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"Irresponsibility is part of the pleasure of all art; it is the part
the schools cannot recognize." (James Joyce)

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July 6 , 2003 - Vol 2. No. 27

Up Front Sunday Morning:

The Newsletter is back after my having spent last weekend teaching a two day seminar on soundscape studies at the University of Oregon.

A reminder that Webvisions 2003 takes place in Portland on July 18.Don't miss the Northwest's creative conference for designers, developers and Web Professionals! Explore the future with the Web's leading experts and visionaries in design, user experience, eMarketing and content creation.

WebVisions will be held at the Oregon Convention Center, July 18, from 9am to 7pm To register or find out more about a special showing of student web and multimedia work, go to

OSCON (Open Source Convention) will be held at the Portland Marriott Hotel from July 7-11. Those interested in programming may want to participate. There are convention tracks focusing on Java, MySQL, XML, Apache and other software apps.

The Software Association of Oregon's Eugene chapter will hold its July meeting from 5 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Wild Duck Music Hall, 169 W. Sixth Ave., in Eugene. Mike Joyce, information technology manager at scanner maker PSC Inc., will give a presentation.

A new listing of film and video competitions is posted under the Opportunities section of this newsletter.

"Thumbsucker" an indie adaptation of the Walter Kirn novel starring Keanu Reeves, Mathew McConaughey, Tilda Swinton and Vincent D'Onofrio - will begin filming in the Beaverton area July 9. The production will provide jobs for at least 75 local film and video crew people and for 300 actors and extras (need a job?). The film, directed and written by Mike Mills will be released in 2004.

Speaking of films I would like to recommend "Whale Rider" an unusual story of a Maroi girl discovering her future as tribal chief in contemporary New Zealand. No cliches in a drama that could be cliche ridden.

Are you writing a screen play? You might want to take a look at Storybase. This software works for screenplays, stage plays, novels or short stories. It doesn't write stories. It acts as a mentor, a royalty-free collaborator and stimulator of the imagination. It contains over 2,000 narrative situations each suggesting multiple story possibilities.

Finally, congratulations to former Proscenia Interns Aaron Graham and Cory Davidson who were married on July 4th. We wish them a long and happy life together.

Cheers, Gary


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DID YOU KNOW? Facts about Oregon Media Personalities

Matt Giraud is a film director and award-winning columnist whose work has appeared in Fortune, Northwest Palate and Willamette Week, among other publications, and as commentary on National Public Radio's All Things Considered. He's also a principal of Grapheon Design, an award-winning, traditional and new media communications firm based in Portland, Oregon. He was recently awarded the Mayor's Spirit of Portland.

Giraud has produced the documentary Life in Vine a video documentary that examines the particularly suspenseful year of Oregon wine making that was 1999. Life in Vine is a film that pops the cork off the fussy reputation of the wine industry focusing on the humble self-made people who got where they are through years of hard work, but that largely contradict the stereotypes.


DISCUSSION: Apple's Panther OSX

No special feature this week. However, the following edited item from the Apple Newsletter may be of interest to those working in graphic media using Apple's OS X.

On June 23, Steve Jobs kicked off the 2003 Worldwide DevelopersConference by offering a sneak preview of the next major release of Mac OS X.

Putting Mac OS X Panther through its paces, Jobs highlighted its new user-centric Finder; Pixlet, a studio-quality QuickTime codec that enables video playback at film resolution on personal computers; and iChat AV, revolutionary software that makes personal video
conferencing as easy as online chatting--just some of the 100 new features of Panther.

Jobs also unveiled iSight, a state-of-the-art video camera that weighs just 2.3 ounces and works seamlessly with iChat AV. And one more thing. The Power Mac G5: The world's fastest personal computer with the world's first 64-bit desktop processor. Combine this advanced processor with the industry's fastest frontside bus, the highest bandwidth system architecture, and plenty of high-speed memory--and the Power Mac G5 outperforms the fastest Pentium 4-based systems in both industry-standard SPEC CPU2000 benchmark tests and real-world professional applications. Couldn't make it to San Francisco for the event? Not to worry. You can catch the entire keynote presentation in QuickTime.


FEATURED STUDIO OR SCHOOL: Anthony Greene Tertiary Design

Anthony Greene Tertiary Design is a creative communications firm specializing in film, video, multimedia and web design, based in Seattle, Washington. Greene started Anthony Greene Tertiary Design in 1998 to work with a roster of clients that includes APCO International, Microsoft, Boeing Employees' Credit Union, Wall Data, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Variety Club, Digital Alchemy, and Aegis Assisted Living.

Anthony Greene Tertiary Design won silver and bronze awards in the 2000 Summit Creative Awards International Competition for its outstanding work for Microsoft, the world's leading computer software manufacturer; and for Anthony Greene Tertiary Design's self-promotion campaign.



LAPTOPS OUTSELL DESKTOPS FOR FIRST TIME. Sales of laptop computers accounted for more than 54% of the total retail computer sales in May, with laptop outpacing desktop sales for the first time ever, according to NPD Group. In comparison, laptops represented less than 25% of total sales as recently as January 2000. May also marked the first time that sales of LCD screens surpassed traditional CRT monitors. Analysts contribute the shift to consumers' desire for laptops' "portability, appealing form factors and attractive design" as well as more competitive pricing, says NPD analyst Stephen Baker. In addition, "LCDs'
slim profile and sleek looks are more appealing." (AP 2 Jul 2003)

MICROSOFT'S E-BOOK GIVEAWAY. In an effort to boost adoption of its Microsoft Reader software, the software leader is offering free e-book downloads over a 20-week period.
Microsoft Reader has received 6 million downloads since its debut in August 2000, but it faces an uphill battle against e-book market leader Adobe. Over the five-month promotion period, Microsoft Reader users will be able to download three e-book bestsellers a week from the company's Web site via a Pocket PC, a Tablet PC, a laptop or a desktop. (CNet 2 Jul 2003)

MUSIC AND VIDEO IN SOFT DRINK CUPS. Music promoters are hoping to create new stars by sampling their work in "enhanced" mini-CDs embedded in the lids of soft drink cups at movie theaters and theme parks. About 4.8 million such CDs enhanced with video clips will be distributed nationwide to show off a new pop singer named Rachel Farris. Similar promotional campaigns have been designed for companies such as United Airlines, CocaCola and Victoria's Secrets. (AP/San Jose Mercury News 1 Jul 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

GOOGLE TOOLBAR EXTENDS FEATURES.Search engine Google is extending the features of its tool bar to include automatic blocking of pop-up ads, automatic filling out of Internet forms, and help for users wanting to maintain personal diaries or "blogs" (Web logs). The toolbars may be used for online searching without requiring the user to go to the Google Web site. (AP/San Jose Mercury News 27 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

WIRELESS GIVES POORER NATIONS CHANCE TO CATCH UP...In a speech prepared for a UN conference on the social implications of wireless communications technologies, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan declared that wireless Internet access has "a key role to play everywhere,
but especially in developing countries and countries with economies in transition... It is precisely in places where no infrastructure exists that Wi-Fi can be particularly effective, helping countries to leapfrog generations of telecommunications technology and infrastructure and empower their people." (Reuters 26 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

RECORDING INDUSTRY TO MUSIC SWAPPERS: WE'RE GONNA GET YOU. Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), says his organization plans to file at least several hundred lawsuits within the next 10 weeks against individual computer users who share substantial amounts of copyrighted music online. The RIAA, which represents the five major music labels, will start gathering evidence against file-swappers by using software to scan the public directories of peer-to-peer networks such as KaZaA and Grokster. Sherman says, "A lot of people think they can get away with what they are doing because peer-to-peer file sharing allows them to hide behind made-up screen names. They are not anonymous. The law is very clear. What they are doing is stealing." (New York Times 26 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

AROUND THE NET: SOME RANDOM STATS AUTOMOTIVE: One of every four car sales in the U.S. will take place on the Internet by 2007, says Jupiter Research... BANKING: Wells Fargo, the nation's 4th-largest bank, now has 4 million active online customers... B2B: Cisco does more than 90% of its sales to other businesses online... EDUCATION: The University of Phoenix Online now has a student body of 63,000... ENTERTAINMENT: RealNetworks has more than twice as many Internet multimedia subscribers as Microsoft... HEALTH: WebMD gets more than 17.2 million visitors a month... MEDIA: More than 120 million people visited Yahoo from home in April -- that's about the same number as tuned in all the major TV networks combined... REAL ESTATE: gets 9 out of 10 of the listings of houses for sale... RETAIL: Amazon's a giant, all right, but is still only the 54th largest retailer, well behind Sears, 7-Eleven, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart... TRAVEL: Expedia leads the industry, with $5.3 billion in booking last year. (USA Today 22 Jun 2003)

APPLE TOUTS NEW PC AS FASTEST ON THE MARKET. Apple Computer's new Power Mac G5 is the speediest on the market, says the company, which in the past has been criticized for selling computers that are more expensive and relatively slower than PCs based on Wintel technology. "We're coming up from behind" on Intel machines, says Apple CEO Steve Jobs, citing the G5's new high-speed microprocessor designed by Apple and IBM and manufactured by IBM. The G5's 64-bit chip boasts a clock speed of 2 gigahertz and Apple is hoping its new high-performance machine will boost revenues at a time when sales have stalled amid the soft economy. "A major reason not to buy the Power Mac -- that it was slow as a dog -- is gone now," says one industry analyst. (Wall Street Journal 24 Jun 2003),,SB105639616671832100.djm,00.html (sub req'd) Source:NewsScanDaily

QUANTUM LEAP?A Canadian company called D-Wave Systems, which is working to develop a quantum computer that could calculate millions of times faster than current computers, has received funding from one of Silicon Valley's best-known venture firms, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (FFJ). Quantum computers could be anywhere from 5 to 50 years in the future; they would be fast enough to model atomic forces inside a single molecule and could be used to design molecules for the creation of new drugs. (USA Today 24 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

IS YOUR PRIVACY INVADED BY THE 'BLACK BOX' IN YOUR CAR? A recent survey found that most people are unaware that many later-model automobiles are equipped with "black box" recording devices (called "data event recorders") which are capable not only of triggering the release of accident airbags but also of recording driving data (such as speed of the car) in the last few seconds before a crash. Such information is increasingly being used as evidence in criminal and civil cases related to the accident, as part of "normal reconstruction" of what happened. But civil libertarians are balking. Defense attorney Bob Weiner calls the black boxes "a tremendous invasion of privacy," and David Sobel, general counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center, say: "The real issue is one of notice, and the problem arises from the fact that information is being collected about people's driving behavior without them knowing. If drivers knew about the device, they could at least then begin asking questions." (USA Today 29 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

HONDA'S 'COG' AD MAY SHOW THE FUTURE OF ADVERTISING. Columnist John Battelle says that the two-minute ad "Cog" for Honda UK marks a turning point in the history of TV advertising. You can take a look at it by linking to the Business 2.0 article cited below. (Business 2.0 Jul 2003),1640,50151,00.html Source:NewsScanDaily


Network Tools (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.)

Safari 1.0 [Macintosh Operating System] Recently released, Safari 1.0 is a Web browser for Mac computers that features a host of compelling features. Designed to work seamlessly with Mac's OS X, Safari 1.0 has a Google search field next to the Web address, along with the Snapback feature that allows users to retrace their steps back through recently visited sites. One particularly novel feature is the ability to switch between multiple Web pages via the tab option, allowing users to see various pages in a single window. Safari 1.0 is fully compatible with all systems running Mac OS X.

Safari Bookmark Exporter 1.0.2 [Macintosh Operating System] This handy little application is designed to export bookmarks from the Safari Web browser program to a host of other Web browsers. After downloading the Exporter application, users can select the desired browser, click on "Export Bookmarks," and then save the bookmark file to the appropriate location. Safari Bookmark Exporter 1.0.2 is compatible with all systems running Mac OSX and higher.

Phase Out 5.0 [Windows Operating System] Phase Out 5.0 is a fully customizable Web browser designed for use with all systems running Windows 98 and higher. Some of the features included with Phase Out 5.0 include the ability to receive and send emails through various email clients, the ability to send photos quickly (provided a Web-cam is installed), and the ability to preview numerous Web sites and view their download progress. Finally, users can also download any one of the ten skins developed for Phase Out, which range from the more traditional to more forward-looking arrangements of command tools and tabs.

Best Greetings 4.0 [Windows Operating System] For those looking to send an electronic reminder to a friend or loved one for free, Best Greetings 4.0 is a nice application that is worth a visit. A number of pleasant effects can be added to each greeting card, including visual filters, animations, along with spoken text (available in English only). Additionally, a slide show can be sent along to friends, complete with text descriptions and sound effects, if desired. Best Greetings 4.0 is compatible with all systems running Windows 95 and higher.



The sixth annual STOCKHOLM CHALLENGE AWARD (2003/2004) is open for submission until November 1, 2003. The aim of Stockholm's international Award for innovative use of information technology is to diminish the digital divide and to create an information society for all. The Stockholm Challenge is a platform for innovative projects from all over the world to create networks for the exchange of experience and knowledge. The competition is open to private, public and academic contestants. The Challenge invites projects in the following categories: e-Government, Culture, Health, Education, e-Business and Environment.
Further information:


LOCATION: Beacon, New York

Deadline: Ongoing, but earlier entries are given preference due to time restraints. We are seeking work for our 2 programming year, which will run monthly starting July 2003.

Guidelines: Videos should be short - under 15:00 minutes. All types of independent/non-commercial work are accepted: experimental, documentary, narrative, non-narrative, controversial, political, personal, animation, etc. Commercial productions and Music Videos need not apply. International and Domestic submissions are encouraged.

Formats Accepted : VHS (NTSC only) and MiniDV or DVCAM (NTSC or PAL). Please include synopsis, Bio, CV and contact information. SASE required for tape return. Otherwise, all submissions will be added to the SPARK VIDEO: BEACON library for possible inclusion in future curatorial projects. Artists will be contacted for permission prior to having their work included in other programs. Unfortunately, Artist Fees cannot be paid.


About:With the implementation of a monthly video series in the year 2001, Spark Contemporary Art Space emerged as the leading venue for Video Art in Syracuse, New York. Now the series has expanded to Beacon, New York - home of Dia:Beacon, the world's largest museum of Contemporary Art. With the support of local organizations such as the Beacon Cultural Foundation, the Beacon Cultural Project, companies such as Fusion Media, and local businesses like the chTHonic Clash Coffee House, SPARK VIDEO: BEACON will emerge as a center for Video Art. Each programming year, the monthly events consist of international, domestic, and community based video. The result is a monthly series that supports local exhibition, stimulates the community through International exhibition and provides a new audience for artists living all over the world.

Send materials to:
CO: Joshua Katcher - Video Programmer
Fusion Media
282 Katonah Ave. #148
Katonah, NY 10536

The 20th annual OLYMPIA FILM FESTIVAL is coming November 7-16, 2003.
The Olympia Film Society is accepting submissions for inspired works of all kinds: long, short, narrative, documentary, animation and experimental. Deadline: 9/1. Fee: $10 (+ return postage if you want your tape returned). Printable entry form is available at: For more info, email , or call .

Austin Film Festival Call for Documentary Entries (Last) Deadline: July 15. Do you have a Documentary film that you want to get out to the world? Are you looking for a venue that might attract investors and distributors to your current or future projects? Submit your Short or Feature length Documentary Film for the 10th Annual
Austin Film Festival, October 9-16.
The last deadline for the 2003 AFF film competition is quickly approaching. If it's ready send it in!

For all competition rules and regulations visit:

For a competition entry form go to (or print the entry form below):

Late Deadline: July 15th ($30 submission for Documentary)
( members receive $5 off entry fees.)

Jason Nolte

Documentary Programmer <>

Coney Island Short Film Festival, September 27-28 at Sideshows by the Seashore, Brooklyn, Coney Island, New York. The Festival is open to filmmakers working in all genres and formats. Early deadline is July 15 and late deadline July 29. For more information go to www.


is a worldwide calendar and information center for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.


WebVisions 2003. Friday July 18, 2003. 9am - 7pm Oregon Convention Center, Portland. Explore the future with the Web's leading experts and visionaries in design, user experience, eMarketing and content creation. This year's lineup of speakers includes Kelly Goto, Jeff Faulkner, Mark Newhouse, Dr. U.N. Umesh and others. WebVisions is the premier conference for designers, developers, students and Web professionals. Be ready to network, recharge your creativity and visualize the possibilities!

Christian Game Developers Conference. Cascade College. Portland, OR. July 25-27, 2003. Cost: TBA.

SIGGRAPH 2003 - 27 July - 31 July, This is the 30th international conference of computer graphics and interactive media. The conference will be held in San Diego, California. It is also the world's largest exhibit of grapic software, computer hardware, and interactive technologies. Given the conference is on the west coast this summer individuals may want to make it a part of a vacation trip.


Classic Gaming Exposition. Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel. Las Vegas, Nev. August 9-10, 2003. Weekend pass $35.00.


The Xtreme Game Developers XPO will be held September 6-7 at the Westin Santa Clara in Santa Clara California. Exchange ideas and gather tips from the experts of the "premier conference" for developers, programmers, designers - anyone with a passon for games.


International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) Conference, "Changing Tides" is being held in "America's First Resort," Newport, RI on October 1 through October 5, 2003.Prepare for an exciting agenda along with all the historical and magnificent scenery of Newport, Rhode Island, and surrounding New England.


First International Digital Storytelling Conference, November 27-29, 2003, Cardiff, Wales. The British Broadcasting Corporation-Cymru-Wales will host an international dialogue and presentations about ways to build and sustain the Digital Storytelling movement. Co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Storytelling and the DSA, the conference will include the first International Meeting of the Association. Representives from around the world will be expected to attend.



Here are four resources that I would recommend for learning more about careers in multimedia production.

The first is Boston College's Guide: Careers In Multimedia. This is the best resource I've seen related to the field and determining where one might want to go with a career in multimedia design.

To this I would add Skills Net. Skills Net has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer

Landing Your Dream Job in Computer Graphics: Steps you should take to get the ultimate computer graphics job. By Mark Swain. A nice clearly written guide to professional opporutnities in web design, game development, and television and video.




JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Web Consultant for non profit. Working for human rights in mental health system. Need web development experience and good communication skills. Visit our site at www. Please email summary of your experience including sample URL's to

Web Site Maintenance position, shipping receiving warehouse work, email, and lots of customer service. Knowledge of climbing, backpacking gear a plus. Starts at $7.75 (Mike) or Email resume to Location: OR  Date: 7/5/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Director Of Information Technology - University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene. Manages all technology related initiatives and projects at the School of Law, manages technology department operations, supervises staff, and provides hands-on technology support services to faculty, staff, and students. Requires bachelor's degree; M.A. or M.S. degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field or comparable experience preferred. Requires demonstrated team management capabilities, supervisory experience, and project management skills; excellent interpersonal and communication skills; knowledge and experience in managing multi-platform desktop and laptop systems in a Local Area Network environment; experience troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software problems; familiarity with Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows XP systems; experience with all standard desktop applications. Windows and Unix server knowledge and experience with database programs pref. Salary $55,000-$65,000. Mail: Human Resources, 5210 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97 Phone: , TTY Web: Initial review of applications will begin on July 15, 2003. Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/ADA institution committed to cultural diversity Published in The Oregonian on 07/06

Editor The Cottage Grove Sentinel, an award winning 4000+ circulation community newspaper, is looking for an Editor to lead our news staff. Successful candidate will have demonstrated skill in reporting, writing, copy edition, basic photography, page design and layout in Quark Xpress. Previous supervisory and administrative experience helpful. We are a Lee Enterprises newspaper offering a full array of benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401K, and employee stock program. Send resume, salary requirements, references and three to seven clips to: Editor Search, Cottage Grove Sentinel, Regional HR Director, PO Box 35, Cottage Grove, 97424. Location: OR  Date: 7/6/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

General Manager/Advertising Director. The Cottage Grove Sentinel, an award winning community newspaper is looking for the right candidate to fill this pivotal position. Responsibilities include overseeing the newspaper's ad department & running day-to-day operations of a 4000+ circulation community paper. Reporting to SBU Publisher, GM/Ad Director participates on management team, setting direction & strategy for this Lee Enterprises newspaper. Successful candidate will have proven record in newspaper advertising sales, demonstrated ability to supervise staff and lead an organization. Solid administration, communication and leadership skills required. We are an equal opportunity employer, offering a full benefits package including medical, dental, vision, 401K, and employee stock program. Send resume, salary requirements and references to: GM/Ad Manager Search, Regional HR Director, PO Box 130 Albany, OR 97321; or by E-mail to: Location: OR  Date: 7/6/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic Designer. (Index) Web Graphic / html designer needed to design & develop web sites while working in a Windows NT/Mac/Linux environment. Prefer proficiency in HTML, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand, Photoshop, Flash, PHp, ASP/VBScript, HS and databases, and 2+ yrs. of advanced web graphic design experience. Excellent work habits and communication skills and a desire to learn new technologies are a must. We are a national truck/SUV magazine-related company headquartered in Cottage Grove. We offer a competitive salary/benefit package: 401K, Health/Dental, Flex. Pre-placement drug screen required. Please send resume, website urls and salary required to: Employment,, Inc., PO Box 590, Cottage Grove, OR 97424 or fax to . EOE Location: OR  Date: 6/29/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Master Control Operator. KEZI TV Responsibilities include the airing of television programming, the taping and integration of programs and commercials into our system, and the remote monitoring and control of television transmitter. Prior experience, training or working in a broadcast facility or training by a technical school a plus, but not required. Applicant must have the ability to work alone or with others, good oral skills, and the ability to make accurate decisions under changing circumstances. Must be able to work nights and/or weekends. Send resumes and letters of recommendation to: Louis Kraaz KEZI TV PO Box 7009 Eugene, OR 97401 Drug screening is a pre-employment requirement. Chambers Communications Corp/KEZI-TV is an equal opportunity employer. Location: OR  Date: 6/29/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

New Media Sales Representative The Register-Guard is accepting applications for a part-time position offeringr up to 19 hrs. per week, Monday through Friday. Beginning Salary is $12.27 - $17.81 per hour plus commissions. Sell The Register-Guard's Guardline, Direct Mail and the World Wide Web. Stay on the cutting edge and join a team with a rock-solid history. Many Internet companies are here today, gone tomorrow. was launched over 5 years ago, and The Register-Guard, a little longer (75 years to be exact). We're building the future from a secure, productive past. The successful applicant will consult with advertisers, assist in marketing and advertising ideas, scripts, layouts and scheduling of ads; develop advertising programs and campaigns; set advertising budgets; conduct product research; handle complaints and resolve problems. Applicant must have four years of responsible retail sales or business management experience and graduation from a senior high school preferably supplemented by college course work in business administration or related field. Preference will be given to applicants with Internet, Broadcast and/or media sales experience, or any satisfactory equivalent combination of experience and training. Application deadline is Friday, July 11, 2003. Apply to: NEW MEDIA SALES REPRESENTATIVE Human Resources Department The Register-Guard P.O. Box 10188 Eugene, OR 97440 Applications and complete job descriptions are available at 3500 Chad Drive, Eugene, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and at . All applicants will receive a response. No telephone inquiries, please. An Equal Opportunity Employer The Register-Guard
Location: OR  Date: 7/4/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)


ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT CUSTOMER SUPPORT 21 year old Hi-tech Company has a position available for a computer literate person interested in customer support and Internet marketing. We market our products exclusively via the Internet using in-house developed state-of-the-art strategies, tools and techniques. This is an entry level position for a person with pleasant customer manners, care of details and a genuine desire for on-the-job learning. Any of the following skills a plus: - Graphic illustration - Excellent written and verbal communication - Web page design We offer a pleasant working environment, competitive compensation and benefits. Our offices are close to the Cedar Hills Max Transit Station. Send or e-mail resume to: Computer Friends, Inc. 10200 SW Eastridge St. Portland OR 97225 e.mail j .Oregonian. Published on 07/05

COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR. GRAYS HARBOR COLLEGE/ STAFFORD CREEK CORRECTIONS CENTER (SCCC) EDUCATIONAL UNIT The following full-time tenure track positions are available at SCCC Educational Unit. Vacancy will start Fall Quarter 2003. Computer Literacy Instructor - word processng, databases, spreadsheets, graphic programs, work-related skills. 2 positions available. These positions are located at SCCC. Applications and additional information available at Grays Harbor College Human Resource Office (Building 200), or . All positions open until filled with first review beginning July 18, 2003. Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer Published in The Oregonian on 07/05

GRAPHIC PRODUCTION Color digital printing inkjet & laser photo, large format. Graphic design & print exp required. Management/supervisory experience preferred. Send resume TIS, 408 SW 5, Portland, Or 97204 . Published in The Oregonian on 07/05

Graphic Artist Designer/Mechanical Artist Established, successful T shirt co. seeks technical/creative person with strong illustrator, Photoshop exper. to join 4 person dept. within an 85 person co. with integrity and a future. Potential for a lead role for right candidate. Send resume to: OSI, 3580 NE Broadway, Ptld, OR 97232. Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

WEB ASSISTANT CUSTOMER SUPPORT. 21 year old Hi-tech Company has a position available for a computer literate person interested in customer support and Internet marketing. We market our products exclusively via the Internet using in-house developed state-of-the-art strategies, tools and techniques. This is an entry level position for a person with pleasant customer manners, care of details and a genuine desire for on-the-job learning. Any of the following skills a plus: - Graphic illustration - Excellent written and verbal communication - Web page design We offer a pleasant working environment, competitive compensation and benefits. Our offices are close to the Cedar Hills Max Transit Station. Send or e-mail resume to: Computer Friends, Inc. 10200 SW Eastridge St. Portland OR 97225 e.mail Published on 07/04

ADVERTISING APPRENTICE Want to try something new or just change career? We are accepting applications for an in-house training program for salaried mrktg & graphic design positions. Call Ryan for info, . Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

Designer/Mechanical Graphic Artist Established, successful T shirt co. seeks technical/creative person with strong illustrator, Photoshop exper. to join 4 person dept. within an 85 person co. with integrity and a future. Potential for a lead role for right candidate. Send resume to: OSI, 3580 NE Broadway, Ptld, OR 97232. Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Full time creating orig designs for print ads, brochures, packaging, some web. Must have 3-5 years professional exp. Must have exlt design skills & be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark. Must be flexible & able to work independently. Send cover letter, resume, salary reqs & non-returnable samples to: Graphic Designer/3494-YK 4650 SW Mueller Dr, Ste D302 Beaverton, OR 97007 Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

Pre-Press Artist Label Mfg currently has an opening for a Flexo Pre-Press Artist. Must have 4-color process printing experience. Illustrator, Freehand, Quark, & Photoshop experience required. Technical knowledge of Macintosh systems and platemaking a plus. Drug Screen req. Salary dep on exp. Send resume with salary history to: Westmark Industries, Attn: HR, 6701 SW McEwan Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 Fax email: Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

Contract Instructors On-call Days and Night Class (Tues/Thur) needed .NET Courses and Windows Platform (XP, W2000) We pay for certification exams Send to: Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

Education KC Distance Learning is now accepting applications for an experienced driver's education instructor to produce a high school level driver's education course for online delivery. The successful applicant must meet the following requirements: Experience developing and teaching driver's education curriculum at the high school level Computer and Internet knowledge Ability to meet established deadlines on a tight schedule, work in a collaborative team environment and participate in onsite training and development sessions
Applicants that meet one or more of the following criteria are strongly encouraged to reply:
State certification in driver's education Experience teaching and/or writing online courses Experience aligning curriculum to state standards Please submit resume to: Human Resources KinderCare Distance Learning 650 N.E. Holladay St., Suite 1400 Portland, OR 97232 Fax: Email: Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

Graphic Designer Full time creating orig designs for print ads, brochures, packaging, some web. Must have 3-5 years professional exp. Must have exlt design skills & be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark. Must be flexible & able to work independently. Send cover letter, resume, salary reqs & non-returnable samples to: Graphic Designer/3494-YK 4650 SW Mueller Dr, Ste D302 Beaverton, OR 97007 Published in The Oregonian on 06/2

Graphics - Stationery & greeting card co looking for person to design company catalogs, flyers & order forms, and to be responsible for pre-press production. Applicant must have strong Photoshop skills in particular w/good capabilities in Pagemaker & Illustrator working in a Mac-based environment. Some exp w/digital photography helpful. 4 yrs exp req. This position reqs the person to be able to work independently & have flexibility to work w/occasional tight deadlines. FT, bnfts. Send resume, cover letter & samples of work (no originals please) to: Graphic Designer, PO Box 17394, Portland, OR 97217 Published in The Oregonian on 06/25

WEB Designer - Graphic artist. This position is responsible for creating and maintaining complex, dynamic websites. Candidates should possess in-depth experience applying graphic design principles to produce creative, innovative and professional web sites. A successful applicant will possess the following experience: Required: Greater than two years of professional Web Development HTML 4.0/DHTML knowledge and experience XML/XSL, CSS, DOM Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and ImageReady Flash MX JavaScript UNIX and Windows development experience Experience with source code control systems Pluses: JSP and JAVA development experience Streaming Media development Experience with search engines and positioning techniques to improve search ranking In exchange for the above-mentioned skills, Metro One offers a great working environment, attractive compensation package, competitive benefits, performance incentive program, profit incentive plan, employee stock purchase program and 401(k). To expedite the review of your credentials, please email your resume, salary requirements and the URL of your portfolio to: referencing job code #00171 in the subject line of your email. For more information, please visit our career center at: Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 06/29

CAD Designer -Apparel Jantzen. Seeking a creative highly energized team player to create and colorize designs for fabric application. Req. a textile, surface design or fine arts background. The ideal candidate needs a min. 3-5 yrs exp. in Photoshop & Illustrator. Must be knowledgeable in the technical aspects of screen repeats and print background & also req. exlnt. color matching skills. Must be able to work under tight deadlines with speed & accuracy. Apparel exp. and knowledge of other graphic/ or textile software such as a U4ia a definite plus. Send resume to: or Fax or to PO Box 3001, Portland, OR 97208. Published in The Oregonian on 07/06

Marketing Manager Portland, OR-based software company seeks to immediately fill a full-time marketing manager position. The marketing manager must plan, organize and implement all marketing efforts, including developing marketing plans and budgets, writing and designing marketing materials and print ads, maintaining company web site, planning and promoting tradeshow presence, and enhancing public relations. Qualified candidates must be selfmotivated and able to work independently as well as with groups and have 5+ years of experience in marketing, advertising or public relations. Must have a BA in marketing or equivalent experience and must possess excellent writing, design and creative skills. Knowledge of Photoshop, PageMaker, Illustrator, InDesign and FrontPage desired. Product development and marketing research background a plus. Salary commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits package. Qualified applicants can e-mail cover letter and resume to or fax to , Attn Ellen. Published in The Oregonian on 07/0

Marketing Manager. Our client is a profitable, medical diagnostic company with capital equipment sales worldwide. They are recognized as the leader in their field. This is a handson position reporting to the VP of Sales & Marketing. Responsibilities include creative design and in-house production of company marketing materials. Following a bachelor's degree, will possess a 3-4 year track record in graphic design. Exceptional writing skills are expected along with technical skills (PageMaker, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat Distiller). Occasional, planned travel is required. Please submit a confidential resume to our retained search firm: Published in The Oregonian on 07/06

Graphic Production.Color digital printing inkjet & laser photo, large format. Graphic design & print exp required. Management/supervisory experience preferred. Send resume TIS, 408 SW 5, Portland, Or 97204 Published in The Oregonian on 07/06

Web Master-Experienced. For existing on-line business. Frontpage, search engine exper. PT, hrly wage + bonus. Published in The Oregonian on 07/06

Technical Writer and Illustrator. Allied Systems Company, a manufacturer of heavy equipment located in the Tualatin/Sherwood area, has an immediate career opportunity for a TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATOR in our Technical Publications Department. Job duties will consist of editing and revising parts, service and operations manuals using engineering specifications, prints, parts listed and existing content/artwork for various manufactured product lines. To qualify for this position, you must possess the following qualifications: Experience with computer generated graphics using AutoCAD & CorelDRAW Desktop publishing skills with Adobe PageMaker Advanced skills with Microsoft software Must be skilled in drafting and technical illustrating and be adept at electronic layout and various reprographics methods Experienced with Inventor helpful. A four-year BA/BS degree in technical illustration and writing preferred. 2-3 years experience in a manufacturing/ production environment helpful. Excellent benefits program available. Employment drug screen required. For immediate consideration, please email resume, cover letter and salary requirements in .doc and/or .txt format to: Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 07/06


I'm currently limiting my Newsletter job searching to Oregon and South West Washington. However, for those interested in job positions elsewhere in the Northwest may I recommend the following

Sakson and Taylor. Most media jobs in the Seattle area seem to be promoted through Sakson and Taylor a Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to the media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Seattle Times. Seattle area jobs not listed with Sakson and Tayler will be found in the Seattle Times online employment service.

Career Click .COM. This online service allows you to search individual, regional, or national Canadian newspapers for job positions. Remember that Canada has tight employment restrictions for non residents.

Vancouver Sun . The Vancouver Sun provides an online employment section that lists jobs in that great city of the North. These same jobs can be found on Career Click. Com listed aboved.