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May 18 , 2003 - Vol 2. No. 19

Up front Sunday Morning:

Last week I wrote about micro movies as a web medium. Now a 24 episode, 12 hour, story is being distributed over the Internet that represents a new storytelling format called the "Graphic Novel". Broken Saints uses anime-style animation, graphics, sound effects, music and the web to tell a dark and disturbing story. This production won the 2003 Sundance Online Film Festival Viewers Award for animation. The film is distributed using flash files small enough that most home viewers can access the material. Broken Saints is created by a group of talented individuals in Vancouver, Canada. For more information read Web Noir in the online edition of Computer Graphics World.

The Discussion Section this week focuses on careers in the game design industry. In a future issue I hope to have an interview with a person who has worked for many years in the field and is also a subscriber to this Newsletter. Meanwhile, I invite readers to send me questions they'd like to have answered of an insider in the business of game design.

Notes From Readers:

Former LCC Multimedia students and Proscenia interns, Aaron Graham and Cory Davidson are getting married on the 4th of July at Silver Falls, Oregon. The couple bought a SE Eugene home in February. Gabe Dixon also a former Multimedia student, will be Aaron's best man.

Aaron is currently working at the Oregon Research Institute with Ken Loge and Keith Legg as a graphic artist. Aaron works beside Keith developing 3D environments using Maya. Cory is going on 2 years at Monaco Coach Corporation as one of the three web designer/developers helping update and maintain the company's web sites. After the web team/IS merger she is started to work with the IS department designing internal user interfaces.

If not for the Multimedia Design & Production program, the former students never would have met. It just goes to show what can happen when two people start out as study partners.

Recent Proscenia Intern Christiana Subekti has a new web site and invites visitors to check it out. Christi graduates this spring from the University of Oregon with a BFA in Multimedia Design.

Proscenia adjunct Nick Falbo suggest that those interested in multimedia and game design learn more about the Portland Area Game Developers Interest Group. He writes that an initial attempt to get something going in Portland related to video game production begins with a first meeting on Tuesday, May 20th at the Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village, 7675 SW Capitol Hwy. The group also has established a discussion group and you'll find instructions on their web site how to participate.

The question has been asked if I'd be open to contributions to the newsletter in the form of informational tips, suggested materials, and even short articles. Yes! I would welcome such material. Please send me for Up Front Sunday Morning. Thank you!

Back issues of the Proscenia Newsletter are now online. Please let others who may be interested in multimedia and communication know about this publication. And, as always, if you would like to be removed from this list please let me know.

Cheers, Gary

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DID YOU KNOW? Facts about Oregon Personalities

Emmy award-winning television journalistAnn Curry recently received the 2003 University of Oregon Pioneer Award given to alumni who have become leaders in their field. Cury, news anchor for NBC's "Today" program is a native of Ashland and is a 1978 graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. She started her career in Medford and move on to KGW-TV in Portland. After working for KCBS in Los Angeles she became the NBC network's Chicago correspondent in 1990 then moved on to New York and the "Today" show.


DISCUSSION: A Career in the Gaming Industry

Several readers have suggested that gaming would make a good topic for this section of the newsletter. So, this week we take a look at careers in gaming and some general online resources that explore career options in this growing field of entertainment.

Game design requires many different types and levels of expertise. It is by nature a team based multimedia effort. There are game designers that conceptualize and plan the playing strategies. Some of these individuals are also involved in writing the story upon which a game is based. There are artists who work their magic with 2D and 3D computer graphics and animation. And there are the hard core programming types that often develop special software engines to drive the game. Sound designers, composers, game testers, and of course those who market and sell games are all part of a production team that take a project from concept to store shelf.

The gaming industry has become one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. Millions of dollars are spent each year designing and developing video, computer, and game machine adventures, simulations, and mind challenging problems to solve. What was once a garage industry now employs thousands around the world.

Breaking into the industry is a competitive task. A couple of generations of game players now have hopes of being game designers. The question then is how does one enter the business of game design?

One of the best career-oriented resources I have found on the Internet is Working So Other Can Play: Jobs in Video Game Development by Oliva Crosby for the Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Summer 2000. This is an exceptionally well-written article prepared for the US Department of Labor that describes the job positions and required skills needed for entering the field of game design. This is in a PDF format and makes a great addition your personal e-article collection.

Another document is Getting Into The Gaming Business by Steven L. Kent. This is a five part series published by GameSpy that will help you understand a lot of what you need to know about a career in game design. It takes you through the process, looking at traditional and specialized schools that'll get you there, as well as other informal methods such as working your way up the ladder from Q/A grunt to president or designing your own game from scratch.

Getting A Job In The Game Development Industry By Kenn Hoekstra, Project Administrator for Raven Software Corp.,is a third article that provides an answer to the question of how to get a job in the gaming industry. Hopefully this essay will give you some tips to help even the odds. The article includes many links to references which will provide you with additional information.

Finally, the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) an independent, non-profit professional association for developers of interactive entertainment provides an article database including, So You Want to be a Game Designer?

These four articles will provide you with a comprehensive overview of working in the field of game design.

IGDA has a wonderful we site of interest to the majority of this Newsletter's readers. The Student and Newbie Outreach page offers information and encouragement to students who want to break into the industry. The IGDA believes that the best games and the art of game design will greatly benefit when aspiring developers have the appropriate skills for their design jobs and are aware of the realities of working in the entertainment field. This site provides an array of useful information about breaking into the industry.

Finally, Game Developer Magazine has a for fee ($5.95)download publication titled 2002 Career Guide.This is a 56-page special issue in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The file is 6.3MB. The Guide aims to provide you with a road map to the fast-paced, oft-changing world of game development. The goal is to turn back the veil of mystery that surrounds how games are made, what kinds of people make them, and most importantly, how to get your foot in that door.

The following references provide some perspective as to the types of positions available and what skills are needed.

References: Job Resources

Game Recruiter; claims to be the game industry's leading recruitment firm. Comprised of seasoned industry veterans, GameRecruiter notes that is able to offer unparalleled experience and professionalism and that it has extensive contacts in the industry and serve its major players., provides you with the opportunity to post your resume. The site claims that if you're a job seeker, your resume could be viewed by hundreds of software publishers and developers looking for your particular skill set, is an employment site serving the interactive entertainment industry. This site helps connect game industry professionals with new career opportunities, and Human Resource managers with a comprehensive solution for attracting qualified applicants.

Feedback: Please let what you think about today's discussion topic. Thanks



The Warehouse Multimedia Studios is a Goodlettsville, Tennessee multimedia production company specializing in all areas of sight & sound. It has been in business for ten years and is housed in an 8,000 sq. ft. studio facility that includes:a sound stage, an audio cutting room, a graphics studio, and video editing suites. Clients have included: General Motors, Janice Ian, Vince Gill, Universal Studios, Walt Disney, NASA, National Football League, MTV, Sony, Lego Land, Warner Brothers, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and others.



INTERNET TOILET A HOAX. The iLoo, described in a press release last week as a portable toilet with wireless keyboard and an extending height-adjustable plasma screen in front of the seat, doesn't exist: it was just a joke. Microsoft says the hoax press release came from the company's MSN division in the U.K. and was not a "Microsoft-sanctioned communication." It all just goes to show that you can't believe what you read anymore, not even the toilet jokes. (CBS News 13 May 2003)


MICROSOFT TOILET PROJECT WASN'T HOAX. Microsoft and its public relations firm are now saying that what they themselves thought was a hoax (the development of the iLoo, a portable toilet complete with wireless keyboard and Internet access) actually was a real project of the company's MSN group in the UK. The original press release indicated that the iLoo would offer its users "a unique experience." An MSN product manager now says: "We jumped the gun basically yesterday in confirming that it was a hoax and in fact it was not," said Lisa Gurry, MSN group product manager. "Definitely we're going to be taking a good look at our communication processes internally. It's definitely not how we like to do PR at Microsoft." In any event, whether really a hoax or really real, the project is now dead -- flushed, as it were. (AP/USA Today 14 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

VERIZON TO TRANSFORM PAYPHONES TO WIFI TERMINALS. Verizon Communications, following the lead of Bell Canada, is planning to install WiFi terminals in payphones located in busy urban areas, according president Lawrence Babbo. "All of our payphone people have already told us (that the phones would make good wireless access points.) That will probably be the vehicle we use, probably in Manhattan." Verizon already offers WiFi equipment to its DSL customers, and last November began offering WiFi connectivity to small and medium-sized businesses. Bell Canada has been testing the concept at payphones in Toronto and Montreal, and several independent phone companies are interested in following suit. (AP 10 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN COMPUTERS CAMERAS LEARNING-CURVES. With the goal of demonstrating how "all possible advanced retail technologies" could function in a grocery store, the Metro Group retailing company in Germany has begun a pilot project called "The Extra Future Store" in partnership with Intel and SAP. Shoppers are given small touch-screen computers to scan purchases for payment and use scales equipped with digital cameras and image-recognition software to weigh and price the produce they're buying. Is all this technology necessary to buy a loaf of bread? The project's managers say it's too early to begin assessing the cost-effectiveness of the system. First comes knowledge, then (presumably) wisdom: "The point is that you have to get some knowledge about how these technologies work in real life." (New York Times 12 May 2003)

INTERNET SALES TAXES 'INEVITABLE'. Amazon executives believe that collecting sales taxes on Internet purchases is something that is bound to happen, but not anytime soon. chief financial officer Tom Szkutak said at an investment conference that such a development is "inevitable and it's certainly something we support doing -- provided that the process is drastically simplified." The current complexity is due to the fact that there are more than 7,500 taxing jurisdictions across the U.S., with varying tax rates and different administrative rules. (AP/USA Today 12 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

WEB PUBLISHERS MIGRATE TO OLD MEDIA. Online publishers are venturing into radio and television, a sure sign that digital media are going mainstream. This week Slate announced it will be working with National Public Radio to produce a daily radio show, and The Smoking Gun, a celebrity crime site, has plans to develop two half-hour shows for broadcast on Court TV. Meanwhile, is working with Twentieth Television to create a reality-TV show based on reuniting long-lost school buddies. "This is a sign that these companies have reached a certain amount of staying power and are trying to satisfy their audiences in new markets," says a Jupiter Research analyst. "Modern media companies must be in different mediums." Traditional media ventures have long since broadened their outreach, cranking out magazines and TV shows as well as Web sites, but the migration of Web enterprises toward TV and radio is a fairly new phenomenon. Several efforts by companies such as and Digital Entertainment Network were cut short a couple of years ago by the technology bust, but Web entrepreneurs have high hopes for the latest efforts. "NPR's loyal audience and nationwide reach coupled with Slate's innovative delivery of news and information is the perfect marriage of radio and the Internet," says Slate publisher Cyrus Krohn. (CNet 13 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

GOOGLE WITHOUT BORDERS.Google is expanding its popular news service overseas, establishing local news search services in Canada, the U.K. and Australia. The new ventures will enable users to "track topics of local interest, as well as those from around the world," says Google co-founder Larry Page. At the same time, Google has begun staffing its New York office, with the goal of hiring 100 employees for what will become its East Coast headquarters. The timing of the announcement highlights Google's ascendance in the search market -- last week, rival Overture said it would be cutting 100 jobs (although Overture was quick to say its layoffs resulted from the need to integrate its recent acquisitions). Meanwhile, Overture CEO Ted Meisel says he anticipates strong growth in the coming year, and predicted the Internet search and paid listings market would soar to $15 billion a year by 2008. (E-Commerce Times 12 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

KODAK TO ACQUIRE FILM-TO-CD TECHNOLOGY. Eastman Kodak is snapping up the assets of Applied Science Fiction, including a patented system called Digital Processing and Image Capture, which enables a roll of film to be converted into a digital CD in seven minutes. Kodak says it will install the new system in its 18,000 U.S. kiosks, enabling customers to preview and select their pictures as well as crop and zoom and to alter the color, brightness and composition on the spot. "Our goal is to give customers greater flexibility, capability and access to their pictures taken with photographic film or digital cameras," says the president of Kodak's consumer imaging division. "We are putting all of that power, including innovative film processing, in the hands of consumers. All of our research tells us that's exactly what consumers want." (AP/Los Angeles Times 13 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

ACTORS WITH ZERO-AND-ONE TALENTS. In the new movie "The Matrix Reloaded," scenes were created by photographing real people and then manipulating them digitally. Producer Joel Silver says: "This is going to change the way people make movies. It's not 'Shrek' or 'Toy Story.' You're seeing reality-based scenes dealing with human characters, and it's designed so you really can't distinguish between the real actor and the ones and zeros. And you're talking about shots that are close-ups on faces, and emotion coming through. There are some really remarkable scenes that the audience will never know were constructed in a computer, or that there's nobody actually in it." (San Jose Mercury News 13 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

VIDEOGAMES GO FROM WAR ROOM TO LIVING ROOM. The U.S. Army has been using videogames as part of its recruiting efforts for the past year, but in coming months it will rely on a combat simulation game to train squad leaders in real-life combat tactics. The game, developed by Pandemic Studios, features lead characters heading up two light infantry teams locked in a running firefight in a city that looks vaguely Middle Eastern. Bad guys pop out from behind walls and zoom up in pickup trucks outfitted with automatic weapons. "If you enroll in the army of the future, you'll get your helmet, your gun and one of these discs," says a Pandemic game designer. "You have an Xbox -- they assume -- at home." And for game enthusiasts not inclined to sign on the dotted line, the commercial version of "Full Spectrum Warrior" is expected to be available in early 2004 for the Xbox console. (Reuters 15 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

SONY TOUTS 'THE WALKMAN OF THE 21ST CENTURY'. Sony announced its latest salvo in the videogame wars: a small, lightweight videogame device called PlayStation Portable (PSP for short), which will hit the shelves toward the end of 2004 and will feature a 4.5-inch screen and a high-end processor for running games. The PSP will be capable of linking by wire to other PSPs, cell phones, PCs and Sony's PlayStation 2. Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi says the PSP will be "the Walkman of the 21st century." (Wall Street Journal 14 May 2003),,SB105286804328403600.djm,00.html (sub req'd) Source:NewsScanDaily

ALTERNATIVES TO MICROSOFT ARE GETTING WORLDWIDE ATTENTION In a new report called "A Look at Alternatives to Microsoft," the Gartner research firm says that governments throughout the world are encouraging departments and businesses to consider alternatives to support Linux, an increasingly popular alternative to Microsoft's Windows operating system. This development is taking place in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and several European and South American countries. Gartner says the attractiveness of Linux seems to be attributable to widespread perceptions that Microsoft insists on unattractive licensing arrangements and offers inadequate software protections against security breaches. (Information Week 13 May 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

Network Tools (From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.)

MrDiary 1.02 A handy little organizer and planner that users can download and use on their computer desktop. Divided into three panels, one panel allows users to enter detailed notes about tasks that need to be completed on each day, another panel offers a interactive monthly calendar, and the final panel is where information about important contacts can be stored. Available in English and Italian, the application is compatible with all systems running Mac OS 9.0 and higher.

Group Mail Free 3.4.145. For persons looking for a way to send email to groups of friends or colleagues, Group Mail will prove to be a valuable find. This free version of the Group Mail application lets users send email to groups of up to 100 recipients at a time. While many of the extra features are only available to those who purchase the professional edition, persons using the free version still have the ability to download Spanish and Dutch dictionaries to use in conjunction with the application. Group Mail Free 3.4.145 is compatible with all systems running Windows 95 and higher.



Writing Fellowship Program. The Walt Disney Studios and ABC Entertainment offer Fellowships in the feature and television areas. No previous experience is necessary; however, writing samples are required. Fellows will each be provided a salary of $50,000 for a one-year period tentatively scheduled to begin in January 2004. Fellows chosen from outside of the Los Angeles area will be provided with coach round trip airfare and one month's accommodations.Eligibility: This Program is open to all writers.
The Walt Disney Studios and ABC Entertainment
Writing Fellowship Program
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91
E-mail: abc.
For more details and application materials you may visit their website at:

Call for Submissions: One World Film Festival: World Inter-action Mondiale Youth Short Film Competition 2003 Our festival mandate is to educate and share information with the local community about global issues. We use the mediums of film to share experiences and facilitate cooperation between people working for social justice and equality, locally and abroad. We hope to engage culturally diverse communities and youth. The One World Film Festival invites submissions of films and videos, in all genres, that examine the concept of 'social justice' and bring light to often-darkened issues. These include international poverty, globalization and resistance, policy consequences, health, human/nature relations, development, consumerism, sustainability in the production of essential goods, etc.

"One Person Can Make A Difference" video competition. College students are invited to interpret the Christopher belief that each of us has the ability and opportunity to shape our world! Whether acting alone or with others, one person can make a difference. Using any style or format, express this theme in up to five minutes. Entries must be submitted in NTSC format on standard, full-sized VHS tape. Entries that run over five minutes cannot be considered. The winning entries will be aired nationwide via the Christopher Closeup television series. In addition, winners will receive the following cash awards: First Prize - $3,000 Second Prize - $2,000 Third prize - $1,000 5 Honorable Mention Prizes of $100 each

Create a Music Video for Tori Amos. "Think you'd make a great music video director? Here's your chance. Tori Amos is inviting her fans to create a video for her latest single, "Taxi Ride." From the pool of entries, Amos will pick a shortlist of videos she likes best and post them on her website on May 23 for all to vote on. She'll announce the winning video on June 2 and feature it on her website--exclusively in QuickTime. Visit the site to get all the details, to watch a video of Tori Amos explaining the contest (if you have pop-up windows disabled, click the image of Tori in a car), and to download "Taxi Ride" in QuickTime 6 format. Then charge up those DV camera batteries, boot up your Mac, fire up iMovie or Final Cut Pro, and get going." Source: Apple Newsletter.


is a worldwide calendar and information center for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.


Portland Multimedia | Internet Developer's Group - Wednesday, May 21st, 7:15 pm PCC Workforce Training Center (near OMSI) 1626 SE Water Room 104. Topic: XSLT via PHP and other acronyms you love. Ken McCabe dives into the nuts and volts of transforming raw XML into presentable pages using Powerful XSLT and popular PHP programming.

Future Music Oregon. Saturday, May 31 at 8 p.m., Room 198 Music. Features new computer and intermedia compositions; $5, general and $3, students.

AECT takes great pride in opening the Call for Entries for the 2003 International Student Media Festival. If your school (K-University) utilizes student produced media in its curriculum, you are invited to enter this exciting competition. Winning entries will premier in Anaheim, CA., in October. Official instructions, entry forms, and Festival details are available now. Entry deadline is May 31, 2003


Advanced Authorware Scripting 1 Class - June 11 - 13, 2003. ODOT Human Resource Center, 2775 19th Street SE, Salem OR. Instructor: Joe Ganci, Dazzle Technologies. Cost: $700 (prepayment by Visa or Mastercard required) For additional course or registration information contact: Bev Morgan, ; Scripting 1 covers everything you need to get started with variables, functions, lists, property lists, if-then-else statements, and repeat loops. In addition, this class teaches how to make your code more efficient and maintainable.


WebVisions 2003. Friday July 18, 2003. 9am - 7pm Oregon Convention Center. Explore the future with the Web's leading experts and visionaries in design, user experience, eMarketing and content creation. This year's lineup of speakers includes Kelly Goto, Jeff Faulkner, Mark Newhouse, Dr. U.N. Umesh and others. WebVisions is the premier conference for designers, developers, students and Web professionals. Be ready to network, recharge your creativity and visualize the possibilities! For more information visit

SIGGRAPH 2003 - 27 July - 31 July, This is the 30th international conference of computer graphics and interactive media. The conference will be held in San Diego, California. It is also the world's largest exhibit of grapic software, computer hardware, and interactive technologies. Given the conference is on the west coast this summer individuals may want to make it a part of a vacation trip.


Full Moon Audio Art Camp. Full Moon changed not only the way I listen to the world around me, but opened my mind to creative possibilities I didn't know I had in me."- Joellen Easton, Full Moon '02 participant "Full Moon was among the most inspiring and motivational experiences I have had as an artist. The quality of instruction was tops in Canada and the incredible support for experimentation and creativity reminded me of my days at university when I was studying film production and sound. Full Moon fostered a spirit of sharing and cooperation - and an optimism that we could do anything...which we did."-Heather Ritchie, Full Moon '02 participant The fifth annual Full Moon Audio Art camp will take place August 10-16, 2003 at Au Grand Bois, 565 acres of rolling hills, woods, fields and ponds, located in the Pontiac region of Quebec. Full Moon provides a space where artists can live, work and create audio art 24 hours a day with energy focussed on the work itself, without the distractions of daily society. The week's activities include sound-walks, listening sessions, live concerts, workshops, production studio/editing facilities, good (vegetarian) food and great company. Full Moon welcomes participants in all stages of their careers : emerging, established, or curious. Our audio artists in residence this year are Chris Brookes and Rita McKeough, and both have a unique approach to sound, radio, performance and installation. Early-Bird Registration Fees. Payment received by May 31, 2003 CSIRP Members (in Canada) $300.00 Non-Members (in Canada) $325.00 American and International registrants $325.00 U.S. Full registration information and details about Full Moon are at On-line Registration Form: Participation is limited to 20 people. Spaces tend to fill up quickly, so please don't wait until July to register. Full Moon Audio Art Camp is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts; and sponsored by the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production. Registration cost includes accommodation, either camping, or in lovely and rustic cabins, and most meals. Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested. Any questions can be directed to Janna Graham Full Moon Project-Coordinator


The 2003 International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) Conference, "Changing Tides" is being held in "America's First Resort," Newport, RI on October 1 through October 5, 2003. Information about the conference can be seen at Prepare for an exciting agenda along with all the historical and magnificent scenery of Newport, Rhode Island, and surrounding New England.



Here are two resources that I would recommend for learning more about careers in multimedia production. The first is Boston College's Guide: Careers In Multimedia. To this I would add Skills Net. Skills Net has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer



JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Graphic Designer/Production Artist. Full-service marketing agency seeks Graphic Designer / Production Artist to collaborate with account & creative teams. Accuracy, attention to detail & deadlines a must! Minimum of 2 years print & advertising production experience. Proficient in MAC OSX-based Photoshop, Illustrator, & INDESIGN or QuarkXpress. Experience with FireWorks, Dreamweaver & digital photography a plus. Reply with resume & cover letter to: CAWOOD, 1200 High St., Suite 21, Eugene, OR 97401.

Web Master/ Graphic Designer. Requires web site design & matenaince, print advertising design. Minimum 2 yrs experience & degree in graphic design/web development. Send resume to: PTP, PO Box 25210, Eugene, OR 97402 or

Graphic Designer & More wanted for busy Photo Lab. Outstanding Photoshop Skills, Computer & People skills. Send Resume to: or bring to Evergreen Film Service, 1412 W. 7th. Ave., Eugene.

Publications Technical Illustrator needed for heavy equipment manufacturer in Eugene, Oregon. Good benefits and positive work environment. Responsible for technical illustration, writing, editing of parts books, operation manuals, service manuals, and other technical documents. Convert 3D digital models into exploded view illustrations. Use photos and digital imaging software, plus publications software to develop technical information into product information publications on CD and in print. Requirements: publications experience; strong digital image file manipulation skills, such as AutoCad 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, FrameMaker, or equivalent software; strong verbal and writing skills; detail, product safety, and customer-service oriented; industrial design, graphic design, technical publications, or equivalent bachelor's degree. Please send resume or apply in person to Peterson Pacific Corp, 29408 Airport Rd, Eugene, OR 97402. Drug screen, good references required. PPC Peterson Pacific Corp. Date: 5/18/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Marketing Specialist. High-tech, fast paced Real Estate company needs creative, highly detailed & organized person with experience in computer graphics. Qualifications include good working knowledge of Windows, Freehand, PhotoShop, graphic design & production. Good communication & interpersonal skills a must. Full time, salary. Submit resumes to: BBD 2547410 The Register Guard, P.O. Box 10188, Eugene, 97440 Location: OR Date: 5/18/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic Artist /Screenprinter Textile/print shop experience. Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. $10.  Date: 5/18/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Academic Advisor - New Media Communications. Oregon State University invites applications for an Academic Advisor in its developing New Media Communications program. This is a full-time, 12-month, fixed-term position with reappointment at the discretion of the Director. A bachelor's degree in a media related field and/or significant media related experience is required. A Masters degree is preferred. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential. Must have a thorough understanding of media technology and experience advising post-secondary students. Preferred qualifications include program development experience and a demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity. The job will entail advising students, hiring and coordinating office personnel and student workers, coordinating internship program, coordinating equipment purchases, assisting the program's fund raising efforts, marketing the program to external constituencies, managing the program's budget, and generally assisting the Director in the operation of the program. Salary is commensurate with education and experience. Applicants should submit a letter of application, vita, and the names and contact information of three references to: New Media Communications Search Committee, College of Liberal Arts, Oregon State University, 207 Gilkey Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331. For full consideration, apply by 5:00pm on June 2, 2003. Oregon State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Date: 5/18/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)


Web & Print Design Specialist. Top Northwest law firm, based in Portland, OR, seeks marketing dept staff member with strengths in web and print graphic design. Oversees company web site and intranet, and assists with web design, content maintenanceand desktop publishing in firm and attorney-level marketing efforts. Previous exper in client service environment desired. Requires direct exper in web design with web languages such as HTML, ASP, Javascript and with desktop publishing apps. Must be well organized, able to balance mult priorities, assist others in meeting deadlines and possess graphic design creativity and skills. College degree or comparable; satisfactory work exper required. Competitive salary & excel benefits include medical, dental, life, LTD, 401(k), flexible spending accts, tuition reimb, transit subsidy, EAP. Send cover letter, resume & salary req to: Director of Client Relations, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, 1211 SW 5th, Ste 1800,Portland, OR 97204; fax to or e-mail to Application deadline: May 30 Detailed job description at Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 05/15

Marketing Communications Use your copywriting, desktop design and layout talents to produce effective medical marketing, sales and corporate communications solutions for RS Medical, the leading provider of electrotherapy products to US physicians. Medical marketing experience is a definite advantage, with minimum five years' in copywriting, graphic design, marketing communications or related areas. Produce sales collateral, clinical papers, product and other materials from concept to completion. Requires advanced skills in writing, editing and digital layout, as well as image creating/manipulation, drawing and presentation development using InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and related software. Need working knowledge of digital and traditional pre-press and printing. Bachelor's degree with journalism/ communications or English studies. RS Medical is a fast-growing, marketing-driven company headquartered in Vancouver. Qualified applicants should visit for more info, then mail, fax or e-mail their resume with salary requirements to: RS Medical 14401 SE 1st St. Vancouver, WA 98684 Fax No telephone calls, please. Location: OR  Date: 5/11/2003 Source: The Oregonian - online at

Television Promotion Writer/ Producer/Editor. Responsible for developing marketing ideas for advertising and promotions campaigns & materials, as well as writing & producing news topical promos. Requires college degree, 2 yrs exp in writing & producing promos/ PSA's, strong verbal communication & computer skills and a bkgrnd in journalism. Send resume to: KGW, HR, 1501 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201. Equal Opportunity Employer. Published in The Oregonian on 05/11

Associate Graphic Design Specialist. $41,082.94 - $55,094.99, annually, FT, Deadline 6-2-03. Researches, develops, designs and coordinates production of communication products such as logos, graphic standards, newsletters, brochures, handbooks, web pages and other public outreach materials; coordinates and performs graphic design, illustration, information graphics, publication cartography and related work for print, online, exhibit and signage applications; determines production methodology; applies Metro waste reduction and procurement policies; oversees production and monitors progress. Complete job announcement and application instructions available at: Metro Human Resources, 600 NE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR. Call if you would like materials mailed to you. Web address: Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 05/18

Graphics. LAZERQUICK is looking for candidates with strong graphics, written & verbal communication skills to join our LAZERQUICK Design Group. Primary duties would include the creation & production of graphic design artwork for sales, advertising & public relations materials. Must have strong graphic design & project management skills. Send resumes to: Equal Opportunity Employer. Published in The Oregonian on 05/18

Web Developer. Busy downtown office seeks Web Developer. You should be: Technically competent Up to speed on HTML, CSS, ASP Responsible, reliable, energetic Able to speak in nontechnical terms We offer competitive salary, medical/dental insurance, 401K. Email resumes to: Published in The Oregonian on 05/1

Web Development Net. Three month contract. $45/hour. Portland. High visibility position to change current web applications from 2 tier to n-tier VB.Net, ASP.Net. Consultant must have over 6 months PROFESSIONAL VB.Net and ASP.NET experience along with 5+ years MS web development. Send resumes to Questions? Call Joe . AT SI Group 'People For People' 11481 SW Hall Blvd, Ste 200 Ph , fax Published in The Oregonian on 05/18

Software Support/Trainer Small SW Portland software company with a national customer base seeking an energetic professional to provide end user telephone or on site software support, installation and training. Must be self-motivated, possess excellent communication skills and able to work independently or in a team environment. Please send resume and salary requirements to: Published in The Oregonian on 05/18

Web Developer. We are a successful, high technology co. providing web admissions services to over 650 colleges & universities. We are looking for a friendly, motivated team member who has solid exp programming in HTML, XML, & UNIX. The person in this position will work closely with customers & colleagues. Committment to the ideals of education, exclnt communication skills and a patient, helpful attitude are rewarded. Please email your resume to:
Published in The Oregonian on 05/18

Graphic Artist. Advertising co. seeks a multi-talented Graphic Artist. Must function effectively within a computer-driven environment. Must be skilled in Vector & Raster based software. Preference to those familiar with Corel Draw 9.0 and Photo Paint. Salary based on experience. Great benefits, downtown PDX, free parking. Send resume with salary history to PO Box 6343, Portland, OR 97228, Attn Melanie. Published in The Oregonian on 05/18

Editorial Assistant. Portland-based coffee and tea trade magazine seeks full time assistant editor to join small, creative team. Must possess strong writing and editing skills and at least two years of professional journalism experience. Must be extremely detail-oriented and able to multitask and work well under pressure. Macintosh proficiency in Word and Quark preferable. Knowledge of AP style a must. Journalism, English or Communications degree preferable. Please send cover letter, resume, 3-5 published writing samples, and salary requirements to PO Box 14827, Portland, OR 97. No phone calls please Published in The Oregonian on 05/18


Sakson and Taylor. A Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to media production opportunities in the Seattle area.


Graphic Design. Department: ESPN.comLocation: NYC Description Are you a world-class designer? Do you love sports? Do you think the future of the internet is dead? We don't either. The designers at work with art directors and the creative director to produce the best looking, most usable sports websites in the world. We need you to have an eye for typography, color and site structure. You need to take direction while adding your own flavor. You need to work well under tight deadlines and pressure packed situations... kind of like Trevor Hoffman. Job Requirements - BA or BFA degree in graphic design.- Demonstrated knowledge of and interest in sports.- 2-4 years experience in a corporate design group or agency.Specific Skills - Expert knowledge of PhotoShop, Illustrator or Freehand and related design/photo imaging software.- Expert knowledge of HTML, DHTML; working understanding of Flash is preferred.- Ability to multi-task and work on several projects at once; To email your resume and online portfolio, send it to . Please send your resume as email text or as a Word attachment. When applying for this position, please refer to title, department and location.

Associate Producer Department: Fantasy Games Location: Bristol, CT Description Associate producer is a technical position. The fantasy games associate producer is responsible for producing, managing, creating and maintaining the technical elements of fantasy games. This position serves as a bridge between engineering, design, content development, marketing, advertising, sales and editorial groups. Typically an associate producer will be responsible for a number of fantasy games and will produce all applications, templates and features for those games year-round. The associate producer will also be responsible for the continual generation and implementation of new ideas for their games. Additionally the associate producer will be responsible for many smaller projects and tasks throughout the year. Typical duties include: template maintenance and creation, automation troubleshooting, coverage planning, investigation and implementation of new technologies. The associate producer will also work with many groups within and ESPN to develop new ideas for Internet sports coverage and fantasy game feature enhancements. dJob Requirements- Bachelor's degree;- Demonstrated knowledge of and interest in sports and fantasy games;- 2-5 years experience in a technical role, preferably with a high-traffic, world-class web site; - Proven ability to be innovative and come up with unique solutions; Specific Skills- Expert knowledge of HTML; working knowledge of JavaScript and DHTML; - Some structured programming experience or coursework; - Strong communication skills; - Strong project management experience, with project lives ranging from a few days to many months; - Experience writing technical specs and driving them through development; - Ability to multi-task and manage several projects at once; - Experience playing fantasy sports games a plus To email your resume, send it to Please send your resume as email text or as a Word attachment. When applying for this position, please refer to title, department and location.