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June 8 , 2003 - Vol 2. No. 22.

Up Front Sunday Morning:

If you like the Simpsons you may want to go over to the University of Oregon campus tonight to meet Mike Reiss, writer/producer of the Simpsons, and co-creator of The Critic, and the winner of four Emmys. This special presentation with video clips from the Simpsons never shown on TV is a free event. It will be held in the EMU Ballroom today at 7:00 pm and doors open at 6:00. You can pick up free tickets at door - but arrive early.

On Friday, June 13, the Student Film Festival sponsored by the School of Journalism and Communication will begin at 7:00 PM on campus in Klamath Hall. This is a great opportunity to see the latest documentary, animation, and fiction film production by students from across the campus.

And, speaking of the University of Oregon, students on that campus needing a laptop so they can do their academic work anytime, anywhere,can now access nine new laptop computers--seven Dell Latitude D600 (Windows) and two Macintosh iBook machines--available for checkout in four-hour blocks during weekdays. The laptops also may be checked out overnight or for a full weekend. For complete information about the laptop loan program visit

If you have ever questioned the value of advanced planning and the storyboarding of your media project I strongly recommend you see The Russian Ark. It is a feature film triumph of conceptual design, advanced planning, and meticulous production with 90 minutes of continuous shooting without a single cut. Such a production has never been done before.

The film, directed by Alexander Sokurov has a cast of nearly 900 actors and was filmed in one day at the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Russia - home to over 3,000,000 art works. The film is a time piece moving between historial Russian periods and you are one of two principle participants as the camera becomes your eyes and ears.

Director of PhotographyTilman Büttner uses a steadycam mounted to his body to float through the film interacting with characters and the building itself. As it is physically impossible to record more than twelve continuous minutes of conventional film, they had to turn to video. However, it was only the fairly recent arrival of compact 24p High Definition cameras that offered the visual quality and portability to make this film for cinema, eventually transferring the digital image to 35mm negative.

The Sony High Definition (Sony HDW-F900) camera allows one to get a picture of almost the same quality as conventional film. The problem was how to store all the video information since an HD camera can only record 46 minutes without changing tapes and the shoot required 90 minutes of recording time. The Cologne-based company Director’s Friend provided the solution. They developed a prototype hard disk recording system adapted to be portable and equipped with a special ultra-stable battery. This system could record up to 100 minutes of uncompressed image, but only once.

Proscenia Intern Josh Taylor has his portfolio web site online. Please check it out at

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DID YOU KNOW? Facts about Oregon Media Personalities

Former Eugene residents Creighton Vero and William De Los Santos are the screen writers for the current feature film "Spun". The film, currently playing in theaters, is based on the screen writers' experiences with the drug scene of Eugene.Vero, a former University of Oregon journalism student, was working on a documentary about the region's crystal meth scene when he interviewed De Los Santos about his misadventures working as the personal driver for a meta-amphetamine manufacturer nicknamed "The Cook." Vero realized he had stumbled upon a great story. The two collaborated on a script which Roger Ebert calls "...a dark screwball comedy in which people run in and out of doors, get involved with mistaken identities and desperately try to keep all their plates in the air." "Spun" is directed by Jonas Akerlund and stars Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore"), Mena Suvari ("American Beauty"), Patrick Fugit ("Almost Famous") and Brittany Murphy ("8 Mile"). The film is given a 3 star rating by Chicago critic Roger Ebert.


DISCUSSION: Digital Story Telling

Storytellers have been those who have best provided insight into our deepest truths. Storytelling allows us to share values, pass on wisdom, and to explore the uniqueness of being human.

Each story teller has used the tools of the day. Early camp fires provided light for creating shadow images on the cave wall. Minstrels strummed and sang to communicate stories and news of the day as they traveled from town to town.The pen, printing press, and during the 18th century lantern slides were used to enhance the storyteller's presentation. Today, many storytellers work in digital media.

Digital storytelling use the power of words, images, sounds and interactivity to communicate their messages. Weaving their stories with a rich array of multimedia resources the storyteller is able to provide a unique experience, Some stories may involve each audience member in the storytelling process. Stories can have multiple endings decided upon by participants. In some situations stories can be added to or transformed by other storytellers. Digital technology allows any possibility and the Internet provides a way to distribute the story material world wide.

As you explore the digital story telling resources below you will find this form somewhat familiar in the micromovies, about which I wrote a few weeks ago, are a part of this digital extension of the art of storytelling.


Digital Storytelling Resources.An excellent collection of links to articles about digital storytelling, web sites, digital story collections, interactive and hypertextual fiction, and many, many other resources that will provide you with insight into the depth and breadth of this new art form.

The Elements of Digital Storytelling. Provides tutorial study of the five elements of digital storytelling: media, action, relationship, context, and communication. This site provides links to many online digital stories using a variety of media combinations.

Digital Storytelling Association. Towards this end, in November of 2002, representatives from 8 countries, over 25 U.S. states, and a broad cross section of these interests, came together to launch the Digital Storytelling Association. The Association will be organizational and fiscally housed at the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California and in the Fall of 2004, the DSA will seek to form an independent organization functioning with an elected leadership group.

The "Cookbook" is the publication used by the Center for Digital Storytelling in their workshops. It is an excellent introduction to the actual construction of an effective digital story, from storyboard to final product.

The Center for Digital Storytelling is a non-profit project development, training, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives. Their focus is on developing large-scale projects for community, educational and business institutions using the methods and principles built around their Digital Storytelling Workshop. They also offer workshops for organizations and individuals, and provide a clearinghouse of information about resources on storytelling and new media.

Conversation with Dana Atchley, digital storyteller.By Joe Lambert. This article traces Dana Atchley's use of digital storytelling from experimentation with the medium to the integration of the medium in his corporate productions.

BBC Digital Storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell. Technology now allows anyone to tell it, with their own voice. The Digital stories on this BBC site are short films created and edited by people like you - using cameras, computers, scanners and your own photographs and artifacts. These stories can be evocative, inspirational, political, happy, hilarious, even sad. But all are personal stories.

Visible Knowledge Project. Digital stories are multimedia presentations which students construct to tell a personal story or narrate a history. This site highlights some of the resources on digital storytelling which are available online. It also features some resources on topics, such as digital video, which might be useful for those wishing to implement digital storytelling in classrooms.

Explornet Storytelling. Digital Storytelling enables elementary and high school students to explore their world and communicate their discoveries. These streaming videos can be viewed over a dial up connection or cable/high speed network connection. Not all videos have sound.This site includes student work; teacher work, and informational videos.


FEATURED STUDIO OR SCHOOL:Expression Center for New Media

Expression Center for New Media is located in Emeryville, California near San Francisco. The campus was built from the ground up to be the premier school for digital arts. Expression is a unique new media arts college where one can earn a Bachelor's degree in one of three programs: Sound Arts; Digital Visual Media (including animation, 3D modeling and special effects); and Digital Graphic Design. It utilizes the concept of Total Immersion as its teaching philosophy.



ALTNET AND KAZAA PUSH LEGIT P2P NETWORK. Sharman Networks' Kazaa and Brilliant Digital Entertainment's Altnet are teaming up to launch a new phase of peer-to-peer networking, harnessing the capacity of tens of millions PCs to swap authorized copies of games, songs and movies. Giving people an incentive to trade in legitimate files could create a powerful new business model for the entertainment industry and reduce file-swapping networks' role as hubs of online piracy, says Altnet CEO Kevin Bermeister. "The minute you begin shifting unauthorized files out of people's shared folders, the peer-to-peer networks (as sources of copyright infringement) begin to disappear. Lawsuits are the stick approach. This is the carrot." Customers who sign up for the new service will agree to install high-security file-swapping software and host files that are authorized for distribution through the network. "Peer Points" will be awarded each time someone uploads a file, with the points redeemable for a variety of bonuses ranging from free access to paid content to sweepstakes entries for big-ticket items such as cars or cash. The new Altnet service and a revamped version of the regular Kazaa file-swapping software are expected to be released in test form later this week. (CNet 1 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

VIDEOGAMING GROWS UP. It used to be that young people interested in learning how to create videogames attended special schools, such as the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Wash., or Full Sail in Orlando, Fla., but now videogaming is going mainstream, with traditional universities such as Southern Methodist University, MIT and the University of Michigan incorporating game-specific classes and programs into existing curriculum. "It's still a pretty immature media, but a discipline for actual game development is starting to make sense," says a Jupiter Research analyst. The videogame industry employs about 30,000 people in the U.S. and demand is expected to grow by about 15%, or 5,000 jobs a year, estimates David Najjab, director of SMU's new school of videogame making. (AP 31 May 2003)Source:NewsScanDaily

SATELLITE RADIO READY FOR LIFT-OFF. After a slow start, satellite radio is achieving real successes, and the two satellite radio companies -- XM and Sirius -- are both doing well. XM currently charges $10 a month and offers its 500,000 subscribers 70 music channels and 31 news, talk, and information channels, some of which have commercials; Sirius, which got a later start than XM, charges $13 a month and offers its 68,000 subscribers 60 commercial-free channels and 44 news, talk and sports channels with some ads. The satellite radios are now sold even in WalMarts, with prices as low as $70. XM radios will be optional in at least 70 new car models coming this fall from GM and Honda; Sirius radios will be optional in at least 65 new car models coming from BMW,
DaimlerChrysler, and Ford. (AP/San Jose Mercury News 2 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

REALNETWORKS ROLLS OUT 79 CENT MUSIC DOWNLOADS. Spurred on by the overnight success of Apple's iTunes Music Store, RealNetworks has revamped its own online music service to offer single downloads for 79 cents a track. "We want to draft off the attention they've gotten before they come out with a Windows service," says RealNetworks marketing VP Dan Sheeran, referring to Apple's current concentration on the Macintosh market. RealNetworks' new offering is based on the Rhapsody service from, which RealNetworks agreed to acquire last month. The company also owns a 40% share of MusicNet, the online music venture it launched with EMI Group and AOL Time Warner, but has said it will no longer promote that service and instead will be competing vigorously for MusicNet customers. (Wall Street Journal 28 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily,,SB105407898712518500.djm,00.html (sub req'd)

VIRUS WRITING 101.The University of Calgary is drawing fire for its decision to offer a class next fall in "Computer Viruses and Malware," giving students the opportunity to perfect their virus-writing skills. Ken Barker, head of Calgary's computer science department, defends the decision, saying the class will enable students to better understand the motivations of crackers who are responsible for the proliferation of malicious attacks against corporate networks and personal computers. "Somebody who is suggesting we are doing enough really has their head in the sand," says Barker. In response to concerns that the students' work could lead to more cracking incidents, school officials say they've taken extra precautions, with plans to use a closed network and prohibitions on students removing disks from the lab, which will be secured 24 hours a day. But it's the financial consideration that likely will keep students focused on preventing viruses rather than proliferating them, says Barker. "They are not really employable as virus writers," he notes. Source:NewsScanDaily (CNet 27 May 2003)

EBAY LOSES PATENT-INFRINGEMENT LAWSUIT. A federal jury in Virginia has concluded that online auction eBay and its unit intentionally infringed on patents belonging to MercExchange. MercExchange is also seeking an injunction prohibiting eBay from continuing its current "Buy it now" program, which allows eBay customers to make fixed-priced purchases rather than participating in auctions. EBay is asking the judge to reverse the $35-million judgment against it, whereas MercExchange is saying that the judgment should be tripled, because the jury's verdict was that the patent infringement was deliberate rather than accidental. (Bloomberg/New York Times 28 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

SOFTWARE PIRACY DOWN IN 2002. Global business software piracy declined slightly last year, thanks to increased education efforts and more aggressive tactics by the software industry, according to a report released Tuesday by the Business Software Alliance. The study estimates that 39% of business software installed on computers worldwide in 2002 was not legally obtained, with the most common violation being purchasing a single legal copy and installing it on several computers, said Robert Holleyman, president and CEO of the BSA. To combat that scenario, the alliance is continuing to circulate brochures on piracy and is conducting amnesty campaigns urging businesses to pay for additional copies without threat of prosecution. In addition, companies like Microsoft have instituted new restrictions, requiring special activation codes for its software that are tied to a single computer. It's too early to tell how well these strategies have worked in reducing piracy, said Holleyman. The country with the largest percentage of illegal software was Vietnam (95%), followed by China (92%), and Indonesia, Russia and the Ukraine, all at 89%. (AP/Wall Street Journal 2 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily,,SB105459260651856100.djm,00.html (sub req'd)

PERSONALIZED CANCER TREATMENT. A California startup company called Genomic Health has developed new cancer-screening tests to allow a physician to choose the best drugs for treating an individual patient's tumor. One cancer specialist, Dr. Ronald Natale of the Cedars-Sinai Center in Los Angeles, says: "In the future, a piece of patient tumor will be used to determine the best and most appropriate treatment for them as an individual." The same technology can be used by pharmaceutical companies to predict which patients are most likely to benefit from experimental medications. (San Jose Mercury News 3 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

LOOKING FOR MEANINGFUL PATTERNS IN YOUR LIFE? SEE DARPA! The Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is taking bids on a new project called LifeLog, which will help someone capture his or her "experience in and interactions with the world" via cameras, microphones, and sensors; the goal is to created advanced software to assist in the analysis of a person's behavior, habits, and routines. Privacy advocates are expressing concern, but DARPA spokesperson Jan Walker says that the "allegation that this technology would create a machine to spy on others and invade people's privacy is way off the mark." LifeLog's software "will be able to find meaningful patterns in the timetable, to infer the user's routines, habits and relations with other people, organizations, places and objects." (AP/USA Today 2 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

TIVO TO MARKET VIEWER DATA.TiVo, recently described as "God's machine" by FCC chairman Michael Powell, has begun offering advertisers and broadcasters detailed information on what TV programs and commercials its users are watching -- or skipping. TiVo executives say they will be gathering information only in the aggregate, keeping individual user data anonymous. "Advertisers and programmers undoubtedly will want to understand how the technology will impact viewer behavior, and this is the first opportunity for them to get data to understand how viewers are using the technology," says an IDC analyst. Unlike traditional TV rating surveys that indicate which shows consumers are watching, the TiVo data reveals *how* viewers are watching -- at which points they're fast-forwarding or rewinding for an instant replay. For instance, during the Grammy Awards, TiVo noticed a spike in instant replays when Julia Roberts walked on stage to give an award. TiVo's measurement service will initially focus on viewer habits during prime-time
programs and will be marketed as a quarterly subscription report. Customized data will be available as well. (AP 2 Jun 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

Network Tools (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.)

Jet Audio 5.14 Basic [Windows Operating System] For persons looking for a handy and powerful way to play numerous types of audio or video files, Jet Audio 5.14 Basic will be a welcome addition to their computer. With this latest version, users can broadcast over the internet, utilize the built-in equalizer, and control the speed of recordings, along with sixteen other features. Additionally, users can manipulate the appearance (or "skin") of Jet Audio, or create their own skin as well. Jet Audio 5.14 Basic is compatible with all systems running Windows 98 and higher.

QuickImageCM 1.3 [Macintosh Operating System] This tiny application allows users to display graphic image files without opening any image-viewing programs. Quick ImageCM 1.3 also has a few other helpful options, such as the ability to add or remove thumbnail icons, a copy feature, and the option to enlarge or reduce the view size. Quick ImageCM 1.3 is compatible with all systems running Mac OS X.



Call For Film Entries. We are now accepting submissions for the sixth annual Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival to be held at the Sleeping Lady Conference Center in Leavenworth, WA. March 18-21st, 2004. Check out our submission guidelines and submit your film today.

The sixth annual STOCKHOLM CHALLENGE AWARD (2003/2004) is open for submission until November 1, 2003. The aim of Stockholm's international Award for innovative use of information technology is to diminish the digital divide and to create an information society for all. The Stockholm Challenge is a platform for innovative projects from all over the world to create networks for the exchange of experience and knowledge. The competition is open to private, public and academic contestants. The Challenge invites projects in the following categories: e-Government, Culture, Health, Education, e-Business and Environment.
Further information:

Writing Fellowship Program. The Walt Disney Studios and ABC Entertainment offer Fellowships in the feature and television areas. No previous experience is necessary; however, writing samples are required. Fellows will each be provided a salary of $50,000 for a one-year period tentatively scheduled to begin in January 2004. Fellows chosen from outside of the Los Angeles area will be provided with coach round trip airfare and one month's accommodations.Eligibility: This Program is open to all writers.
Contact:The Walt Disney Studios and ABC Entertainment
Writing Fellowship Program 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91
Telephone: E-mail: abc. For more details about this and other opportunities visit their website at:

"One Person Can Make A Difference" video competition. College students are invited to interpret the Christopher belief that each of us has the ability and opportunity to shape our world! Whether acting alone or with others, one person can make a difference. Using any style or format, express this theme in up to five minutes. Entries must be submitted in NTSC format on standard, full-sized VHS tape. Entries that run over five minutes cannot be considered. The winning entries will be aired nationwide via the Christopher Closeup television series. In addition, winners will receive the following cash awards: First Prize - $3,000 Second Prize - $2,000 Third prize - $1,000 5 Honorable Mention Prizes of $100 each. Deadline is June 13.


is a worldwide calendar and information center for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.


Advanced Authorware Scripting 1 Class - June 11 - 13, 2003. ODOT Human Resource Center, 2775 19th Street SE, Salem OR. Instructor: Joe Ganci, Dazzle Technologies. Cost: $700 (prepayment by Visa or Mastercard required) For additional course or registration information contact: Bev Morgan, ; . Authorware Scripting 1 covers everything you need to get started with variables, functions, lists, property lists, if-then-else statements, and repeat loops. In addition, this class teaches how to make your code more efficient and maintainable.

Portland Multimedia | Internet Developer's Group meets Wednesday, June 18th, 7:15 pm. PCC Workforce Training Center (near OMSI)1626 SE Water. Room 104. TOPIC: Macromedia Contribute: Balancing Static and Dynamic Content It is currently a common trend throughout enterprise information technology (IT) shops to put everything in a database and make a web application out of it. But is this approach necessary? Often dependancies are created between the web developer and the non-technical subject matter expert (SME). The web developer gets bogged down making little changes (i.e. the lunch menu) while the SME gets frustrated by having to go through IT for every little change. In this session explore using the right Macromedia tools for the right job, understand the fit for Contribute and Dreamweaver MX, and get an introduction to Information Convenience. ABOUT the Speaker - Kevin Hoyt is a Senior Sales Engineer for Macromedia, Inc. and plays a primary role in evangelizing the product line, educating the customer base, and supporting the sales organization. Kevin is also a regular speaker at various technology conferences and user group forums throughout the United States. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys photography, hiking, and movies.

Digital Storytelling Festival June 12-14 2003. Sedona, Arizona. The Digital Storytelling Association will join with the Digital Storytelling Festival and the Yavapai Community College, and Maricopa County Community Colleges, to host the return of the annual gathering of Digital Storytellers produced by Denise and Dana Atchley from 1995-99. As part of the event, the DSA will hold its first US Chapter meeting. Learn more and register on-line at:


WebVisions 2003. Friday July 18, 2003. 9am - 7pm Oregon Convention Center, Portland. Explore the future with the Web's leading experts and visionaries in design, user experience, eMarketing and content creation. This year's lineup of speakers includes Kelly Goto, Jeff Faulkner, Mark Newhouse, Dr. U.N. Umesh and others. WebVisions is the premier conference for designers, developers, students and Web professionals. Be ready to network, recharge your creativity and visualize the possibilities!

Christian Game Developers Conference. Cascade College. Portland, OR. July 25-27, 2003. Cost: TBA.

SIGGRAPH 2003 - 27 July - 31 July, This is the 30th international conference of computer graphics and interactive media. The conference will be held in San Diego, California. It is also the world's largest exhibit of grapic software, computer hardware, and interactive technologies. Given the conference is on the west coast this summer individuals may want to make it a part of a vacation trip.


Classic Gaming Exposition. Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel. Las Vegas, Nev. August 9-10, 2003. Weekend pass $35.00.


International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) Conference, "Changing Tides" is being held in "America's First Resort," Newport, RI on October 1 through October 5, 2003.Prepare for an exciting agenda along with all the historical and magnificent scenery of Newport, Rhode Island, and surrounding New England.


First International Digital Storytelling Conference, November 27-29, 2003, Cardiff, Wales. The British Broadcasting Corporation-Cymru-Wales will host an international dialogue and presentations about ways to build and sustain the Digital Storytelling movement. Co-sponsored by the Center for Digital Storytelling and the DSA, the conference will include the first International Meeting of the Association. Representives from around the world will be expected to attend.



Here are four resources that I would recommend for learning more about careers in multimedia production.

The first is Boston College's Guide: Careers In Multimedia. This is the best resource I've seen related to the field and determining where one might want to go with a career in multimedia design.

To this I would add Skills Net. Skills Net has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer

Landing Your Dream Job in Computer Graphics: Steps you should take to get the ultimate computer graphics job. By Mark Swain. A nice clearly written guide to professional opporutnities in web design, game development, and television and video.



JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Graphic Advertising Manager. Motosport Outlet a national leader in off-road motorcycle & ATV accessories & apparel is seeking a take charge graphic/advertising manager. This hands-on position will create magazine ads, lay-out catalogs, assist with web design, & manage magazine & catalog vendors. Extensive knowledge of Illustrator is required for this hands-on position. We offer competitive salary excellent benefits & generous employee discounts. Please contact Pamela at: ext. 10 or e-mail your resume to:  Date: 6/1/2003. Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Front Office Support. Prichard, Evans & Elder, Inc., a dynamic, commercial real estate company in downtown Eugene seeks front office support. Position utilizes attributes in customer & client relations, real estate support work, transactions & marketing. Looking for an enthusiastic personality & an interest in real estate. Multi-line telephone & computer skills required. Pagemaker/ Photoshop experience preferred. Please call for an appointment weekdays, . Date: 6/7/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer Support Engineer. Full time technical support for a growing high tech company located in Eugene's Research Park. Requirements: Support, science and software experience. Science degree preferred. Travel required. Applicant should have computer hardware and software experience with both Mac and IBM-PC. Mail cover letter & resume to Electrical Geodesics, Personnel, 1600 Millrace, Ste 307, Eugene, OR 97403 Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphic Arts Instructor. Full-time required BA in related field, 6 yrs. professional graphic arts experience, & teaching or training experience. Open until; please apply immediately. Apply To: CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Human Resources PO Box 14007 Salem, OR 97309 EEO / AA CHEMEKETA COMMUNITY COLLEGE Source: Register Guard (Eugene)Information technology Instructor position at Pioneer Pacific College in Springfield. This is a full-time position. A successful candidate will have the following profile: Extensive professional experience & certification in Microsoft networking (NT & Windows 2000/XP), SQL Server; Exchange Server/Access/Linux background/certification a real plus. Experience/certification in PC based computer hardware/software & networking, including diagnostics & troubleshooting is very important. Web skills very helpful. Bachelors degree required; Master degree strongly preferred. Experienced instructors/professors in IT will have a definite edge. Join a rapidly growing college with competitive salary & benefits for the right person; Pioneer Pacific College is looking for educators who love IT & enjoy teaching. If that's you, give us a call! Send resume & cover letter to: or FAX to , Attn: David Robinson, VP, IT Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Advertising Coordinator - Real Estate. In need of multi-task office & advertising coordinator. Hands-on position to create flyers, magazine ads, update website, & manage marketing campaign. Software: Ilustrator, Photoshop, or Publisher. MUST HAVE COMPUTER SKILLS. Send resume to: Resume, 1430 Willamette St. #181, Eugene, Or 97401. Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Office Support. Prichard, Evans & Elder, Inc., a dynamic, commercial real estate company in downtown Eugene seeks front office support. Position utilizes attributes in customer & client relations, real estate support work, transactions & marketing. Looking for an enthusiastic personality & an interest in real estate. Multi-line telephone & computer skills required. Pagemaker/ Photoshop experience preferred. Please call for an appointment weekdays, . Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

TV PRODUCTION ASSISTANT KVAL-TV has an opening for a Part-time Studio Camera Operator. Broadcast experience or degree required. EOE Send resume to: Job #P03-12 KVAL-TV P.O. Box 1313 Eugene, OR 97440 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)


Digital Media Instructors.The Art Institute of Portland, a fully-accredited baccalaureate institution, is accepting resumes for adjunct faculty instructors in the Digital Media Production Department.Qualifications for the part-time positions include ability to assist in departmental administrative activities; be willing to participate in school functions such as departmental meetings; be self-motivated and articulate with a professional demeanor; be able to handle multiple tasks with deadlines; have excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills with demonstrated ability and a willingness to work in a team environment. Candidates for the part-time Digital Media Program department must have a bachelor’s degree (a master’s degree preferred), possess relevant teaching experience, significant industry experience, and must possess advanced skills in several of the following:Digital Video Production (camera & lighting techniques); Editing (Premiere, Final Cut Pro, AVID DV Express 3.0 and AVID EXPRESS); Producing skills (Pre-production Planning)ScreenwritingSound (Analog & Digital, Sound design, Pro Tools, Sound Edit) All candidates should send resume and letter of interest to:Director of Human Resources AiPD2000 SW Fifth Ave.Portland, OR 97201or fax to: Resumes may also be emailed to:

Contract eLearning Instructional Designer Needed. Kaiser Permanente is searching for one experienced eLearning instructional designer to design eLearning for the largest initiative in healthcare IT history. You will work closely with an experienced internal designer and internal and contract developers in the Lake Oswego, OR area to design and develop six to eight hours of eLearning for up to 75,000 users across the nation. Duration of the contract is up to five months starting in late June 2003 with potential extension for another five months. Candidates should send their resume’ to no later than June 16, 2003. Selected candidate will be an experienced eLearning instructional designer with the ability to rapidly create dynamic training content. Training & Education Required: · At least five years experience with designing interactive multimedia training · Bachelors degree in instructional design (Masters preferred) · Experience with medical software training a plus · Proven experience of working in a fast-paced development environment creating technical courseware.Skills Required: · Conceptual thinker, team player, excellent communication skills with clients and coworkers · Attention to detail and strong work ethic· Exceptional writing skills· Microsoft Word skills · Ability to work under aggressive deadlines · Flexibility in working on a project-by-project basis as a contract employee · Audio production experience a plus Responsibilities Include: · Co-design and script large, complex interactive project for national clients in a creative, team-oriented environment · Co-develop learning objectives and assessments · Developstoryboard/script development with text, voice, sound, graphics, descriptions and instructions for production team · Report on task and deliverable completions · Attend team meetings; track decision and action items that emerge from discussions · Help ensure consistency with established course design strategy

Contract Macromedia Flash Developers Needed.Kaiser Permanente is searching for three experienced Macromedia Flash developers to build interactive simulation-based eLearning for the largest initiative in healthcare IT history. You will work closely with experienced internal designers and developers in the Lake Oswego, OR area to build six to eight hours of eLearning for up to 75,000 users across the nation. Duration of the contract is up to five months starting in late July 2003 with potential extension for another five months. Candidates should send their resume’ to no later than June 27, 2003. Candidates must be skilled in Flash animation and ActionScripting, with a portfolio demonstrating this experience. Training & Education:· BA/BS preferred Skills Required: · 3+ years strong Flash 5 experience · 2+ years advanced Flash ActionScript & JavaScript experience · 3+ years graphic design experience · ASP/SQL/XML experience a plus · Ability to develop consistent Flash objects that adhere to published standards· Ability to work in a team environment · Ability to work under aggressive deadlines while maintaining a high level of accuracy · Experience with CBT/WBT professional development · Strong skills in Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator · Experience with building software simulations preferred but not required · Working knowledge of the eLearning SCORM standard preferred · Experience with audio recording and editing using SoundForge. Responsibilities Include: · Develop interactive objects in Flash from storyboard/script with text, voice, sound, and graphics that will be used in dynamic eLearning courseware that trains learners how to use an Automated Medical Record. · Work as part of a team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, and developers to create these instructional components. · Create and assemble assets and reach project milestones with overall consistency and high level of quality.

Administrative assistant and accounting manager.Multi-faceted position avail in dynamic team oriented electronics co. Exc written & verbal communication skills req'd. Marketing skills & creative thinking are a plus. Accounting knowlegdge (AR, AP, PO, inventory) is required. Proficiency in PC and MAC environments w/knowledge of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pagemaker & Photoshop is beneficial. This position offers excellent co. benefits and a stimulating work environment. College degree required. Fax resume to: Published in The Oregonian on 06/06

Graphics Production/ Pre-press Artist Graphics company is seeking a fast and accurate Production/ Pre-press Artist. This position is 90% pre-press and 10% design. Pre-press duties include color separation of customer provided art, creating press ready art from rough sketches, proofing, and preflight. Proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop (Macintosh) required. Knowledge of screen-print processes preferred. We offer a competitive benefits package with a family atmosphere. Please email resume and cover letter outlining salary requirements to: or mail to Production/Pre-press Artist, PO Box 1340, Wilsonville, OR 97070 Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphic Artist. Art Director/Graphic Artist for monthly 80-page 4-color magazine & website. Must have extensive professional exper w/PC-based Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator & html programming. Ability to work with web printer & PDF formatting essential. Excel communication skills & organization. Attention to detail essential. Work with advertisers. Layout complete magazine in four color. Scan & color correct photos for print & web. Intense but friendly atmosphere. Send resume, wage history & salary requirements to c/o Oregonian, Dept. 8647-M, Portland OR 97 Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphics Artist Renaissance Corporate Services, a leader in the Learning Information Systems industry, is recruiting a Graphics Artist. Provide creative and artistic support to editorial and sales staff in working with educational clients. Successful candidates for this position will have the following characteristics: Expert knowledge of Macintosh/Windows graphics soft- ware Proven skills in graphic and creative design, art production, and graphic layout Knowledge of graphics storage and retrieval systems. Work well on multiple projects independently Excellent interpersonal, writing and grammar skills AA degree or at least 3+ years of related experience Excellent compensation and benefits and a chance to make measurable contribution to improving student academic performance. Interested candidates should submit resume, salary history, and a copy of College-level transcript (if applicable) to: H/R Renaissance Corporate Services, 12115 NE 99th St., #1880, Vancouver, WA 98682 or fax Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphic Designer. Full-time position. 3-5yrs professional exp. Must have excl design skills & proficient in Illustrator Photoshop & exhibit/museum/ trade show exp pref. Send cover letter, resume, salary history & samples to PPI, Attn: HR/Graphic Design, 11601 SE Foster Rd, Portland OR 97266. Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 06/08Graphic Designer. Join a team working on print ads, sales material, and packaging. Generate identity and creative concepts. Quark, Freehand, Photoshop. At least 2 years graphic design experience. Send resume and salary requirements to: Graphic Designer, PO Box 2275, Vancouver, WA 98. Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphic Design Pearl District art gallery seeks a professional, highly organized, and reliable junior in-house graphic designer to prepare projects for print and maintain digital image library. Must have strong computer skills, QuarkXPress, InDesign, Acrobat, and PhotoShop a must. Web skills a plus. Must be able to work independently and with a group. Excellent benefits. Please email, or deliver in person a cover letter with resume, wage history, nonreturnable design samples, and salary requirements to: Human Resources, Bullseye Glass Co. 3722 SE 21st Ave., Portland, OR. E-mail: . No phone calls please. Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphics - Stationery & greeting card co looking for person to design company catalogs, flyers & order forms, and to be responsible for pre-press production. Applicant must have strong Photoshop skills in particular w/good capabilities in Pagemaker & Illustrator working in a Mac-based environment. Some exp w/digital photography helpful. 4 yrs exp req. This position reqs the person to be able to work independently & have flexibility to work w/occasional tight deadlines. FT, bnfts. Send resume, cover letter & samples of work (no originals please) to: Graphic Designer, PO Box 17394, Portland, OR 97217 Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Graphic Designer. Join a team working on print ads, sales material, and packaging. Generate identity and creative concepts. Quark, Freehand, Photoshop. At least 2 years graphic design experience. Send resume and salary requirements to: Graphic Designer, PO Box 2275, Vancouver, WA 98. Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Media Technician. The Oregon Center for Advanced Technology Education (OCATE), in Beaverton, is a division of the Oregon University System (OUS). Its primary mission is to provide distance education and professional development programs for working engineers and computer scientists.The Media Technician is responsible for the transmission and reception of selected OUS coursework via mixed modalities simultaneously. Operates complex audio/video control rooms and studio/classrooms. Equipment includes codecs, audio/video production equipment, computers, and educational presentation technology. Responsible for successful delivery and reception of live, multiple site, interactive distance education. Maintains logs, provides on-site and on-demand instructional support, and monitors security of technical facilities. Interacts with local and remote technical staff, faculty, students, rental users, and service providers and operators. Required Qualifications: Two year degree in broadcasting or related field. Two years exper. in an educational broadcasting or distance education environment. Demonstrated exper. with video codecs, transmitters, receivers, monitoring, recording equipment, switchers and mixers. Demonstrated exper. with computer graphics, computer and video hardware and software, multimedia production and streaming video.Salary range: $2480-$2667/mo.Priority will be given to applications received by June 18. Position closes on June 25, 2003.To apply, send OUS application, cover letter and resume to: OUS Human Resources Division Attn: Media Technician Search PO Box 3175 Eugene, OR 97 or Fax Or Email: Please visit us online at: to learn more about OUS and to obtain an employment application. OUS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Information Technology Specialist. The US Dept of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory, Corvallis, Or, is seeking a full time Information Technology Specialist, GS-9 to: 1. Manage network systems & services, 2. Develop & maintain network data bases,. 3. Trouble shoot client hardware & software problems. Salary range $46,175 to $60,028. For complete position details & required application procedures see http://www.afm. cancy/D3W-3325.htm To have a printed copy mailed call . US citizenship is required. Applications must be postmarked by the closing date of June 16, 2003. Visit the ARS website at: USDA/ARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer & Provider Published in The Oregonian on 06/08

Information Technology manager. Medium-size construction company seeks an individual to fill the position of IT General Manager. This hands-on position and responsibilities include department administration, budgeting, research/development and management of the companies processes architecture, networks, telecommunications, programming and desktops. Position requirements include a degree in computer science or business admin., 5 years experience in similar management position and superior people skills. For consideration, e-mail your resume and salary hisory to: Human Resources at it-. Equal Opportunity Employer. Published in The Oregonian on 06/08


Sakson and Taylor. A Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to media production opportunities in the Seattle area.


Independent Feature Hiring in Southern Oregon."INDIGO" filming in August in Southern Oregon Stephen Simon has produced such films as Somewhere in Time and What Dreams May Come and is the author of The Force is With You: Mystical Movie Messages That Inspire Our Lives. They are definitely looking for experienced personnel in the technical departments and for those who have film/television experience, please send a resume to the Line Producer Lynn Reynolds: , with a copy of the email to . Stephen will read the submissions; however, only Lynn will respond to those queries and apologize in advance that she will not be able to personally respond to all of them. Stephen, James, and Neale will not be able to respond to any of these inquiries. Please note that no email attachments will be opened so please put everything into the body of the email itself.