Las Vegas, who has become a virtual administrative assistant, offering clients across the U.S. assistance with word processing, accounting and other services from her home office. (AP/USA Today 19 Oct 2003)

COMPUTERS MAY BE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Nine out of 10 computer users are stressed out by such regular occurrences as performance slowdown, spam overload and lost files, and the time wasted fixing problems just makes it worse, according to security firm Symantec. Anger management experts say computer stress must be alleviated before it affects productivity and human-to-human interactions. "If you are suffering from stress, the best thing to do is to breathe deeply, and remind yourself to keep your cool," says Mike Fisher, of the British Association of Anger Management. The top five stress triggers, according to Symantec, are: 1) Slow performance and system crashes; 2) Spam, scams and e-mail overload; 3) Pop-up ads; 4) Viruses; and 5) Lost or deleted files. Men tend to freak out over viruses, spam and general information pollution, while crashing systems and sluggish performance really irk women. More than a third of both sexes will resort to extreme behavior during computer-related meltdown, including violence, swearing, showing and desperately hitting random keys. The good news is that 40% will actually try to fix the problem, often asking someone else for help. Symantec's Kevin Chapman suggests a few ways to reduce the potential for problems: "For example, don't download lots of large files and applications, and remove the clutter left behind by long periods on the Internet. To avoid spam, don't sign up for lots of mailing lists, and if you do receive spam-mail, never reply to it asking to be removed from the list as this will confirm your e-mail address." [Eds. Note: NewsScan never, ever shares your e-mail addresses with *anyone*, so we hope you'll stay on *our* list.] (BBC News 23 Oct 2003)



Arts Electric Calendar. A worldwide calendar for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.

The BBC has announced the Vision Design Competition that helps talented designers at the start of their careers gain an introduction into the film & television industry. Successful applicants have the opportunity to gain practical experience within their chosen design discipline and are invited to apply for the Vision Design Trainee Scheme. Entry submissions must be received between April 12 - 23,2004.


The Power of Design: AIGA National Design Conference October 23-26, 2003, Vancouver, B.C.The Power of Design" will focus on the extraordinary opportunities for designing in the 21st century. Designers will play critical roles in the success of our rebounding economy - both as agents of social change in a complex world and as leading architects of sustainable solutions for a troubled planet. You'll hear speakers from diverse disciplines who work in a variety of media discuss designing for the economy, environment and culture. Join 2,000 designers for 3 days of conversation, inspiration, discovery and fun in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.


ACM Multimedia 2003 November 2-8, 2003 -Berkeley, CA, USA Participate in the premier annual multimedia event-attend the 11th Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia

First International Digital Storytelling Conference, November 27-29, 2003, Cardiff, Wales. The British Broadcasting Corporation-Cymru-Wales will host an international dialogue and presentations about ways to build and sustain the Digital Storytelling movement. Co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Storytelling and the DSA, the conference will include the first International Meeting of the Association. Representives from around the world will be expected to attend.


Videomaker Expo, Burbank Airport Hilton Burbank, CA Expo: January 22-24, 2004 Conference: January 21, 2004 is a 3-day event where attendees have a chance to attend numerous seminars on all aspects of video production. Attendees can also visit the exhibit floor and meet with key manufacturers and resellers in the digital video industry. New this year is a 1-day Pre-Expo Conference on DVD Authoring.



The multimedia industry offers a diveristy of job opportunities for those interested in graphics, film, video, audio and computer technology. The following resources are recommended for learning more about careers in multimedia production.

Careers in Informational Technology.This is an extremely comprehensive guide to careers within the field of information technology which includes multimedia design and development. There are 10 chapters in this online document and each chapter is based around a set of professional concerns. The site guides the user from understanding what careers exist through to getting a job.Site created by Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Job Guide 2003! provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations, and their education and training pathways. It also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit you best, based on your interests and abilities. Some examples:

Careers in Multimedia.The Multimedia and New Media industries cover a wide range of activities. This guide looks at the types of job positions and the work environments in which one might be employed.

Entertainment Careers has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer

Landing Your Dream Job in Computer Graphics:
Steps you should take to get the ultimate computer graphics job. By Mark Swain. A nice clearly written guide to professional opporutnities in web design, game development, and television and video.




JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Advertising: Local Internet marketing firm seeks entry-level professional(s) with excellent communication, customer service, data entry & analytical skills. Proficient in creating ad copy & with MS Office. Familiarity with search engines, e commerce a plus. E-mail cover letter, (including salary requirements) & resume in Word format to: Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003
Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Communications Specialist. This position blends skills in basic editing, technical communications, updates to existing design layouts, basic web updates, and project management. Supports establishment and maintenance of communication with clients, colleagues, agencies, and vendors, including awareness of training events, software developments and features, and industry developments. For additional information and application, contact Linn- Benton- Lincoln Education Service District, 905 4th Ave. SE, Albany, OR 97321, or visit our website at: Closes Oct. 30, 2003EOE Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer Technical Support. Seasonal Tech Support. Network Experience A Plus. Email: Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Help Desk Technician Seeking experienced, solutions oriented person for systems maintenance and support as Helpdesk Representative. Serves as primary contact for resolution of common hardware and software problems. Responsible for responding to, analyzing, and providing corrective action for problem resolution and documentation regarding hardware and software systems. Requires strong customer service skills, working knowledge of PC's and peripherals including computers, monitors, scanners, printers, copiers, fax machines, telephones, and data collection units. Requires an understanding of networking, Microsoft Office products and operating systems. Strong written / verbal communications skills required. Technical certifications or college coursework in a technical field and 1-2 years experience in a small to medium sized call center required. LAN \ WAN knowledge preferred. MAC OS experience a plus. Database Administrator - Progress / MS SQL Seeking an experienced, solutions oriented individual to join our Application Development and Support team. Responsibilities include administering, maintaining, developing and ensuring the security and integrity of the company databases. This position requires a bachelor's degree in a technical discipline (or equivalent experience), a minimum of three years direct database administration experience (SQL/ Progress) and experience working in a small to medium sized network environment. Preference will be given to individuals with a working knowledge of Progress. Strong written and verbal communications skills required. Application design experience using T-SQL, Vbscript, Java script, Java, Visual Basic, C++, J++, ASP, PERL, PHP, XML and/ or HTML desirable. Country Coach offers competitive wages, excellent benefits including health, life, and dental insurance, 401(k) plan, and paid vacations and holidays. A physical exam and drug test is required after an offer of employment is made. Apply in person at 135 E. 1st Ave., Junction City, Mon.-Thurs. 8am to 5pm or Fri. 8am to noon. or email resume to: Check us out at Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Programmer. Growing steel fabricator has opening for MACHINE TOOL/PARTS PROGRAMMER. Qualified candidate must be a team player, looking for steady long-term employment & be able to work in a fast paced environment. Skills desired: the ability to read drawings, tape measures, math skills, computer proficiency, multi-tasking, self reliance. Programming background in the following areas a plus: Sigmanest, Machine Talk, CAD. Salary range will vary depending on experience. Apply in person at All American Frabricating, 90454 Woodruff St., Eugene. Drug free/EOE. Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Sales. Water Closet Media seeking advertising sales rep. Sales experience a plus. Transportation necessary. Generous commission plus stipend and perks. Fax Resume to: or Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Software and Test Engineers. SUMMIT Information Systems - a Fiserv solution - is a leading provider of software solutions for the financial industry. We are seeking the following: SOFTWARE ENGINEERS & TEST ENGINEERS Both development & test engineers needed. Requirements include: BS in CS or equivalent experience, 3+ yrs' experience developing web-based, 3-tiered applications, using Java, java servlets, JSP, web services, Javascript, DHTML, HTML, SQL, Oracle, JDBC interfaces. Experience with the following helpful: Xtreme programming, Apache Tomcat, Clearcase, jUnit/Cactus, AXIS, Oracle or SQL server. Test tools include Robot, RobotJ, Purify, & Pure Coverage. DEPLOYMENT TECHNICIAN The Deployment Technician will be a technically-savvy Systems Analyst to provide hands-on implementation of our web-based financial software products to our client base. The full-time position is based in Corvallis & requires up to 60% national travel. Requirements in-clude: BS degree in CS, MIS, or related field, 5+ yrs of programming /systems analysis experience; 5+ yrs experience with Win2K, Linux OS, networking, JCL, JCP/IP, & IIS Administration. Familiarity with Oracle or SQL required, Veritas, XSL preferred. Solid communications skills required & consulting or training experience a plus. Positions are full-time, based in Corvallis, OR. No telecommuting available. Apply to: EEO/AA Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Web Designer/ Developer for progressive internet and research company. Must have established skills in both visual design for dynamic Web sites and expert HTML hand coding, including CSS. Flash, DHTML and print design experience a plus. Visit .asp to apply. Location: OR  Date: 10/26/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)


Administrative Assistant Customer Support. 21 year old Hi-tech Company has a position available for a computer literate person interested in customer support and Internet marketing. We market our products exclusively via the Internet using in-house developed state-of-the-art strategies, tools and techniques. This is an entry level position for a person with pleasant customer manners, care of details and a genuine desire for on-the-job learning. Any of the following skills a plus: - Graphic illustration - Excellent written and verbal communication - Web page design We offer a pleasant working environment, competitive compensation and benefits. Our offices are close to the Cedar Hills Max Transit Station. Send or e-mail resume to: Computer Friends, Inc. 10200 SW Eastridge St. Portland OR 97225 e.mail Published in The Oregonian on 09/24

Communications Specialist Since 1955, ODS has helped Oregon employers and their families by delivering high quality, affordable health plans and services. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown Portland on the MAX light rail line. We are seeking a creative Communications Specialist who can write and design feature articles, newsletters, marketing and sales materials, trade print advertising, and other collateral pieces for our in-house communications department. Qualified applicants will have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent specializing in journalism and graphic design, 2-3 years of business experience in writing/graphic design including knowledge of Quark Express or PageMaker. Strong writer, with organizational and time management skills and ability to meet deadlines a must. Salary commensurate with experience. We offer an excellent benefits package and on-site childcare. If you qualify, please send resume with cover letter outlining salary history: THE ODS COMPANIES 601 SW 2nd Avenue Portland, OR 97204 Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/26

Editor. Mediamerica, publishers of Oregon Business & Oregon Home magazines, needs an editor for a variety of tourism-related publications. Responsibilities include developing & researching story ideas, assigning stories, working with writers & editing copy, collaborating with the Art Director & leading the production process, developing relationships in the tourism industry. Ideal candidate knows Oregon intimately & has terrific ideas & passion for shaping great publications. Minimum of 3 years journalism experience, preferably in magazines. A degree in journalism or related field is a plus. Email: Fax Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Education/ Instructors.The Art Institute of Portland, a regionally accredited baccalaureate institution, is accepting resumes for full-time and adjunct instructors. Full-time opportunities are available in the following programs: Graphic Design, Game Art & Design, Apparel Design. Adjunct opportunities are available in the above programs as well as Foundation Art (Art Historian w/ at least 2 years teaching exp.), and General Studies (Math, Social sciences, and History), Interior Design, and Multimedia & Web Design. Ai Qualifications for full-time positions include the ability to assist in departmental administrative activities, including student advising; be willing to participate in school functions such as departmental meetings, workshops, open houses, and committee meetings; be self-motivated and articulate with a professional demeanor; be able to handle multiple tasks with deadlines; have excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills with demonstrated ability and a willingness to work in a team environment. Applicants must possess Master's degree with 3 - 5 years of related industry experience. Adjunct instructors must have at least a Master's degree as well as relevant industry experience. Relevant teaching experience is highly desired. A more detailed description of specific skills may be found at under "About Us." Salary for all positions is commensurate with experience. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to Director of Human Resources, Art Institute of Portland, 1122 NW Davis St., Portland, OR 97. Resumes may also be emailed to EOE

Graphic Design. Start date 1/5/04, 20 hrs/wk, 50% benefit pkg. Two years professional exp. producing electronic publications on a Mac; high-level expertise with PageMaker, Photoshop, freehand; design and production skills including photo editing, typography, and publication layout; tech. knowledge and exp. preparing digital files for printing; solid written/verbal communication skills; Bachelor's degree in graphic design, multi-media or related field desirable. One year exp. in web design desirable. Closes Nov. 12. Contact Clackamas Community College or for application. TDD . Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/26

Information Technology. speciality emergency vehicle equipment co in Tigard seeks an IT Tech. We are looking for an applicant with knowledge of HTML, Crystal reports, Photoshop, Dreamworks, Mas90 & Network/website maintenance. Full time Mon thru Fri 8am to 5pm. Good salary & benefits. Fax resume with salary requirements . No phone calls please. Published in The Oregonian on 10/21

Information Technology Manager. Printing co needs to integrate digital prepress, MIS, Desktop publishing, E-commerce & web apps. Need indiv w/exp w/Quark, InDesign,Pagemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, SQL server,, C++, HTML, Email resume to: or fax to: . Published in The Oregonian on 10/23

Marketing Manager1-800-RECONEX, Inc. a rapidly growing national telecommunications company with corporate offices located near Woodburn, OR, (30 minutes South of Portland) is seeking a Marketing Manager. This position requires a degree of previous experience in the following areas: Multi-Channel Marketing Innovative and effective program development and management New Product Introduction Design and production of promotional materials BA or BS degree in Marketing, Communications, or related field preferred. Equivalent work experience, preferred or a minimum of 5+ years of management experience required. Proven proficiency in MS. Office software, with expertise in Macromedia Freehand, Quark XPress, Adobe PhotoShop, and PowerPoint is required. In addition to competitive compensation, we offer comprehensive benefits package, a casual dress code, paid holidays, and PTO. Please send resume, letter of interest and salary expectations to: 1-800-RECONEX/USTel Attention Human Resources 2500 Industrial Avenue Hubbard, Oregon 97032 Email replies need to be sent to: No phone calls please. Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/26

Marketing Writer/ Graphic Artist. We need a writer with catalog, collateral copy, & package exp. who can assist w/ design as well. Qualified applicants must have 3 yrs. exp. w/ Quark, Illustrator, PhotoShop & In-Design. Knowledge of hunting and/or shooting preferred. Send resume & salary expectations to: 1710 Red Soils Ct., Oregon City, OR 97045, Published in The Oregonian on 10/25

Public Relations/Copy Writer. Lane Marketing Communications, an award-winning public relations agency with national and international clients, is seeking a full-time copy writer to aid in the development of creative public relations materials. Must be an excellent writer, detail oriented, and a team player. Excellent benefits. Send resumes and writing samples to Kelly Rasmussen, LMC, 905 SW 16, Portland, OR 97205, or fax . Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Secretarial Programs Secretar. Responsibilities include answering phones, handling all mail duties and office supplies. Must have a good understanding of clerical functions, proficienct in Word, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop and Web site design. Full time Mon-Fri 8a-5p. Benefit package available. Fax resume to , email to or mail to Metro Family YMCA 9500 SW Barber Blvd., Portland, OR 97219
Published in The Oregonian on 10/26

Senior Web Developer This position is responsible for administering the County's Internet and Intranet presence: designing, developing and maintaining Countywide and departmental web applications and assisting County web publishers and other developers in establishing and updating their web pages, sites and applications. Salary is $28.58 to $35.16 per hour. Please apply by Oct 31, 2003 or earlier if sufficient applications received. Please apply online at: or for detailed information, call our hotline at or pick up an application at the Portland Building lobby, 1120 SW Fifth Ave, Portland. Multnomah County is an equal opportunity employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Television News Photographer (PAX TV) Responsible for shooting/editing video for news/feature stories for the PAX 10pm news program. Other responsibilities include live truck operation and working independently/with reporters. Minimum 2 yrs exp shooting video for a news application. Send resume: KGW, HR, 1501 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201. Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Television Promotion Writer/ Producer/Editor Responsible for developing marketing ideas for advertising/promotion campaigns & materials, as well as writing and producing news topical promos. Requires college degree, two years experience in writing & producing promos/PSA's, strong verbal communication & computer skills and a background in journalism. Send resume & tape to: KGW, HR, 1501 SW Jefferson St., Portland, OR 97201. Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/26

Television Video Asset Librarian FT position w/OPB. Store broadcast video programs; prepare videotape for broadcast & recording, maintain files in print & databases; oversee video server program assignment, storage & retrieval. Req: BA in Broadcasting or Communications or 4 yrs of broadcast exp. w/broadcast technology, traffic & operations. Attention to detail, strong computer skills & multi-tasking. Pref: Knowledge of TV master control procedures & broadcast scheduling ops, Myers 'Pro Track' & Harris/Louth systems. Send cover letter & resume to OPB HR, MS-OR, 7140 SW Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97219. Closes 10/31/03. Equal Opportunity Employer. Published in The Oregonian on 10/26

Videography - Asst. Manager. Ranked in the Portland Business Journel as the 26th 'fastest growing private' Oregon Com pany & for the past two years as the 18th largest Oregon 'women-owned businesses', we are seeking exper'd Videographer/ Manager to join our downtown headquarter's team of professionals. We provide up-to-date technology equipment, beautiful office space & a professional work environment. The selected candidate must be able to demonstrate managerial, organizational, flexibility & coordination skills with internal employees & upscale clients for our first-class legal services corporation. You must possess exceptional oral & written communication abilities, multi-tasking efficiencies and a previous team-oriented office environment affiliation. This position also requires an intermediate level of computer, video, software & troubleshooting knowledge, digital editing & presentation skills. This full-time career opportunity offers a competitive wage & benefit pkg. Please fax or email your cover letter & resume to the attention of Human Resources. Fax or email Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Web Content Administrator. The Communications Team provides organizational leadership and direction to unify NWEA’s vision, values, key goals and strategies, and practices. This role will create and foster congruent messages, a unified image, and a consistent voice to achieve market position, brand recognition, and add value to our partnerships. The Web Content Administrator will create and manage internal and external websites. This multidisciplinary staff member will also serve as a design resource to the Communications Team for print materials and other communications. The Web Content Administrator will work collaboratively with other NWEA teams and external partners on a regular basis. Key attributes for success in this role will be the ability to adapt well to change, the ability to meet tight deadlines, and self-motivation. Published in The Oregonian on 09/25

Web Designer: Do your web designs elicit responses of craze and delight? Our client is an exciting software company in the multi-player gaming market and they are in search of a Web Designer with strong creative and technical skills. Responsibilities include: Design and develop aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly websites Manage the transition from the design phase through development and launch Create a consistent customer experience across all areas of the site Conduct testing and pre-launch review to ensure accurate execution and a positive user experience Qualifications: Bachelor's degree At least 3-5 years of in-depth web design and development experience An understanding of information architecture, usability testing, and web-based technologies are essential. You must possess expert technical skills including knowledge of: HTML integrating with PHP, DHTML, Javascript, CSS, and CGI Experience with PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, and other design-related applications and tools. PHP and MySQL experience preferred
Illustration and photography skills a plus After only 3 years, our client has taken the multiplayer gaming market by storm. They offer a great opportunity for growth, competitive salaries, benefits, and plenty to keep you busy.
Generator Group a professional service firm with an aptitude for helping companies identify and recruit top talent.

Web programming positions w/Startup co. Visit http://HR. Proven exp in web page design using HTML, ASP, JavaScript, SQL Server, Windows 2000 IIS, Visual Sutdio.nt, DreamWeaver. Email resume: Published in The Oregonian on 10/23

Writer marketing/ Graphic artist. We need a writer with catalog, collateral copy, & package exp. who can assist w/ design as well. Qualified applicants must have 3 yrs. exp. w/ Quark, Illustrator, PhotoShop & In-Design. Knowledge of hunting and/or shooting preferred. Send resume & salary expectations to: 1710 Red Soils Ct., Oregon City, OR 97045, Published in The Oregonian on 10/23


Newsletter job searches are currently limited to Oregon and South West Washington. However, for those interested in positions elsewhere in the Northwest may I recommend the following

Sakson and Taylor. Most media jobs in the Seattle area seem to be promoted through Sakson and Taylor a Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to the media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Seattle Times. Seattle area jobs not listed with Sakson and Tayler will be found in the Seattle Times online employment service.

Career Click .COM. This online service allows you to search individual, regional, or national Canadian newspapers for job positions. Remember that Canada has tight employment restrictions for non residents.

Vancouver Sun . The Vancouver Sun provides an online employment section that lists jobs in that great city of the North. These same jobs can be found on Career Click. Com listed aboved.


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