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May 5 , 2003 - Vol 2. No. 17

Upfront Sunday Morning.

SIGGRAPH 2003 - 27 July - 31 July will be held in San Diego, California this year. This makes it close enough for many here in the Northwest to drive, take a bus, train or plane, and attend this excellent conference and trade show. This is an event that brings thousands of computer graphic geeks from all over the world. It is a conference that every student and professional should attend at least once in their lifetime! This is the 30th international conference of computer graphics and interactive media and is the world's largest exhibit of graphic software, computer hardware, and interactive technologies. There are all types of workshops, events, and enough exhibits to drive you crazy with excitement. Both Ken and I have been to SIGGRAPH and can recommend the experience for all our current and former Interns.

If you think you might wait until next year be aware that there are a many opportunities for students to consider. Students can apply to work either 17.5 or 30 hours during the conference and save the big dollar registration fees. Volunteers from outside the conference area willing to work at least 30 hours can also receive complimentary housing for the week. In addition, all applicants are eligible to apply for a Travel Grant program, which offers monetary assistance to accepted Student Volunteers to offset the costs of travel to and from the conference. So as the folks at Nike would say, "Just do it!" The deadline was in February for this summer's conference. But if you plan ahead you may indeed get most of your way paid next year.

According to a unofficial survey of graphic artists at Graphic Designer Jobs. com the average salary for web designers is $38,881.92 which is based on 3438 respondents.

Back issues of the Proscenia Newsletter are now online. Please let others who may be interested in multimedia and communication know about this publication. And, as always, if you would like to be removed from this list please let me know.

Cheers, Gary

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Gary Adams is a Portland filmmaker who brings thirty-five years of writing, directing and editing experience to any project. He has more than 56 international and national awards to his credit. After graduating from Portland State University, where he received a Masters Degree in Theater, he accepted a position as Producer/Director with Portland's PBS station. He produced a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed film and video productions, including two independent film short subjects, which won several international competitions and were distributed nationally for five years by Swank Pictures. In addition, Gary produced and directed two original dramas funded through the National Endowment For The Arts, and directed a 185 program series for children, which was syndicated on the PBS network for five years.

From there he started his own his own company, Gary Adams Productions. His commercial clients include many of the country's premier businesses, and his commercial productions number well over a thousand. His work has been seen on the NBC network, The Discovery Channel, The Arts and Entertainment Channel, The Learning Channel, and the PBS network.

Recently he completed a series developed for COLUMBIA HOUSE called "The Story Of America's National Parks", a series detailing the history and beauty of our national park system. This series was aired on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL and THE LEARNING CHANNEL, as well as the PBS NETWORK. Also a two part series on "Hawaii". This documentary production details the history of the Polynesian people, their discovery of Hawaii, and the subsequent development of the islands. This series is currently running on THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL and the PBS NETWORK. Most recently, he finished two new programs about the United States for his EMMY award winning series for children series called "Where In the World".

He is now at work on a 90-minute feature documentary film about the American character. It's being shot on digital video and will be transferred to 35mm film as a theatrical release.


DISCUSSION: Digital Cinema

The technology used into day's movie theater hasn't changed all that much since the first showing of motion pictures on a large screen at the beginning of the last century. The quality of the image and sound has indeed improved. But movies have been shot, printed, and distributed on film for over a hundred years.

The way movies are made and distributed is beginning to change. Currently, most motion pictures remain photographed on film stock. But some are now digitized in post-production for distribution.  The compressed and encrypted file is transmitted to a theater that has been equipped with a digital projector.

The transmission of the movie from distributor to theater is by a broadband Internet connection or satellite. The theater's projection system then uses a decryption key from the distributor allowing the digital movie to be projected. The high-resolution images and sound provide the audience with a picture often better than that of 35mm prints - although some critics disagree. Recent films such as, Star Wars Episode II, Spy Kids 2, Oceans Eleven, Signs, Banger Sisters are examples of large-scale Hollywood films that have been projected both digitally and in their traditional film format, often in the same cinema complex

An advantage of a digital movie is that, unlike a film print, there are no scratches or dust particles that degrade the projected image. The film looks as good on the last day of a theatrical run as it did on the first.

Digital movies reduce a number of distribution costs. Film prints are expensive, as are reprints. Shipping and handling is also expensive especially when it comes to worldwide distribution.

The future of film is both digital production and distribution. There are currently 39 digital theaters around the world today. But the L.A.-based Landmark chain, for example, is equipping 177 screens in all making 53 of its theaters across the US digital cinema theaters. And Regal Entertainment Corporation, the nation's largest movie theater chain, plans to retrofit nearly 80% of its locations by the end of this year with digital projectors, high-speed data networking equipment and satellite links. Even with these changes the movie theater will remain that magical place where vicarious experiences provided by the moving image will continue to entertain.

The following references explain the basics of digital cinema.

What is digital cinema? This site provides an overview of digital cinema and then links readers to informative technical papers related to digital cinema. A good site for those who want to learn more about this new medium.

How Digital Cinema Works. This is a "lighter" read than the more technical articles at the site listed above. It provides an easy to understand overview of digital technology related to the production and distribution of motion pictures. I found this to be an informative article with many hypertext links to supplementary information.





Over the past few months I have featured a number of schools in this section of the newsletter. Given this is spring term some readers may be thinking about fall and starting or continuing their media education. A handy online directory of schools across the nation offering degree programs in multimedia is the Multimedia Arts and Technology site which provides links to programs in media, technology, animation, etc. The Lane Community College web site also has a nice directory of four year colleges and universities offering degree programs. Here is a short list of Northwest institutions that have certificate or bachelor degree programs in media production.


NW Two and Four Year Schools with Programs in Multimedia, Film, TV
Portland State University - Certificate in multimedia
Portland Institute of the Arts - BFA Degree options in multimedia
Portland Community College - Certificate in multimedia -1 year program
Montana State University - BA Degree in film, TV, Photography, media
Oregon State University - BFA Degree in graphic design/ multimedia minor
University of Oregon - BFA Degree options in multimedia
University of Washington - BFA Degree in Visual Design
University of Washington - Certificate in multimedia
Vancouver Film School - BFA Degree options in multimedia
Washington State University - BFA Electronic imaging
Western Washington State University - BFA New Media emphases




STUDENTS PAY THE PIPER'S ASSOCIATION FOR FREELOADED DOWNLOADS. Four college students who were sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for downloading music without paying for it have now agreed to settle the lawsuits by paying $12,000 to $17,000 each. The students were charged with using their campus networks to provide fellow students with illegal copies of popular music. One of the students, Daniel Peng of Princeton University, said in a statement: "I don't believe that I did anything wrong. I am glad that the case been settled amicably, and I hope that, for the sake of artists, the larger issues can soon be resolved." His lawyer adds: "This suit is about the industry's attempt to intimidate Internet users and instill fear of lawsuits against users of the Internet, particularly students. They need to find some other way to protect their economic interests than bringing suits against bright creative young people." (New York Times 2 May 2003)

GROKSTER AND STREAMCAST: WE DIDN'T DO IT A federal judge has ruled that two Internet music services that offer peer-to-peer software used by millions of people to share copyrighted music illegally are not themselves guilty of copyright infringement. The judge's reasoning was that, since the technology is also used for many perfectly legal purposes, the two services should not be held responsible in those cases when it happens to be used for illegal purposes. The ruling will be appealed. The music industry insists that the two services, Grokster and StreamCast, are overwhelmingly used by people to exchange copyrighted material, and that legal uses are insignificant. Many industry analysts predict that the industry will soon have to change fundamentally and begin providing inexpensive, easy-to-access music over the Internet. (New York Times 26 Apr 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

RULING FORCES ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY TO RETHINK STRATEGY. Friday's ruling exonerating Grokster and StreamCast of charges of violating copyright laws will force the entertainment industry to broaden its battle against Internet piracy on three fronts: the courts, in Congress and in the marketplace. In addition to appealing the most recent ruling, the movie studios and record labels may start suing individuals who trade copyrighted files. One music label president, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says the ruling leaves industry no choice: "It makes them [consumers] angrier, but we have no other path right now. It's ridiculous what we're doing, but we have so few options." The industry is also lobbying Congress for stricter anti-piracy laws, and at the same time must find a way to give consumers a compelling alternative to piracy: "The most effective way to combat unlicensed sites is to offer licensed services with reasonable consumer rules at attractive prices," says a digital media analyst at Raymond James. "This attempt to enforce prohibition is a failure." The fact that many of the illegitimate sites are polluted with viruses, pop-up ads and low-quality files creates an opportunity for industry to offer a high-quality, hassle-free online service, he adds. (Los Angeles Times 26 Apr 2003),1,1613174.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dtechnology Source:NewsScanDaily

MADONNA FIGHTS PIRACY WITH PROFANITY Madonna and Warner Music Group decided to play a trick on music pirates and hackers responded by defacing her Web site and offering yet-unreleased songs for downloading. It all started when Madonna lent her voice to a popular antipiracy technique. "Decoy" files purportedly carrying her new songs were uploaded onto peer-to-peer file-sharing services, but when unsuspecting fans downloaded them, they heard Madonna saying "What the f*** do you think you're doing??" While some music fans got angry, others saw a creative opportunity and the now-infamous phrase is turning up in dozens of remixes and the computer-aided musical collages called mashups. "Madonna was trying to put one over on the kidsŠ and they in turn wanted to let her know that she's not in as much control as she thinks she is," says TechTV's Morgan Webb. ( Reporter 28 Apr 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

JOBS: 'WE BELIEVE IN THE FUTURE OF MUSIC' Apple Computer launched its iTunes Music Store on Monday in a move that CEO Steve Jobs called "a major milestone in the evolution of the real digital music age. We believe in the future of music." iTunes offers 200,000 downloadable songs for 99 cents apiece and is the first industry-endorsed online music service to forgo subscription fees in favor of a "pay-per-download" business model. Jobs said the real draw for music fans will be the easy-to-use interface and high-quality files available at the iTunes Music Store. "Using current piracy services is very frustrating. It takes you 15 minutes to find and download a song of reasonable quality that doesn't have the last four seconds cut off or a break in the middle. We offer super-fast, high-quality downloads with pristine encoding. You certainly can't get that on any other service -- pirate or legal." (Los Angeles Times 29 Apr 2003),1,6913408.story?coll=la%2Dheadlines%2Dtechnology Source:NewsScanDaily

SOFTWARE MAKERS DON'T DO ENOUGH TESTING, SAYS NEUMANN Peter Neumann, principal scientist at SRI International's Computer Science Laboratory in Menlo Park, California, says that most software is released without undergoing a sufficient amount of testing, and adds: "The idea that we depend on something that's inherently untrustworthy is very frightening." Last year a study commissioned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that software errors cost the U.S. economy about $59.5 billion a year, or 0.6% of the country's entire GDP. Should software makers be held responsible for shoddy code? Barbara Simmons, former president of the Association for Computing Machinery, thinks they certainly should: "Software is being treated in a way that no other consumer products are. We all know that you can't produce 100% bug-free software. But to go to the other extreme and say that software makers should have no liability whatsoever strikes me as absurd." (AP/USA Today 28 Apr 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

SPAMMERS USE VIRUSES TO HIJACK COMPUTERS As efforts to tackle junk e-mail ramp up, unscrupulous spammers increasingly are hiding their identities by taking over innocent users' accounts using e-mail messages that resemble computer viruses. Like many other viruses, these programs exploit weaknesses in Microsoft's popular Outlook e-mail package. One of the first hijacking programs to emerge was called "Jeem," which contained a hidden e-mail engine that enabled it to route messages via the infected computer. Another, called Proxy-Guzu, comes as a spam message with an attachment. When the unsuspecting recipient clicks on the attachment, the computer contacts a Hotmail account and transmits information about the infected machine, making it possible to route e-mail through that machine. "Spammers are beginning to use virus-like techniques to cover themselves," says Larry Bridwell, content security programs manager at ICSA Labs. "Spam is one of the two things that the security industry is going to be asked to deal with. The other is adware or spyware." (BBC News 30 Apr 2003)

VIRGINIA'S NEW LAW THREATENS SPAMMERS WITH JAIL TERMS Under a new law enacted in Virginia, individuals who use deception to send high-volumes of unsolicited commercial e-mail will be declared felons and liable to one- to five-year prison terms. Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner says, "Many spammers see the current system that imposes civil fines as just a cost of doing business. We hope we will see some high-profile prosecutions. If someone faces a jail sentence and a major forfeiture of assets, it will serve as a deterrent." The new law, which outlaws practices such as forging the return address line of an e-mail message or sending spam surreptitiously, would apply to anyone who sent high volumes of spam to or from anyone in Virginia. (New York Times 30 Apr 2003)

MICROSOFT TARGETS DIGITAL NEWSPAPERS Microsoft is developing software geared toward delivering digital newspapers, said chairman Bill Gates at the Newspaper Association of America's annual convention Tuesday. The new software will enable newspapers also to provide services like video messaging and bill-payment to readers across a variety of devices. Publishers who continue to view their Web sites as an add-on feature of their print operations are ignoring the next generation of readers, said Gates. "We see the online newspaper as one where it takes all the strengths [of current newspapers] and then adds in new capabilities." Readers not only will be able to read about an upcoming concert, but also will have the ability to hear audio clips and purchase tickets, added Gregg Brown of Microsoft's e-periodicals team. (AP/Wall Street Journal 29 Apr 2003),,SB105164937037933300.djm,00.html

VIDEO STREAMING HITS A GUSHER Video streaming is going mainstream, with the number of streams accessed this year topping 6 billion -- a 40% increase over 2002, according to AccuStream iMedia Research -- and double digit growth is expected to continue through 2004. Meanwhile, although paid subscription streaming content is on the rise, AccuStream says that a recovering ad market could tilt the business model back toward more sponsored, ad-supported or distributor-subsidized content. (Europemedia 2 May 2003)

NANOTECHNOLOGY BREAKTHROUGH IBM has developed the world's smallest solid-state flashlight -- a carbon nanotube made by rolling a sheet of pure graphite into a single molecule. The light emitted by the flashlight is invisible to human eyes, but is ideal for fiber-optics cables. Although the advance is years away from any practical use, it represents a real scientific breakthrough, and chemistry professor Peidong Yang of the University of California-Berkeley calls it "a fantastic achievement." Phaedon Avouris, IBM manager's of nanoscale research, explains that the flashlight is notable because "it's very small, it's solid-state, and it's a transistor, which allows full control of its properties." (San Jose Mercury News 2 May 2003)


Network Tools

Accurate Monitor 1.2 With many computer users developing their own Web sites, some of them may be interested in monitoring how search engines may be ranking their site. This latest edition of Accurate Monitor may prove useful, as it allows individuals to find the position of their Web site in search engines like Altavista and Google. Additionally, Accurate Monitor can generate advanced statistics and monitor plugins, along with providing a flexible interface system. This version of Accurate Monitor is compatible with all systems running Windows 95 and higher



Call for Submissions: One World Film Festival: World Inter-action Mondiale Youth Short Film Competition 2003 Our festival mandate is to educate and share information with the local community about global issues. We use the mediums of film to share experiences and facilitate cooperation between people working for social justice and equality, locally and abroad. We hope to engage culturally diverse communities and youth. The One World Film Festival invites submissions of films and videos, in all genres, that examine the concept of 'social justice' and bring light to often-darkened issues. These include international poverty, globalization and resistance, policy consequences, health, human/nature relations, development, consumerism, sustainability in the production of essential goods, etc.

"One Person Can Make A Difference" video competition. College students are invited to interpret the Christopher belief that each of us has the ability and opportunity to shape our world! Whether acting alone or with others, one person can make a difference. Using any style or format, express this theme in up to five minutes. Entries must be submitted in NTSC format on standard, full-sized VHS tape. Entries that run over five minutes cannot be considered. The winning entries will be aired nationwide via the Christopher Closeup television series. In addition, winners will receive the following cash awards: First Prize - $3,000 Second Prize - $2,000 Third prize - $1,000 5 Honorable Mention Prizes of $100 each

Create a Music Video for Tori Amos. "Think you'd make a great music video director? Here's your chance. Tori Amos is inviting her fans to create a video for her latest single, "Taxi Ride." From the pool of entries, Amos will pick a shortlist of videos she likes best and post them on her website on May 23 for all to vote on. She'll announce the winning video on June 2 and feature it on her website--exclusively in QuickTime. Visit the site to get all the details, to watch a video of Tori Amos explaining the contest (if you have pop-up windows disabled, click the image of Tori in a car), and to download "Taxi Ride" in QuickTime 6 format. Then charge up those DV camera batteries, boot up your Mac, fire up iMovie or Final Cut Pro, and get going." Source: Apple Newsletter.

Call for entries. We are now accepting short film submissions for the North Mississippi Film Festival to take place during the North Mississippi Street Fair on Friday, May 16, 2003! Films will be presented in an outdoor evening show on the side of the Old Rexall Drug building next to The Fresh Pot coffeeshop at 4001 N. Mississippi Ave from 9-10pm. Film screenings will be promoted with a printed mini-film program and announced on KBOO radio and other local media outlets. Last year's Street Fair drew around 3,000 people and was a blast. Submissions should be no longer than 10 minutes. Videotapes can be sent to: Rachel Elizabeth c/o Fresh Pot 4001 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR 97227 Rachel Elizabeth:


is a worldwide calendar and information center for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.


AECT takes great pride in opening the Call for Entries for the 2003 International Student Media Festival. If your school (K-University) utilizes student produced media in its curriculum, you are invited to enter this exciting competition. Winning entries will premier in Anaheim, CA., in October. Official instructions, entry forms, and Festival details are available now. Entry deadline is May 31, 2003


SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Film Festival is an exciting new competitive Festival, created to celebrate, honor and showcase documentaries from around the world. Between June 18-22, 2003, SILVERDOCS will present 45 provocative documentary films at the newly restored, state-of-the art AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in downtown Silver Spring, MD. The festival will bring together filmmakers, international documentary professionals and the communities of the Greater DC Metropolitan area to debate issues raised by these documentary films and celebrate their art. Location: AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center, 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA Start date: June 18, 2003 End date: June 22, 2003 URL: E-mail: Phone: (1) Fax: (1) Entry deadline: March 1, 2003 Source: Northwest Film Center


SIGGRAPH 2003 - 27 July - 31 July, This is the 30th international conference of computer graphics and interactive media. The conference will be held in San Diego, California. It is also the world's largest exhibit of grapic software, computer hardware, and interactive technologies. Given the conference is on the west coast this summer individuals may want to make it a part of a vacation trip.


Full Moon Audio Art Camp. Full Moon changed not only the way I listen to the world around me, but opened my mind to creative possibilities I didn't know I had in me."- Joellen Easton, Full Moon '02 participant "Full Moon was among the most inspiring and motivational experiences I have had as an artist. The quality of instruction was tops in Canada and the incredible support for experimentation and creativity reminded me of my days at university when I was studying film production and sound. Full Moon fostered a spirit of sharing and cooperation - and an optimism that we could do anything...which we did."-Heather Ritchie, Full Moon '02 participant The fifth annual Full Moon Audio Art camp will take place August 10-16, 2003 at Au Grand Bois, 565 acres of rolling hills, woods, fields and ponds, located in the Pontiac region of Quebec. Full Moon provides a space where artists can live, work and create audio art 24 hours a day with energy focussed on the work itself, without the distractions of daily society. The week's activities include sound-walks, listening sessions, live concerts, workshops, production studio/editing facilities, good (vegetarian) food and great company. Full Moon welcomes participants in all stages of their careers : emerging, established, or curious. Our audio artists in residence this year are Chris Brookes and Rita McKeough, and both have a unique approach to sound, radio, performance and installation. Early-Bird Registration Fees. Payment received by May 31, 2003 CSIRP Members (in Canada) $300.00 Non-Members (in Canada) $325.00 American and International registrants $325.00 U.S. Full registration information and details about Full Moon are at On-line Registration Form: Participation is limited to 20 people. Spaces tend to fill up quickly, so please don't wait until July to register. Full Moon Audio Art Camp is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts; and sponsored by the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production. Registration cost includes accommodation, either camping, or in lovely and rustic cabins, and most meals. Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested. Any questions can be directed to Janna Graham Full Moon Project-Coordinator


The 2003 International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA) Conference, "Changing Tides" is being held in "America's First Resort," Newport, RI on October 1 through October 5, 2003. Information about the conference can be seen at Prepare for an exciting agenda along with all the historical and magnificent scenery of Newport, Rhode Island, and surrounding New England.



Here are two resources that I would recommend for learning more about careers in multimedia production. The first is Boston College's Guide: Careers In Multimedia. To this I would add Skills Net. Skills Net has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer



JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation, Broadcasting


Publications Technical Illustrator needed for heavy equipment manufacturer in Eugene, Oregon. Good benefits and positive work environment. Responsible for technical illustration, writing, editing of parts books, operation manuals, service manuals, and other technical documents. Convert 3D digital models into exploded view illustrations. Use photos and digital imaging software, plus publications software to develop technical information into product information publications on CD and in print. Requirements: publications experience; strong digital image file manipulation skills, such as AutoCad 3D, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, FrameMaker, or equivalent software; strong verbal and writing skills; detail, product safety, and customer-service oriented; industrial design, graphic design, technical publications, or equivalent bachelor's degree. Please send resume or apply in person to Peterson Pacific Corp, 29408 Airport Rd, Eugene, OR 97402. Drug screen, good references required. PPC Peterson Pacific Corp. Location: OR Date: 5/4/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic design production.COTTAGE GROVE SENTINEL is seeking a graphic design/ production person to join our talent rich team. Duties include: display advertising design, classified page layout and some production duties. Experience in Quark Xpress required. Some Photoshop and Illustrator skills beneficial. Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K. Resume to: Graphic Designer search Cottage Grove Sentinel, PO BOX 35 Cottage Grove OR 97424 Location: OR Date: 5/4/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Web Designer. Responsible for the design & production of the company's web-based applications, website and intranet. The ability to design functional interfaces along with pleasing aesthetics is required. Relating to customers & incorporating input may also be required. Design of marketing materials may be a plus. Portfolio samples will be expected. Send resume to mail to: Location: OR Date: 5/4/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Marketing Specialist. High-tech, fast paced Real Estate company needs creative, highly detailed & organized person with experience in computer graphics. Qualifications include good working knowledge of Windows, Freehand, PhotoShop, graphic design & production. Good communication & interpersonal skills a must. Full time, salary. Submit resumes to: BBD 2541049 The Register Guard, P.O. Box 10188, Eugene, 97440 Location: OR Date: 5/4/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer Helpdesk/Desktop support Infogroup Northwest is seeking Helpdesk/Desktop Support candidates for a full-time position in Eugene. Candidates need to be articulate, professional, detail oriented, and organized. This position will involve tier 1 and 2 support, customer service, inventory, returns, various projects and more. Networking experience is a must and remote monitoring experience is a plus. MCSE, MCSA, and A+ certifications are strongly preferred. If you feel you are qualified, please respond with a Word version of your resume and salary requirements to: InfoGroup NorthWest Location: OR Date: 5/4/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Public Information Representative 2 O QUALIFY YOU MUST HAVE: ... three years of experience gathering, designing, writing, producing, presenting information to the public. At least one year of this experience must have involved participating in planning, presenting, and administering an organization's public relations program. A bachelor's degree in graphic design, multimedia, journalism, communications, or a closely related field may substitute for up to two years of the general experience but will not substitute for the one year of specialized experience. Position requires experience in print and web design and production; proficiency in InDesign, Pagemaker 7.0, Word, HTML, and Dreamweaver; demonstrated excellence in graphic design for print publications and websites; an understanding of proper use of the English language; attention to detail; ability to work quickly and efficiently and manage multiple projects; ability to work effectively with a variety of people. Prefer candidates with experience working for an advertising agency, higher education institution, or non-profit organization. Note: A portfolio consisting of 10 print samples showing a variety of work and three web sites will be required at the time of interview. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: This position is responsible for planning and coordinating a public information fundraising campaign for the University of Oregon and developing graphic standards, a writing style, and a specific image for campaign. Duties include: ... creating publications (90 percent print, 10 percent electronic) to inform people about a comprehensive fundraising campaign for the University of Oregon. ... developing strategies and plans for communication materials for the UO fundraising campaign and central development office; developing publication materials to meet campaign goals, including main case statements, folders, CD or video covers, handbooks, letterhead, newsletter, advertising, and brochures for certain campaign objectives. ... using a Macintosh computer to produce and oversee graphic design of all communications materials for UO fundraising campaigns and UO central development office and for other clients; consulting with publications staff to maintain consistency in campaign publications with the university¹s graphic style. ... designing, coordinating, and updating the UO Giving website and design and facilitate other electronic communications for development.

Graphic Designer, University of Oregon Office of University Publications in Eugene. Responsible for planning and producing print and web communication materials for university fundraising campaign. Requires extensive experience in print and web design, production, and public relations. Complete requirements and application materials available at: Salary $2938-$4086, competitive benefits package. Application deadline: May 16, 2003. Mail to Human Resources, 5210 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97, phone , TTY . Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/ADA institution committed to cultural diversity. Published in The Oregonian on 05/04

Web Designer. Responsible for the design & production of the company's web-based applications, website and intranet. The ability to design functional interfaces along with pleasing aesthetics is required. Relating to customers & incorporating input may also be required. Design of marketing materials may be a plus. Portfolio samples will be expected. Send resume to mail to: Location: OR Date: 5/1/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Marketing Specialist - computer graphics. High-tech, fast paced Real Estate company needs creative, highly detailed & organized person with experience in computer graphics. Qualifications include good working knowledge of Windows, Freehand, PhotoShop, graphic design & production. Good communication & interpersonal skills a must. Full time, salary. Submit resumes to: BBD 2541049 The Register Guard, P.O. Box 10188, Eugene, 97440 Location: OR Date: 5/3/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Receptionist.-computer graphic & digital camera experience. 12-4, Mon.-Fri. Drug test requir-ed $7.00/hr. Send resume to: BBD 2538950, Register Guard, PO Box 10188, Eugene, Or 97440 Location: OR  Date: 4/30/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Public Information Representative 2. Manager of Public Outreach. This full-time position will market the programs of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI); develop and update websites, PowerPoint and other multi-media presentations; and assist in planning and implementing outreach events such as conferences, educational field tours, training workshops, and speakers bureau. Individuals selected for an interview will possess significant experience in website and other multi-media development, planning and implementing conferences and field tours and preparing marketing materials and public presentations. Must have strong skills in verbal and written communications and experience developing marketing materials and presentations for diverse groups (e.g., general public, teachers and children, business executives, policy makers, foresters, academic researchers, media representatives). Experience placing speakers in public venues is preferred. Familiarity with forestry issues is a plus. Must be highly organized with the ability to coordinate several projects at once. Starting salary is $37,000-$44,000 per year, depending on experience and qualifications. Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. For application instructions, contact OFRI at or ext. 21. Completed application package must be received at the Oregon Forest Resources Institute by 5:00 p.m. May 16, 2003. These are just a few of the current job openings, available with the State of Oregon. A more complete announcement listing, application forms, and additional job information are available at: a) local Employment Department field offices, or b) the Oregon jobs page at: The State of Oregon and all its divisions are proud to be equal opportunity employers. Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer Grapics. Illustrator, PhotoShop, Flexi Sign experience preferred. Knowledge of signs & screen printing desirable. Part to full-time. Pay with experience. Resume to: City Grafx, BBD 2534810 The Register Guard, P.O. Box 10188, Eugene, OR 97440. No phone calls. Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003

Web Site Developer with skill in Dreamweaver. Hours very flexible, part-time or less. Location: OR  Date: 4/30/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

TV Director/ProducerFull time Director for newscasts and special projects. Evenings and weekends. One year television directing experience and knowledge of remote setup technology required. EOE Send resume to: Job #P03-10 KVAL-TV P.O. Box 1313 Eugene, OR 97440 Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Web Designer Located in Eugene Web Designer Net Assets is a dynamically growing and fast-paced environment. We are profitable and currently focus on expansion and new product development. Net Assets highly values a strong work ethic combined with above average personal relationship skills. The Web Designer will play a vital role in the design and production of the company¹s current and future web-based products as well as the company¹s public facing website and internal Intranet. Experience in the design of marketing materials may also be a plus. Knowledge and experience with HTML, Javascript, CSS, and image manipulation will be critical to your success. You will need to work closely with both customers and software engineers to produce great looking and highly functional web-based interfaces. A review of portfolio samples will be expected. If you would like to be part of building our successful company we encourage you to send your resume in confidence to Click here for more information and to apply online! Published on 05/02


Art Director Assistant Rescue Me! Crazed Art Director needs help on a variety of broadcast and print projects. If you are a gifted designer who is proficient in the usual graphics programs, have above average drawing ability, production experience and a good work ethic, you just might save my......sanity. Thanks. Full Time, Good Benefits Apply to: Executive Art Director PO Box 42300 Portland, OR 97202 Published in The Oregonian on 05/04

Printing Estimator. Graphic Arts Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mail-Well Inc. seeks experienced estimator to join our team! This position requires 4+ years estimating skills and experience in printing. Knowledge of Sheetfed, Heatset Web and Electronic Pre-press preferred. College degree preferred. Ability to work in a selfdirected capacity with multiple tasks and varying deadlines. Excellent customer relations and communication skills a must. GAC offers an excellent compensation and benefits package. Send resume and cover letter to or apply in person at: GRAPHIC ARTS CENTER Human Resources Graphic Arts Center 2000 NW Wilson St. Portland, OR 97209 Fax: An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V Published in The Oregonian on 05/04

Marketing Director of Creative Services. MTi is one of the most successful and exciting companies in the retail merchandising field, specializing in the utilization of technology to enhance the consumer electronics shopping experience for many of the world's most prominent retailers and brands. We are looking for a Director of Creative Services to join our team. This position develops and executes the overall creative vision for MTi and the in-store experiences for our clients. Building the brand and encouraging customer conversion through fixture, environmental and atmospheric designs are high priorities of this vision. Direct operations and execution of the company's solutions - process, methodology, deliverables and budget. Responsible for the creative planning, design, and management of store design, custom applications and visual merchandising. Lead the department to creative solutions that fulfill our client's business goals and creative vision. Establish a positive and proactive team-oriented culture and lead by example. Requirements include: Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in the application of concepts, practices and methods of marketing communications, graphic design, multimedia design, architecture, industrial design, interior design/or a related field 8+ years experience in Environmental Design, Visual Merchandising or Ad Agency Conversant in the lingo of interactivity: Photoshop, Illustrator, Director, Premier, Flash, DreamWeaver, Quark, Solid Works, Inventor, FormZ or other CAD Mac/PC graphic experience Heavy retail experience Experience in managing a creative design team, and POP, fixture design, and signage In-depth knowledge of brand positioning, industry trends and technological advances regarding interactive design, personalization and the customer experience Strong oral and written communication skills. Strong analytical and organization skills Effectively coordinate and manage relationships across departments, such as marketing, merchandising, and engineering Knowledge of entire creative process MTi is an equal opportunity employer and offers a full benefits package. For additional company information please visit our web site at: Please send resume and cover letter with salary requirements to: MTi, Inc. 1050 NW 229th Ave Hillsboro, OR 97124 Fax: Email: Published in The Oregonian on 05/04

Computer Administrative Assistant. Immed PT opening, must have exclnt organization & desktop publishing skills, using MS Publisher, Photoshop, Word & Excel. Create & produce mrktg materials & direct mail campaign, maintain client database, some website work. Hrs variable, pay dep. on exper. email resume to: Published in The Oregonian on 04/27

Information Technology/Technical Trainer. Dual - MCSE/MCSD .NET Developer Exp. 50% Class / 50% Dev. $4151-$4583/mos (W2) .NET DEVELOPER Database Conversion Project 3-Mos. Assignment Rate DOE (W2 or 1099) COLLEGE INTERN Part-Time Web/Graphics Design Marketing Materials Some Web Site Work 10 Wks/20 Hrs/$10/Hr. Submit resume (Word format only, please) to: Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003 Source: The Oregonian

Executive Secretary. Successful contractor needs very experienced person to assist in bid & presentation preparation. Requires construction background, advanced computer skills in MS Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint & graphics capabilities. Send resume c/o The Oregonian, Dept. 8421-M, Portland, OR 97 Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003 Source: The Oregonian

Marketing Communications Writer. Please see our ad in today's paper in the General Employment section under ''Writer'' for more information about this great opportunity. Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003 Source: The Oregonian

Administrative Assistant.: Immed PT opening, must have exclnt organization & desktop publishing skills, using MS Publisher, Photoshop, Word & Excel. Create & produce mrktg materials & direct mail campaign, maintain client database, some website work. Hrs variable, pay dep. on exper. email resume to: Location: OR  Date: 4/27/2003 Source: The Oregonian

Web Design. Portland based company is looking for a motivated, creative and energetic individual with strong web-design skills. Needs to be fluent and poetic in MACROMEDIA FLASH, HTML, DHTML, ADOBE. We are looking for an individual who can work with us as we discern direction, intuit the feelings and impressions we want to create and who can be available for us when we need them. This job is PART-TIME only. Please include links to your flash work with your resume. PCTest Corporation 4950 NE 148th Avenue Portland, OR 97230

Web Developer The position will work with our editorial, software, and design team members to create optimized HTML pages and templates. Applicant must have excellent working knowledge of HTML, ASP, experience with C, C++, familiarity with the Internet and current trends in Web technology. Experience with XML, Java, or graphics software, such as Photoshop is a plus. Compensation includes stock options. Please send your resume by email to

Graphic Artist - Web. We are looking for a creative self motivating person to design and maintain a top listed automotive web site. Candidate must have a good background MacOS, Freehand, Golive, Photoshop, and more. Benefits include flexible hours, remote working environment (work at home), access to the fastest computers, and latest software and hardware. Please send resume to

Graphic Art Design Assistant. Small design firm needs a part- to full-time temporary graphic design assistant (GRUNT) to typeset, run errands, manage our portfolio, and maintain the studio. Applicants must be proficient in Quark, Illustrator, or Freehand, and Photoshop. Reply c/o Oregonian, Dept. 8469-H, Portland, OR 97 Published in The Oregonian on 05/03

Interactive Programmer: Creative Coder/ActionScripter Reply to: Date: 2003-05-02, 5:42PM Second Story is reviewing portfolios of qualified interactive programmers. Interested candidates should present a body of work that: -Demonstrates a passion for interactive content development -Exhibits innovative technological approaches to interactive media -Proves their technical facility with the medium -Shows experience marrying compelling interfaces with dynamic data -Special consideration will be given to candidates who have created projects that are experimental, educational, cultural, and entertainment related. Responsibilities: Work closely with team in a small, fast-paced, creative environment. Lead the technical development for media-rich Web and kiosk projects. Participate in concept development and overall web site creation. Develop code to realize information structure, user interface, and visual design for the interactive experiences we produce. Be wildly creative and obsessively meticulous. Actively participate in concept development, site design, and quality assurance. Skills and characteristics: Interested candidates must have at least 3-years experience managing developing and programming interactive projects, and must possess the following characteristics: -Experience in programming and scripting; a broad range of technical experience; and proven track record in interactive media. -Understand relevant technical issues as they translate to producing a smooth-functioning, intuitive, and compelling interactive experience. -Mastery of HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash ActionScripting, CGI/PERL, ASP, C++, PHP, and Java. Must have experience connecting Flash front-end with dynamic database back-end. -Exceptional problem-solving skills. -Experience working with a variety of development tools across multiple browsers, platforms, and operating systems. -Must be a good communicator, comfortable following direction, and able to balance great programming with meeting short deadlines. -Able to produce results independently as well as collaboratively in a team environment. Please send a portfolio of your most challenging and accomplished work, describing your role with each project, to . No phone calls, consultants, or recruiters please.


Sakson and Taylor. A Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Web Developer Department: Development Compensation: Full-time, salaried Job Description: The Web Developer will assist in the creation, programming, and implementation of Web sites and Web-based applications on projects for GoTech clients or GoTech internal use. Primary emphasis will be on server-side Web programming and scripting (in Macromedia ColdFusion and Flash, Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET, JSP, etc.) and database programming/interaction. Secondary duties include (but are not limited to) client-side Web scripting (JavaScript, DHTML, etc.), client/server application programming (Visual Basic, C++, Java, etc.), technical research, product/technique evaluation, and other Web-related project duties. If you are interested in any of the listings below, please send us your resume in HTML (as URL), plain text (ASCII) or Microsoft Word (for Windows) format to The best way to stand out is to describe your project experience and, when available, include URLs. The appropriate GoTech supervisor will review all resumes, and if you qualify we will notify you when any such positions become available. Please make sure to include the Position Title you are interested in on the Subject line of your email. Due to the volume of resumes we receive, we regret that we can not respond to each inquiry personally. Please rest assured that your inquiry and resume will be read by the individual responsible for making our hiring decisions, and we will contact you if we would like to schedule an interview.

Web Producer. Location: Seattle, WA Requisition Number: 3493HS Major Duties and Responsibilities: * The Producer of BEA¹s Download Center ( and creates new site pages, enters pages into content management system, updates pages with new information as required, and ensures timely, detailed and accurate delivery of content to site. Major Areas of Responsibility: * Content Acquisition. * Under supervision of the Senior Producer, work with dev2dev staff, BEA Product Release teams, marketing managers, support engineers and project/program managers to acquire download bits and content for Download site. * Content Publishing. * Create new content pages (catalog entries, download pages, etc.), using templates specially designed for each page type within the content management system. * Participate in the content publishing process, working with dev2dev editorial staff to ensure a successful and efficient workflow from initial acquisition of content through the editing stages to the successful publication of content to the site. * Follow set schedule for updates to site content, ensuring that each type of content is updated or posted within its specific time requirements. * Efficiently track multiple sets of detailed content information through various processes to ensure complete, timely and accurate publication of data. * Site Maintenance. * As necessary, support editorial team in maintaining the site, ensuring that content and site areas are properly updated and that the site is fresh. * Support Senior Editor in handling requests from BEA staff for modifications, additions, and deletions to content currently on the site, responding to requests in a timely manner. * Work with Production Manager to monitor site continually for broken links, typographical errors, inaccurate placement of content, etc. * Other duties as assigned by manager. Qualifications/Necessary Skills: * Minimum of 1 year of Web production or web-based test experience. * Experience working with online cataloging and Web site/Internet technologies. * Demonstrated ability to manage very detailed content-related tasks according to editorial and business standards, and to work concurrently on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. * Excellent communications and project management skills. * Excellent written and verbal communication skills. * Demonstrated passion for technology and the Web. * Proficiency with HTML and DreamWeaver. * Understanding of Java technologies and BEA¹s product offerings. * Highly recommended production experience in a UNIX environment. Educational Requirements: *  A BA/BS degree or relevant equivalent experience. For immediate consideration, send your resume to . Please reference BEAWEB/3493HS in the subject line of your e-mail. For additional methods of resume submittal, please reference "How to Apply."


Graphic Designers!! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to be a major part of design company in downtown Bellevue. We are looking for a person who is reliable, creative, and very familiar with MAC format. It is also key that this individual is profecient with PhotoShop and Illustrator. The position is full-time and salary is based on experience. If you feel that your skills satisfy these requirements and you can take on this job, please send your resume to Key Requirements(must have experience with): * MAC format * Illustrator * PhotoShop