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October 19, 2003 - Vol 2. No. 42

Up Front Sunday Morning:

It is definitely Fall here in Eugene. The trees seemingly turned color over night and change is in the air.

This newsletter is also changing. We will be including more interviews and short articles written by people currently working in multimedia production. These features will focus on first hand production experiences, sharing design ideas, and other topics that will enrich the reader's work day.

We are also changing our look and hope readers will find it inviting.Our new banner and topic icons were designed by Gabriel Guzman of Clandestino Productions.

Proscenia has initiated a that we trust will facilitate communication between readers. Subscribe now and begin to exchange ideas with others interested in media production and career opportunities.

And finally, we have a new address:. So contact us with your comments, ideas, production tips, new links, and if you feel so inclinded, an idea for an article you would like to write.

Frequent readers will recall my passion for short films. There was a time when a short film was about 10 minutes in length. All of that is changing.

Now a whole new generation of micromovies is being produced with many just seconds in length. The World's Smallest Film Festival recently announced the winners of the first competition for digital video content designed for cell phones, PDAs, and other mobile devices.

The movies are usually viewed on the 160 x 120 pixels cell phone screen. Movie files rarely exceed 5 MB.

Visit the World's Smallest Film Festival site and take a "few seconds" to view the award winning films. Also learn about how you can enter this unique competition.

If you like movies check out the Internet Moving Image Archive.This digital collection is free and open for everyone to use. The goal is to provide easy access to a rich and fascinating core collection of archival films. By providing near-unrestricted access to these films, Internet Moving Image Archive hopes to encourage widespread use of moving images in new contexts by people who might not have used them before. The collection contains hundreds of digitized movies donated to the Internet Archive. They are available for viewing at no cost and with few restrictions. It helps to have DSL or cable when accessing this collection.

If you're interested in a career in animation check out How to Get a Job in Computer Animation by Ed Harris, now available in the bookstores. An informative review of the book, the table of contents, and a sample chapter are available online.

Here are four online publications to explore on a chilly morning. Digital Producer is an online magazine rich in content including tutorials,events, news, shopping, and other material of interest to media developers. AV Video Multimedia Producer also includes news, features, and resources. Digital Media FX offers daily effects and animation news, features, movie trailers, and interviews. It is updated every day. Finally, Animation Artist provides news, features, tutorials, a screening room and special topics of interest to animators.

Are you looking for a digital camera? May I recommend The Digital Camera Resource Page if you need well written technical reviews of a product. I recently made a decision to buy a camera based upon the information this resource provided.

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Reader Services Directory:

The Proscenia Newsletter offers a listing of services by readers. If you would like to include your web site please contact the editor at .

ATGpro.Com, Eugene. Aaron Thomas Graham, Media Developer. Mr. Graham is currently a Graphic Designer with Monaco Coach company.

BeekMedia. Eugene. Ben Beekman is a graduate of the UO Multimedia program currently doing contract work in a variety of media including DVD and web design.

Christ Gates: Creative Graphic Communication for Electronic and Print Media. Portland. Chris Gates is a web and multimedia specialist and medical illustrator.

Clandestino Productions. Eugene. Gabriel Guzman, and Michael L. Wilson. A progressive new media design house that specializes in analog and digital creative solutions for commercial, non-profit and private interests. Clandestino specializes in assisting progressive businesses, organizations and individuals that support global and cultural enrichment and preservation

Cory Davidson. Eugene. Ms. Davidson is currently a web designer with Monaco Motor Coach company.

Creative Imagery. Gresham. Don Strike is an instructional designer and trainer providing course development for business and industry.

Equilibrium Designs. Portland. Manuel Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez is a professional web designer with clients in the Eugene area. He is also completing a degree in animation at the Portland Art Institute. Eugene Josh Taylor provides web design, animation, audio, digital art, illustration, photography and video services.

Troy Mr. McFarland Specializes in 3D and motion graphic services for the film, video, and multimedia industry.


RANDOM LINKS: Project Funding Resources

If you are seeking financial support for a film, video,or media project, this set of resources will help you in your search. A good reference site is the The Foundation Center. This is a clearinghouse of information on foundations giving you the who, what, where, when and how of writing a grant proposal.

Article: The ABC's of No-Budget Filmmaking. Instead of spending years raising money from film companies, nonprofit sources, and dentists, the filmmakers who share their budgets with reader made their films utilizing the limited resources they could easily and quickly put together.

Article: Learning from Low Budgets.What values can be learned from the independent and low budget film making of the late 1990's?

Canadian Media Grants. The online Multimediator publication provides an extensive list of funding sources for Canadian readers interested in project development.

Creative Capital, "...a New York City-based nonprofit organization, acts as a catalyst for the development of adventurous and imaginative ideas by supporting artists who pursue innovation in form and/or content in the performing and visual arts, film and video, and in emerging fields. We are committed to working in partnership with the artists whom we fund, providing advisory services and professional development assistance along with multi-faceted financial aid and promotional support throughout the life of each Creative Capital project."

Film Arts Foundation Grants. "Created in 1984, the goal of the Film Arts Foundation Grants Program is to encourage new and diverse works by film and video artists who have little likelihood of being supported through traditional funding sources. These awards are targeted for film and videomakers in categories that are among the most difficult areas in which to raise money for media projects".

The Funding Center at Michigan State University is a focal point for finding out information about foundations, grants, and related information. Provides extensive list of foundations and other funding sources for media projects Including.

Grants for Individuals - Film & Video

Grants for Individuals - Arts

Grants for Individuals - Communication

Random Links provides an opportunity to share online web resources. Listed sites may focus around a specific topic or be truly random. If you have a collection of hot links you'd like to share please let us know ().


DISCUSSION: Finding Sounds on the Internet

Sometimes we need reference effects and music to serve as placeholders in the design of a soundtrack for a web page or multimedia product. Unless one has immediate access to a licensed audio library the testing of aural ideas is difficult.

What do you do if you need the sound of car brakes? Or, a few seconds of a growling angry dog?

Downloading sounds from the Internet is one option to consider. But before proceeding, please note that there are very few "free" sounds on the web and the use is restricted by copyrighted. You must read and follow the rules for each site you visit.

If you are designing a prototype by which to test out an idea, you may be able to use a sound found on the web as a "placeholder". This means that you will replace that piece of music or sound effect with material for which you have obtained permission to use or paid a licensing fee.

The University of Washington has prepared Guidelines for Sound File Use.It is a very informative document which outlines legal issues surrounding the use of copyrighted audio material - specifically for web page use.

The University offers two other online documents of value. Finding Sounds for Use on the Web discusses approaches to searching for sound files. Audio Links provides links to online audio selections, links to pages that show you how to add sound to your Web page or project, and resources for finding online audio material.

FindSounds is a searchable online index that lets you explore the entire Web for hundreds of sounds you define by category such as nature, people, animals, etc.Some of the visited sites provide copyright fee sound files while many are to be downloaded with permission or payment depending how the material will be used.

Proscenia has found that purchasing a sound for a project can be facilitated using the Internet. We've used Sound Dogs, which is an online library offering over 142,000 files for immediate download and purchase. Sound files are available in six different file formats. Every sound can be previewed and when ready you add it to your "cart" for check out. Sounds are priced individually. The cost determined by length and sound quality.

Some sites indicate they have "Royalty Free" sounds.An example is the Music Bakery that provides buy out rights to the music with no further payment. In some instances Royalty Free means that you can use the music or sounds without payment.

Some sounds are in the "Public Domain". These have either lost their copyright protection by age or that they have been made public by the author and are available on the web free of charge. Other sites have collected public domain sounds and built for fee databases.This is possible under the current copyright laws. Again, read the fine print at each site visited.


Flash Kit Sound Effects. A huge archive of royalty free effects for download and use in your multimedia projects.

Partners in Rhyme is a source of royalty free music loops and sound effects available for use in your multimedia project.The site provides information on how you can use the sound files they provide.

Videomaker: Free Sound Effects provides a list of free sound effects for use in your productions.



911 Media Arts Center was incorporated in 1984 and is considered Washington State's premier Media Arts Center. Located in Seattle, the Center's mission is to support the expressive use of innovative media tools by providing the access, training and environment needed to create/exhibit works of enduring merit and artistic excellence. The center's believes that everyone can and should have access to the tools of communication.




The following news items are from The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.) This publication is distributed on line and is a free subscription service.

Free Natural Voice Reader Standard 2.9 [Windows Operating System] This handy program allows users to listen to emails, text selections, and other written materials via a number of voices included with the software. With this free edition, users can change the speed of reading, the voice of reading, the volume of reading, and can also read the text and have it saved to a .wav file. From the program's Web site, users can read a FAQ section, and view several screenshots. This edition of Free Natural Voice Reader Standard 2.9 is compatible with all systems running Windows 98 and higher. [KMG]

602PC Suite 4.0 [Widows Operating System] For those looking for an alternative to some of the more mainstream computer office suite packages, the free edition of 602PC Suite 4.0 may be worth a look. The package of programs includes a word processor, spreadsheet, photo editor, and a digital photo organizer. Additionally, this application is compatible with MS Office document types, and supports a number of different languages. The program is a bit large (approximately 21.5 MB), so those persons using a dial-up connection will want to keep this in mind. 602PC Suite 4 is compatible with all systems running Windows 98 and higher. [KMG]


The following news items are selected from NewsScanDaily an online publication distributed Monday through Friday. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to this free news summary.To subscribe or unsubscribe to the TEXT version of NewsScan Daily, send an e-mail message to with 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the subject line. To subscribe to the HTML version of NewsScan Daily, send mail to , with the word 'subscribe' as the subject.

APPLE iTUNES DOES WINDOWS Apple is expanding its popular iTunes music download service into Windows territory, promising a wider selection of songs and some new features to maintain its lead in an increasingly competitive market. The launch was accompanied by the usual Apple glitz -- CEO Steve Jobs chatted via remote link-up with U2 lead man Bono and the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger in a prelude to a live performance by singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan. "It's like the pope of software meeting up with the Dali Lama of integration," gushed Bono -- referring to the iTunes software and Apple's integrated online music store. Analysts say that iTunes faces stiff competition in the Windows space, but that its flexibility to download tunes onto multiple devices gives it an edge. "There's going to be a lot of jockeying for position in the next 12 months," says a Forrester Research analyst. "But I think iTunes is a real winner because it has the portable player, the jukebox and the store all together." (Reuters 16 Oct 2003)|technology|10-16-2003::17:32|reuters.html

THE JOY OF GOOD DESIGN Design guru Don Norman says the way a device looks, feels and gives pleasure is just as important as how it works, and that good design can make up for some -- though not all -- shortcomings. "How attractive something is will mean people will overlook some of the bad functionality, but not completely." His new book, "Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things," -- due out in 2004 -- focuses on the way design works at different levels of brain perception. "The visceral level is the low biological level and that's where beauty comes in and appearances matter. On the surface something looks attractive and feels good. That is very important and that makes the brain function differently," says Norman. The behavioral level, which controls muscles, perception and language, perceives an object's usability and how it feels. But Norman says the most important aspect of design is its ability to invoke the deeper level of reflection, the level that dictates how we feel about things. "That is where having a good brand name matters. Having a good brand name has to be earned because they stand for trust." Good emotional design must incorporate all three levels, and Norman cites Apple and Sony as two companies that have managed to do that well. (BBC News 14 Oct 2003)

STILL-COMING ATTRACTIONS: DIGITAL MOVIE PROJECTION SYSTEMS Movie-quality digital projectors are installed in fewer than 80 movie houses in the U.S. (and fewer than 200 in the rest of the world), in spite of their vastly superior quality. But the movie house operators believe that the cost-benefit analysis favors the studios (which could save a couple of million dollars on each movie they release if they could send it to theaters as digital files rather than shipping film copies), and rather than wait for the standoff to be resolved between studios and exhibitors, the Regal Entertainment Group has installed a less-expensive type of digital projector in 306 of its 561 cinemas. The systems, which project an image quality comparable to high-definition television (though not fully equivalent to 35-millimeter film) are being used for packages of advertisements before feature films or when renting out the theaters for corporate videoconferences or special remote transmissions of concerts and other live entertainment. A Regal CineMedia unit executive says, "We're making money on our ad sales, and we've built our digital infrastructure. Once digital feature film standards are set, we only have to upgrade our projectors to be ready." (New York Times 13 Oct 2003)

A HANDSET FOR THE FUTURE A number of South Korean telecoms, credit card companies, and banks have developed systems that let Koreans pay for groceries, gasoline and vending machine products by simply pressing a "hot key" button on their cell phone, which beams the information to complete the transaction. One expert says, "Korea is far ahead in the use of such technology, and it probably leads the world, not just Asia." Cho Eun-sang of Harex Infotech explains: "We are conditioned to think that a credit card is a plastic rectangle. But it is actually the data on the strip at the back, and data can be stored anywhere." Transmissions are encrypted and secure, and subscribers who lose their phones can get them disabled within seconds by informing the credit-card company. Lee Jong-hyun of SK Telecom predicts: "In the future you only will have to carry one handset. It will be your window to the world." (AP/San Jose Mercury News 12 Oct 2003)|

MAXTOR SERVES UP PERPENDICULAR RECORDING ON A PLATTER Disk-driver maker Maxtor has demonstrated a cost-effective method of manufacturing platters designed for perpendicular recording, which it says will more than double the amount of data that can be crammed onto a typical disk. Perpendicular recording arranges magnetic charges, which hold the data, vertically on the platter, as opposed the horizontal arrangement typical in today's longitudinal recording methods. The perpendicular technology has been available for decades, but has yet to come into broad use. Maxtor believes that its new technology could boost the popularity of perpendicular recording as the rate of data density growth has slowed in longitudinal recording, due in part to technical challenges. (CNet 13 Oct 2003)

INTEL'S NEXT-GENERATION PHONES To take advantage of the photography and multimedia functions being built into new cell phones, Intel has developed the StrataFlash Wireless memory system -- a new flash memory system that packs all memory functions into three or more stacked chips. An Intel executive explains, "This new device allows a cell phone manufacturer in the same very small footprint to be able to store up to an hour of full motion video. As phones get more and more capable and they can do all these fancy things, end users don't want them to get any larger. For that matter, they don't want them to get any more expensive, which is why having a specialized chip for low-cost data storage is important." Industry analyst Betsy Van Hees says, "This is a big move for them, and it's going to allow them to proliferate their technology throughout mobile handsets and have a greater share in handsets than they have today." (AP/USA Today 13 Oct 2003)

'BIG MAC' MAY SNAG NO. 2 SUPERCOMPUTER SPOT The new "Big Mac" supercomputer housed at Virginia Tech may earn the distinction of being the second most powerful supercomputer on the planet, following Japan's gargantuan Earth Simulator. The Big Mac, which is actually 1,100 dual-processor Power Mac G5s strung together -- boasts a theoretical peak speed of 17.6 teraflops, although its final score on the Linpack Benchmark won't be officially announced until Nov. 17. "They're getting 80% of the theoretical peak," says Jack Dongarra, one of the compilers of the Top 500 Supercomputer Sites. "If it holds, and it's unclear if it will, it has the potential to be the world's second most powerful machine." The current No. 2 machine --the ASCI Q, built by Hewlett-Packard for the Los Alamos National Laboratory -- is based on 8,000Alpha processors and operates at 13.8 teraflops. The Big Mac is one of the few supercomputers in the world to be built entirely from off-the-shelf components and cost only $5.2 million. By comparison, the Earth Simulator, which is composed of more than 5,000 processors operating at 35.6teraflops, cost $350 million. ( 15 Oct 2003),1282,60821,00.html

CHINA COULD SURPASS U.S. IN PC MARKET BY 2010 Intel Asia-Pacific chief John Antone predicts that the fast-growing China market could outpace the U.S. in PC sales by 2010. China sales are expected to rise to 13 million PCs this year, topping Japan's 12.7 units, and vaulting into second place behind the U.S., which is expected to come in at about 50 million units. Including Japan, Asia now accounts for 51% of Intel's sales and that percentage is increasing. "It's now a little bit above the midpoint and will probably continue to grow. As that percentage goes up, sequential increases will likely slow down because it's gotten to be such a big part of our revenue. Emerging-market growth -- the biggest of which is China -- relative to mature markets is going to continue to be faster," says Antone. (Reuters/CNet 15 Oct 2003)




ArtsElectric Calendar. A worldwide calendar for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.


International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) Conference, "Changing Tides" is being held in "America's First Resort," Newport, RI on October 1 through October 5, 2003.Prepare for an exciting agenda along with all the historical and magnificent scenery of Newport, Rhode Island, and surrounding New England.

The Power of Design: AIGA National Design Conference October 23-26, 2003, Vancouver, B.C.The Power of Design" will focus on the extraordinary opportunities for designing in the 21st century. Designers will play critical roles in the success of our rebounding economy - both as agents of social change in a complex world and as leading architects of sustainable solutions for a troubled planet. You'll hear speakers from diverse disciplines who work in a variety of media discuss designing for the economy, environment and culture. Join 2,000 designers for 3 days of conversation, inspiration, discovery and fun in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia.


First International Digital Storytelling Conference, November 27-29, 2003, Cardiff, Wales. The British Broadcasting Corporation-Cymru-Wales will host an international dialogue and presentations about ways to build and sustain the Digital Storytelling movement. Co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Storytelling and the DSA, the conference will include the first International Meeting of the Association. Representives from around the world will be expected to attend.



The multimedia industry offers a diveristy of job opportunities for those interested in graphics, film, video, audio and computer technology. The following resources are recommended for learning more about careers in multimedia production.

Job Guide 2003! provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations, and their education and training pathways. It also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit you best, based on your interests and abilities. Some examples:

Careers in Multimedia.The Multimedia and New Media industries cover a wide range of activities. This guide looks at the types of job positions and the work environments in which one might be employed.

Entertainment Careers has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer

Landing Your Dream Job in Computer Graphics:
Steps you should take to get the ultimate computer graphics job. By Mark Swain. A nice clearly written guide to professional opporutnities in web design, game development, and television and video.



JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Administrative Clerk. Fast-growing Biotechnology firm seeks enthusiastic, detail-oriented Administrative Clerk to work in our Marketing Production Group. Requires: * Administrative support experience with skill in word processing and ability to learn desktop publishing, presentation, spreadsheet web design and graphics programs * Good spelling, grammar and punctuation skills with ability to format and proofread technical documents * Experience with university library systems and ability to learn to use on-line indexes and other search tools * Ability to operate computer peripherals (flatbed scanner, CD recorder) * Ability to communicate effectively and work efficiently both independently and within a team setting * Ability to prioritize work and multi-task * Possession of valid driver's license &/or ability to access transportation with ability to perform library research and other off-site errands Send cover letter and resume with list of references BY October 29th to: Molecular Probes, Inc. HR Dept./RG-MAC 29851 Willow Creek Road Eugene, OR 97 Equal Opportunity Employer

Event Planning- Assistant Director, Special Events The University of Oregon is seeking applications and nominations for the Assistant Director of Special Events. The Assistant Director reports to the Director of Special Events and has major responsibility for the planning, coordination, and implementation of special events within the Office of Development. This position assists the Director of Special Events and represents the Office of the President, and Office of Special Events in meetings, gatherings, and events on campus and throughout the community. The Assistant Director will plan and communicate details of campus, community, state, and regional events to senior level UO administrators and Office of President. The salary range for this position is $28,000-33,000 and the university offers an excellent package of employee benefits. Required qualifications include at least two years demonstrated experience in event planning and implementation and/or a bachelor' s degree, preferably in communications, public relations, marketing or closely related fields. Other qualifications include excellent oral and written communication skills the ability to travel, including nights and weekends. Additionally, the successful candidate will have excellent computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PageMaker with preference given to candidates that have design/graphic experience. Preferred qualifications include a minimum of three years experience working in higher education and basic accounting skills. The Search Committee will begin reviewing applications on October 27, 2003. For full consideration, applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and the names, phone numbers, and addresses of four references to: Assistant Director of Special Events Search Committee University of Oregon Development Office PO Box 3346 Eugene, OR 97403 The University of Oregon is an AA/EO/ADA institution committed to cultural diversity. Location: OR  Date: 10/19/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Marketing Assistant . Must be proficient with web maintenance, power point, advertising layout, grammar. Copy writing a plus, organization, neatness imperative. Competitive pay with good benefits. Send resume to: BBD 2639366 The Register Guard, P.O. Box 10188, Eugene, OR 97440. Location: OR  Date: 10/19/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Technology/Computer Communications Specialist.This position blends skills in basic editing, technical communications, updates to existing design layouts, basic web updates, and project management. Supports establishment and maintenance of communication with clients, colleagues, agencies, and vendors, including awareness of training events, software developments and features, and industry developments. For additional information and application, contact Linn- Benton- Lincoln Education Service District, 905 4th Ave. SE, Albany, OR 97321, or visit our website at: Closes Oct. 30, 2003EOE Location: OR  Date: 10/19/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Web Designer/Developer for progressive internet and research company. Must have established skills in both visual design for dynamic Web sites and expert HTML hand coding, including CSS. Flash, DHTML and print design experience a plus. Visit http:// to apply. Location: OR Date: 10/19/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)



Customer Service Graphics. We also have PT/FT openings in Beaverton/Portland for customer service/graphics techs. Exper in Pgmkr, Photoshop, Illust, Word, pre-press & scanning is req. Compet $$/Benefits/401K. Email your resume to or FAX . Equal Opportunity Employer. Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Graphic Arts Faculty.
Graphic Arts/ Digital Imaging Dept. Full time, 168 days per yr. Temporary - with the possibility of becoming regular. Starting 1/5/04. Teach Digital imaging & Prepress Technology associate degree curriculum, one of two major curricular elements of the college's Graphic Arts Program. Requires: Associate degree in Graphic Arts (degree to be completed by 1/5/04). Experience in Graphic Arts prepress industry with demonstrated expertise in imaging software applications. Thorough familiarity with printing production methods. Salary: $35,541-$40,784 annually, plus fringe benefits. Application requirements: LBCC application, resume, unofficial transcripts, and portfolio (including return postage if return requested). Application Deadline: 4:30 p.m., 11/14/03, or until sufficient applications are received. Visit our website at to download the LBCC application and the entire position description or contact Human Resurces, LBCC, 6500 Pacific BlvdSW, Albany, OR 97321. or TDD , e-mail Equal Opportunity Employer Affirmative Action Published in The Oregonian on 10/12

Graphic Design. Seeking team player with 2-3 years experience to design instructions, brochures, flyers, advertising and packaging on PC using PageMaker, Photoshop & Illustrator. Copywriting & photography experience helpful. Benefits. Send resume & salary requirements to: Graphics c/o ROADMASTER, 5602 NE Skyport Way, Portland, OR 97218 Published in The Oregonian on 10/18

Information Technology. speciality emergency vehicle equipment co in Tigard seeks an IT Tech. We are looking for an applicant with knowledge of HTML, Crystal reports, Photoshop, Dreamworks, Mas90 & Network/website maintenance. Full time Mon thru Fri 8am to 5pm. Good salary & benefits. Fax resume with salary requirements . No phone calls please. Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Information Technology manager. Printing co needs to integrate digital prepress, MIS, Desktop publishing, E-commerce & web apps. Need indiv w/exp w/Quark, InDesign, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, SQL server,, C++, HTML, Email resume to: or fax to: . Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Office Manager - Assist w/shipping, production, order taking and office duties. Graphic design or tradeshow skills a +. $10/hour + benefits. email: Published in The Oregonian on 10/12

Software Design.SOFTWARE Interactive Northwest Interactive Northwest, Inc., an Independent Software Vendor and Premier Avaya Development Partner is actively recruiting for the following position to design and develop custom CTI and IVR application:
Sr. Software Developer This position is responsible for analyzing, designing and coding programs to meet customer specifications. Requirements: BS or equivalent exp., 6+ years exp. application development with UNIX, C/C++, or other OOP languages. 5+ years exp. with RDBMS, preferably Oracle. IVR and/or TI exp. required. For immediate consideration send or email resume and cover letter to: Interactive Northwest, Inc. Attn: H/R 9398 SW Tualatin Sherwood Rd Tualatin, OR 97062 email: Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

WEB. Multnomah County Sr Web Content Management System (CMS) Administrator This position is responsible for administering the County's new CMS, designing, developing and maintaining Countywide and departmental web templates, style sheets, workflows, and assisting County web publishers in transferring their web content, pages and sites into the new CMS solution. To qualify, applicants must have 5 years of increasingly responsible experience and a Bachelors degree in computer science, information systems or equivalent field; or any combination of experience and education that will satisfy the minimum qualifications. Salary is $28.58 to $35.16 per hour depending upon experience and a comprehensive benefit package. Closes Nov 7, 2003 For detailed information, visit our website at: call our hotline at or pick up an application at the Portland Building lobby, 1120 SW Fifth Ave, Portland. Multnomah County is an equal opportunity employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Web Developer - Senior Level. This position is responsible for administering the County's Internet and Intranet presence: designing, developing and maintaining Countywide and departmental web applications and assisting County web publishers and other developers in establishing and updating their web pages, sites and applications. Salary is $28.58 to $35.16 per hour. Please apply by Oct 31, 2003 or earlier if sufficient applications received. Please apply online at: or for detailed information, call our hotline at or pick up an application at the Portland Building lobby, 1120 SW Fifth Ave, Portland. Multnomah County is an equal opportunity employer Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Web Page Editor. Oregon Legislature $2,790 - $3,903 Design and Maintain Legislative Website Coordinate use of web with 5 Legislative agencies Meets with Legislators, Leadership offices and agency staff to gather and maintain current information on website Uses HTML, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and the Adobe Acrobat 5.0 suite of tools
For more information contact: Karen Hupp Legilative Administration 900 Court St NE Room 140-B Salem OR 97301 deadline: 10/31/03
Published in The Oregonian

Web Programing Positions w/Startup co. Visit http://HR. Proven exp in web page design using HTML, ASP, JavaScript, SQL Server, Windows 2000 IIS, Visual Sutdio.nt, DreamWeaver. Email resume: Published in The Oregonian on 10/19

Writer/Graphic Artist.We need a writer with catalog, collateral copy, & package exp. who can assist w/ design as well. Qualified applicants must have 3 yrs. exp. w/ Quark, Illustrator, PhotoShop & In-Design. Knowledge of hunting and/or shooting preferred. Send resume & salary expectations to: 1710 Red Soils Ct., Oregon City, OR 97045, Published in The Oregonian on 10/19


I'm currently limiting my Newsletter job searching to Oregon and South West Washington. However, for those interested in job positions elsewhere in the Northwest may I recommend the following

Sakson and Taylor. Most media jobs in the Seattle area seem to be promoted through Sakson and Taylor a Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to the media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Seattle Times. Seattle area jobs not listed with Sakson and Tayler will be found in the Seattle Times online employment service.

Career Click .COM. This online service allows you to search individual, regional, or national Canadian newspapers for job positions. Remember that Canada has tight employment restrictions for non residents.

Vancouver Sun . The Vancouver Sun provides an online employment section that lists jobs in that great city of the North. These same jobs can be found on Career Click. Com listed aboved.


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