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Thought for today: "Creativity is not merely the innocent spontaneity of our youth and childhood; it must also be married to the passion of the adult human being, which is a passion to live beyond one's death." (Rollo May)

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February 15, 2004 - Vol 3, No. 04.
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Up Front Sunday Morning NW:

Some of my friends call me "Old School" in reference to my media expertise learned and mastered in the 1960's. I have to admit that I'm not up on the latest Cascading Style Sheet techniques nor am I anything but a inexperienced novice with Final Cut Pro. But, I do know something about the basic principles of design, visual continuity, and story telling through sound and image. These principles remain valid even though the technology for delivery changes.

Back in the "old days" I was strongly influenced by the emerging field of multimedia. No, not computer based multimedia, but the combination of film, slides, and audio as a multi-image medium for the telling stories and the delivery of information. So, it was with pleasure that I found a web site devoted to the mother of all multimedia events - Expo '67 in a recent Scout Report.

Montreal was the home for Expo '67. The theme for that exposition was Man and His World. The exhibit was divided into five sections: Man the Creator, Man the Explorer, Man the Producer, Man the Provider and Man and the Community. By the time the exhibition closed its doors, more than 50 million visitors had experienced the Exposition.

Expo '67 featured late-period Space Age architecture, hundreds of performers, and of course, celebrated 100 years of Canadian independence. It also made extensive use of multi-screen projections, multi-image film, and interactive audience decision making about film plots (see above photo of Czech Kinoautomat, 1967). A virtual visit at this web site, allows users to adopt a bird's eye perspective of the fair grounds, flying over a three-dimensional renderings, clicking on buildings of interest along the way, and learning more about each. Links to archival movie clips are informative.

Although this particular site makes limited comments about the multimedia innovations another site celebrates it. The Experimental Multi-Screen Cinema page by Jeffrey Stanton has an extensive collection of photographs that show the dynamic use of media at this world event.It was this use of technology that facilitated my interest in multimedia.

• International young winning filmmakers under the age of 18 are featured on this month's onemunutejr web site. All movies are one minute long and can be a commercial, music video,or internet animation. Such movies demand sharpness of eye and speed of thought from both viewer and maker. It is an ideal form in which to experiment. Experiencing a one minute movie can be over in a flash or take an eternity. The length of the minute urges the creators to form their ideas clearly but also gives them optimal freedom; in this short span of time laws cannot be binding.

Here are five of the current winning one minute movies by young filmmakers:

Chess - Ioana Marinescu Cristian Andrei Jujan ( Romania)

Dedans / dehors - Niscia Bouabcha ( Algeria)

End of the line - Gor Baghdasaryan and David Babayan (Armenia)

Leave no child out - Kamran Hasanov (Azerbaijan Republic)

L'incomprehensif - Ayoub Chakibi & Youness Abou-Laakoul (Morocco)

ASIFA-Northwest is a Pacific Northwest organization with a membership of professional animators, filmmakers, students, teachers and affiliated professions such as voice-over actors, composers, puppeteers, illustrators and cartoonists.The organization's web site has two articles of interest. One is the history of animation in Portland from 1. The second is the history of animation in Seattle. Both provide a comprehensive overview of the role animation has had in the development of Northwest filmmaking.

ASIFA-Northwest publishes the Northwest Animation Newsletter. This is a free, monthly publication.To receive a subscription by e-mail, send your request to .

pdxMindShare is a monthly gathering of Portland's professionals. This networking event offers an opportunity for talented people to make career-enhancing connections. pdxMindShare occurs on the third Wednesday of each month at the Rogue Pub (1339 NW Flanders). Don't forget business cards and a few bucks to take advantage of the full bar and fantastic menu. Sign up below for event reminders and job postings, all sent via email.

• The Northwest Creative Index is an online directory of design, illustration, photography, new media resources, including web site and multimedia developers, and artists' representatives in the Northwest.This directory includes listings with company or individual contact information, links to their web sites, and a description of services offered.

• The Library of Congress has a number of online lectures available for downloading as hour long videos or in print form. The Technology of Copyright: Digital Rights Management by Karen Coyle is one of possible interest to readers. Coyle explores the issue of digital rights management (DRM) technology to allow publication and distribution of digital media with a limited risk of piracy. What will it mean to writers, publishers, readers and libraries to work with documents that are protected by technology? How does DRM interact with copyright law? Can we live with it? Can we survive without it?

• A related online lecture is Public Access to Digital Materials by Brewster Kahle looks at the possibility of using current digital technology to build comprehensive collections, and making these available over digital networks students and scholars all over the world. The current challenge is establishing the roles, rights, and responsibilities in providing public access to this information.

• If you were trapped in a subway tunnel with seven other people, and you were determined to make a movie in the face of imminent death, what would you do? Maybe you'd build a tape less camcorder using a security camera and some cardboard? Dan Vance, a sort of cinematic survivalist, has done just that: his homemade VC25P is a direct-to-disk progressive-scan PAL system optimized for DV-to-35mm transfer.

Vance is a self-described "celluloid filmmaker turned engineer turned digital filmmaker." In the BRAINTRUSTdv interview, American Ingenuity:Tinkering with "DV" Vance explains how frame integration improves the quality of the digital image.

"I realized that there might be an opportunity to have a slight advantage over the thousands of other no-budget DV filmmakers by having a unique camera with a higher quality image. And I set out to see if I could achieve that."

You don't have to be familiar with the technical intricacies of DV to be inspired by old-fashioned ingenuity. The story of the VC25P reminds us that the scope of human dreams need not be subject to the limitations of over-the-counter technology.

• Those readers interested in the graphic design of posters will enjoy visiting the Visual Culture and Public Health Posters web site at the National Library of Medicine. The library has the world's largest collection of poster art dealing with issues of health in the United States.The site explores ways in which visual culture has been used to inform the general public about health concerns ranging from lead poisoning to tuberculosis.

MAIL BAG: It is always good to hear from readers.


GF ()

Web site header and icons by: Clandestino Productions
Kinoautomat photo from Experimental Multi-Screen Cinema

Service Directory:

The Proscenia Newsletter offers a listing of services by subscribers. If you would like to include your web site please contact the editor at ., Eugene. Human-oriented interface design, web development, and interactive mixed media performance solutions. Ben Beekman and Micky Hulse, Designers.

ATGpro.Com, Eugene. Aaron Thomas Graham, Media Developer. Mr. Graham is currently a Graphic Designer with Monaco Coach Corporation.

Australian Sound Design Project. A sound design and arts site with access to hundreds of  published sound designs, articles, papers, bibliographical searches, and funding links and  free shareware. The ASDP publishes an informative newsletter on sound issues

BeekMedia. Eugene. Ben Beekman is a graduate of the UO Multimedia program currently doing contract work in a variety of media including DVD and web design.

Chris Gates: Creative Graphic Communication for Electronic and Print Media. Portland. Chris Gates is a web and multimedia specialist and medical illustrator.

Clandestino Productions. Eugene. Gabriel Guzman, and Michael L. Wilson. A progressive new media design house that specializes in analog and digital creative solutions for commercial, non-profit and private interests. Clandestino specializes in assisting progressive businesses, organizations and individuals that support global and cultural enrichment and preservation

Cory Graham. Eugene. Cory is the Art Director/Lead WebDesigner with the Monaco Coach Corporation.

Creative Imagery. Gresham. Don Strike is an instructional designer and trainer providing course development for business and industry.

Ideascape, Inc. Portland. Doug Freeman is an award-winning scriptwriter and producer for video, broadcast, film and multimedia. He works with government, commercial and non-profit clients nationwide on technical and non-technical productions.

Equilibrium Designs. Portland. Manuel Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez is a professional web designer with clients in the Eugene area. He is also completing a degree in animation at the Portland Art Institute. Eugene. Josh Taylor provides web design, animation, audio, digital art, illustration, photography and video services.

Timothy Finlayson. Porland. Tim Finlayson is a recent University of Oregon graduate in multimedia design with an English minor. This is his portfolio site which will be periodically updated.

Troy Seattle. Mr. McFarland Specializes in 3D and motion graphic services for the film, video, and multimedia industry.

Add Your Web Site:()

RANDOM LINKS: Web Checkers and Validators

A web site is only as good as it functions downstream from the server on which you have it housed. There are a number of free web site validators and checkers that will help you maintain the effectiveness of your site. Most of these offer advanced services for a fee that may also be of value to your work as a web developer. provides a screen checker that lets you see how your web site looks on different screens including: 600X480, 544x384, 640x480, 800x600.

Bobby allows you to test web pages and help expose and repair barriers to accessibility and encourages compliance with existing accessibility guidelines, such as Section 508 and the W3C's WCAG.

Mikes-Marketing-Tools provides a free Link Popularity Checker that provides an instant, online report of a site's link popularity rating in 5 top search engines, including Google, MSN (Inktomi), AllTheWeb (FAST), AltaVista, & Teoma (Ask Jeeves) Link Popularity is the number of links pointing to a web site. The higher your web site's link popularity, the better, as most major search engines consider it as an important factor in determining a web page's ranking.

Optiview has a "Cool Tools" section to test loading speeds and other features of a web site."PageRacer" allows you to see how fast your web page downloads at 56k—with and without optimization. "QuickScan" will check the first 10 pages of your Web site for bloated and duplicate images that slow Web page loading. "Line Speed Tester" shows you how fast your Internet connection really is when viewed from different areas in the country.

Web Design Group provides a service by which you can check the effectiveness of your Cascading Style Sheets, CSSCheck is primarily a CSS1 checker. Many CSS2 properties are supported, but new CSS2 selectors will generate errors. The Web Design Group also provides a resource page of additional validators and checkers worth exploring.

W3C provides "MarkUp Validation Service"; a free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards. The site also has a CSS validator, WDG validator, Link Checker and other tools. The Link Checker is one of my favorite tools.

Random Links provides an opportunity to share online web resources. Listed sites may focus around a specific topic or be truly random. If you have a collection of hot links you'd like to share please let us know ().

Visit the Proscenia Random Links Archive



DISCUSSION FEATURE: Animating A Dynamic Tank Tread

Maya artist Keith Legg has contributed the second in a series of tutorials that Proscenia will be offering. We hope that this Alias Maya 3D tutorial will be of value to those interested in learning more about this dynamic software package.

Keith is a 3D artist with the Oregon Research Institute's Applied Computer Simulations Lab (ACSL) in Eugene, Oregon. The Lab's research team is well known for the virtual reality programs it has designed to help physically disabled children operate motorized wheelchairs successfully and safely in the natural environment.

Keith has been the lead 3D artist for an Internet version of ACSL's wheelchair training program. It is an online environment in which multiple users can connect to a computer network that allows them to practice driving in a shared virtual space with other children from across the country.

Keith uses Maya as the software of choice in creating the 3D environments in which these training activities take place.This is the second of Maya tutorials prepared by Keith Legg, 3D designer, at the Oregon Research Institute's Applied Computer Simulation Lab. Keith's first tutorial appeared in the December 7th issue of the Proscenia Newsletter. See:Maya Tutorial No. 1: Controlling Venetian Blinds.

Maya Tutorial No. 2: Animating a Dynamic Tank Tread. This second tutorial discusses how to set-up a rotating tank tread effect that conforms both to a path animation curve and the ground it rolls over. It is assumed that the user is familiar with basic mel scripting like loops, selection lists, and using the script editor.


Author: Keith Legg


Visit the Proscenia Discussion Feature Archive



1624 SW Alder
Portland, OR 97205

Freq is one of Northwest's newest and best equipped audio mastering facilities. "From the moment you cross over the threshold of Freq's lobby it's readily apparent that this place is something special. Eclectic to say the least, suddenly the name comes full circle. While the equipment list speaks for itself, words cannot even come close to conveying the vibe and comfort of this plush and precise audio mastering facility."

Freq Mastering uses the latest in digital technology assembled in a Russ Berger designed room to give a wide variety of high quality options in music recording.





The following news items are from The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.) This publication is distributed on line and is a free subscription service.

CoursePro 0.7.0 [Windows Operating System] No doubt there are students (and teachers) who will find Course Pro 0.7.0 quite a helpful application to have around. The application allows users to keep track of courses, course data, assignments and grades. Within each of these areas, users can define assignment types, assign weights to each assignment, create new assignments, and add indicators to keep abreast of when various assignments are due. The website for the program also features some nice screenshots, a help forum, and contact information. This version of Course Pro 0.7.0 is compatible with all systems running Windows 95 and above, and for the Palm OS as well. [KMG]

Photo2Album Free Edition 8.03 [Windows Operating System] From those who have yet to compile a set of photographs from the holiday season, this nice application may be just the tool for teh job. This edition of Photo2Album allows users to create email-sized photo albums with ease. This free edition does come with some restrictions, primarily that only five pages can be created within each album, and only three sets of email-sized photo albums can be created in total. That being said, the program is still quite useful, and the website also includes a short demonstration of how the application works and several sample albums for consideration. Photo2Album Free Edition 8.03 is compatible with all systems running Windows 98 and higher. [KMG]

iCal 1.5.2 [Mac Operating System]The latest version of this popular (and free) program has several new features that are worthy of consideration and mention. This new release includes To Do alarm sounds and notes, additional keyboard shortcuts, the ability to publish or subscribe to calendars on servers located behind a firewall, improved alarms, and support for events in multiple time zones. As with previous versions, iCal still includes simple search functions for locating events and tasks within the customized calendars and the ability to have notifications sent by email, telephone, or pager. iCal 1.5.2 is compatible with all operating systems running Mac OS X 10.2.3. [KMG

Books 2.0.2 [Macintosh Operating System] Books 2.0.2 is a good application for those out there seeking to add some sense of order to their extensive collection of books. Using this application, users can store, sort, and search their own virtual card catalog of their personal library. The application makes it simple to enter new books, edit the information of older books, and sort the books by various attributers, such as title or author. Books 2.0.2 is compatible with all systems running Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. [KMG]

Scout Report Notice Regarding History Cleaner. "In the January 9th issue of the Scout Report, a software package called "Free History Cleaner" was reviewed. It has since been brought to our attention that this package may install additional unwanted software intended to display advertisements (AKA "adware") along with the intended functionality, and that the "uninstall" feature of the software may not remove all of this unwanted software. The Internet Scout Project would like to apologize to our readers for any inconvenience caused by this review. While Scout editors strive to research and report on the very best the web has to offer, sometimes problems like this can slip through; thus, caution and regular backups are always in order when installing any new software package. Information on removing Free History Cleaner (and the associated adware) can be found at: " Reprinting of the Scout Report review of this software product appeared in the January 18, 2004 - Vol 3, No. 02. issue of the Proscenia Newsletter. It has since been removed.


The following news items are selected from NewsScanDaily an online publication distributed Monday through Friday. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to this free news summary.To subscribe or unsubscribe to the TEXT version of NewsScan Daily, send an e-mail message to with 'subscribe' or 'unsubscribe' in the subject line. To subscribe to the HTML version of NewsScan Daily, send mail to , with the word 'subscribe' as the subject.

PHILIPS DUMPS THE VCR. This week Philips, the huge Dutch electronics company that invented the cassette and technology that led to the CD and DVD, announced the closure of its remaining VCR production lines. Philips conceded the decision would cost it sales. People were comfortable with the technology, a spokesman said, but Philips believed it had reached its use-by date. Unstated but doubtlessly a factor, profit margins on VCRs, as with PCs, are probably now too thin to be attractive. Other companies, most Japanese-based using low-cost Chinese and South-East Asian assembly lines, are thought likely to follow, though slowly.

PENNY A MESSAGE? Microsoft and Yahoo are giving new life to the debate over whether imposing a small charge on senders of bulk e-mail messages would be the best way to defeat spam. Yahoo executive Brad Garlinghouse says that requiring electronic stamps for e-mail would force mailers to send only those offers a significant number of people might accept. "All of a sudden, spammers can't behave without regard for the Internet providers' or end users' interests." The idea doesn't sit well with everyone. Carnegie Mellon University professor David Farber, who runs a popular e-mail list focused on technology policy, warns: "I suspect the cost of postage will start out small and it will rapidly escalate." But the Internet Service Providers are more receptive to such plans, and Linda Beck of EarthLink says: "Sending large volumes of e-mail involve costs that are paid for by the ISPs and eventually by consumers. Should there be some sort of financial responsibility borne by the originators of these large-volume programs? I think there should." On the other hand, Charles Stiles, the manager of America Online's postmaster department, suggests that the plan simply won't do what it's meant to do, and reminds everyone that "it is the spammers who are the ones with the big pockets." (New York Times 2 Feb 2004)

MICROSOFT'S "PENNY BLACK" WOULD MAKE SPAMMERS PAY A PRICE. Microsoft's new "Penny Black" research project is named after an 1830s stamp used in Britain that reversed the cost of postage to the sender, rather than the original method of charging the letter recipient -- but the Microsoft plan would go the other way, and force the sender of an e-mail to incur some kind of cost. Microsoft also is aiming to raise the cost of sending mass e-mail in other ways: it is suing e-mail marketers in New York and Washington for sending massive e-mailings that that slow down the Internet. (Reuters/Los Angeles Times 6 Feb 2004),1,379371.story?coll=la-headlines-technology

FINALLY! THE NIGERIAN E-MAIL SCAMMERS CAUGHT. Police in the Netherlands have arrested 52 people suspected of using the so-called "Nigerian e-mail scam" to defraud Internet users by sending them spam e-mails asking for their help in transferring a large sum of money out of Nigeria or some other troubled country in exchange for a generous percentage-fee. A task force of 80 officers raided 23 apartments, seizing computers, fake passports and 50,000 euros ($62,000) in cash. Most of those arrested were believed to be Nigerian. (Wired 2 Feb 2004),1272,62124,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_5

SHOPPERS SPOOKED BY SPAM. Spam is putting a damper on e-commerce, according to a survey published by the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue, which indicates that 52% of respondents are shopping less on the Internet or not at all because of concerns that information disclosed in such transactions will generate more junk e-mail. "It is very clear that the majority of citizens are very troubled by unsolicited commercial e-mails. It is also very clear that bona fide businesses are losing money because the disreputable image of spam is making consumers uneasy about engaging in e-commerce." The results were released at an anti-spam summit held by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is calling for international cooperation in tackling the scourge of spam and restoring consumer confidence in electronic commerce. "Most governments do view the Internet as a key to global economy. Spam certainly has the capacity to interfere with that," says Peter Ferguson, chairman of the OECD working party on information security and privacy. (Reuters/Washington Post 2 Feb 2004)

THE OUTSOURCING DEBATE. At a conference in Bombay organized by the Indian software and services export industry, attendees were assured that the outsourcing of IT-related jobs to developing countries will boost competitiveness and slash costs. Dan Griswold of the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., said that more jobs in developing countries will build "larger middle classes and create a larger market for U.S. products in the future." In contrast (and as part of a growing backlash against the "offshore outsourcing" trend), the U.S. Senate recently passed a bill that, if it gets the President's approval, would prohibit government contractors from shifting work overseas. (AP/New York Times 4 Feb 2004)

WHO'S SAYING WHAT TO WHOM: WEBFOUNTAIN KNOWS. Hundreds of computer servers at IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose, CA, each week gathers 250 million new Web pages and the data (512,000 gigabytes of it) to software called WebFountain designed to capture what everybody is saying about something. IBM has begun licensing the WebFountain technology to corporations to create "buzz reports" developed by scouring every part of the Internet (Web logs, chat rooms, newspaper stories, and so forth) to find out consumer reaction to some new product. In contrast to standard search engines that just match patterns, WebFountain takes a subject and does detailed analyses of what it finds, taking special note of how often someone's name is associated with someone else's with reference to a particular topic. (San Jose Mercury News 4 Feb 2004)

CORNING BETS BIG ON FLAT PANELS. Corning is making a $600 million investment in production of the super-smooth, extremely thin glass that sandwiches liquid crystals and transistors in an LCD display. Despite a glut of companies that make flat-panel computer monitors and television sets, there are only a few companies that manufacture the glass and Corning holds a 50% share of that market. The investment will enable Corning to boost production and make bigger sheets of glass, driving prices on the costly displays down. The 150-year-old company, which lost big when its fiber optic business dried up in 2002, is banking on pent-up consumer demand for LCD high-definition TVs, as well as laptops and flat-panel desktop PCs. The TVs are especially profitable for Corning because they use far more glass than the smaller computer displays. (Wall Street Journal 5 Feb 2004),,SB107593218444720878,00.html (sub req'd)

OOPS: WASHINGTON POST FORGETS TO RENEW $35 REGISTRATION. The Washington Post's Internet address was shut down for awhile yesterday because the company failed to renew its $35 annual registration. [This can happen to the very best of organizations; it even happened once to NewsScan.] The shutdown affected the ability of the newspaper's journalists and other employees to communicate with the rest of the world, but had no impact on the access to another Internet site,, which the Post uses to provide access to its daily newspaper. (Washington Post 6 Feb 2004)

SLIMEWARE?. Some AOL subscribers have received messages seeming to be from friends
but linked to a humorous Osama bin Laden game that surreptitiously installs another program which in turn broadcasts an ad from the infected computer to all correspondents on its buddy lists. AOL executive Andrew Weinstein calls the software that does this "a particularly slimy form of adware," though the makers of that software, called Buddylinks, insists: "Our games interact with instant messengers by promoting the game among the user's network of buddies. Please understand, our flash games are in no way a virus. We simply combine peer-to-peer, social networking, and instant messaging into one spectacular technology." AOL's Weinstein says, "The one important thing for consumers to know is that they should always execute extreme caution before downloading or installing any program unless they're absolutely sure why they got it." (San Jose Mercury News 13 Feb 2004)

TIVO'S WATCHING YOU TiVo's announcement last week that Janet Jackson's halftime show set a record for viewer reruns reminded users that while they're watching TiVo, TiVo's watching back. The company insists that it protects users' privacy unless otherwise directed, and while it does keep a log of what users are viewing on their machines, it strips out identifying information. "We're very serious about this stuff. We know the capabilities that this technology can afford," says TiVo general counsel and chief privacy officer Matt Zinn, who adds that even if law-enforcement officials asked the company to monitor a certain customer's viewing habits, it would not be able to supply the records because it doesn't keep them. Besides, subscribers can always opt out of the monitoring program by calling a toll-free number, although only a small number do. Meanwhile, TiVo is seeking to "monetize" its data through a partnership with Nielsen Media Research that will track a group of 5,000 to 6,000 volunteer users who will supply Nielsen with personal information, such as household income, gender and other demographic information. By packaging the viewing data with demographic breakdowns, it will provide valuable feedback to the networks, and TiVo suggests that one day viewers could even influence TV programming. "People want their voices known, and other than writing a letter to the network, they haven't been able to do that," says TiVo president Martin Yudkovitz. (Wall Street Journal 9 Feb 2004),,SB107627909024923840,00.html (sub req'd)

DISNEY AND MICROSOFT TEAM UP FOR SPEEDY DELIVERY The Walt Disney Co. is licensing Microsoft's Windows Media digital rights management technology as part of its long-term strategy to make movies, television shows and other content available in a digital format to accommodate future buyers of the next-generation of high-definition DVDs and personal media players set to hit the market later this year. "Our shared goal is to ensure that consumers will have access to great content on many different devices including Windows XP Media Center PCs, high-definition TVs or Portable Media Center devices -- without having to worry about compatibility issues," says a Microsoft senior VP. (AP 9 Feb 2004)




Arts Electric Calendar. A worldwide calendar for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.

The BBC has announced the Vision Design Competition that helps talented designers at the start of their careers gain an introduction into the film & television industry. Successful applicants have the opportunity to gain practical experience within their chosen design discipline and are invited to apply for the Vision Design Trainee Scheme. Entry submissions must be received between April 12 - 23,2004.

MAY, 2004

E3 2004 The Electronics Entertainment Expo. 12-14 May at the Los Angeles Conference Center. If you are in the business of interactive entertainment, this is the event for you. Workshops, exhibits, leaders in the business of game design, internet entertainment, interactive media design.

JULY, 2004

Digital Generations: Children, young people and new media. 26-29 July 2004 London, England A major international conference organised by The Centre for the Study of Children, Youth and Media Institute of Education, University of London Computer games, the internet and other new communications media are often seen to pose threats and dangers to young people; but they also provide new opportunities for creativity and self-determination. This international conference will present the most exciting and challenging new research on children, young people and new digital media.

August, 2004

Siena:Sketchbook workshop.Auguat 1-29, 2004.University of Oregon Professor Emeritus Ken O’Connell is a major sketchbook artist having filled over 56 sketchbooks. He will lead the students on a journey of exploration throughout the birthplace and working towns of the master of all sketchbooks, Leonardo da Vinci, as well as other artists like Michelangelo, Raphael, Brunelleschi, Giotto, Donatello, and Verrocchio.

Watercolor and pen and ink sketching, colored pencil, markers and other portable media will be used throughout the workshop. Drawing techniques of the artists mentioned above will be closely studied and subject matter will be drawn from all around us. Professional Italian artists will demonstrate special techniques such as illuminated and decorated manuscripts.
Contact: Professor Emeritus Ken O' Connell <>



The multimedia industry offers a diveristy of job opportunities for those interested in graphics, film, video, audio and computer technology. The following resources are recommended for learning more about careers in multimedia production.

Art & Design - Career & Employment - Art Jobs Prepared by theDepartment of Art and Design - Northern Michigan University. A very comprehensive guide to job directories, search engines, and specialized firms related to all aspects of graphic and newer media careers.

Careers in Informational Technology.This is an extremely comprehensive guide to careers within the field of information technology which includes multimedia design and development. There are 10 chapters in this online document and each chapter is based around a set of professional concerns. The site guides the user from understanding what careers exist through to getting a job.Site created by Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Job Guide 2003! provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations, and their education and training pathways. It also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit you best, based on your interests and abilities. Some examples:

Career Connection.This site outlines some of the many positions available at production studios, post production houses, television stations and others around the country.The site is a commercial site but the descriptions are worth taking a look at.

Careers in Multimedia.The Multimedia and New Media industries cover a wide range of activities. This guide looks at the types of job positions and the work environments in which one might be employed.

Entertainment Careers has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.

Career Advice. provides an excellent overview of the following career options and links to possible jobs.

- Cinematographer
- Copywriter
- Creative Writer
- Editor
- Graphic Designer
- Photographer
- PhotoJournalist
- Sound/Recording Engineer
- Studio Musician
- Technical Writer

Landing Your Dream Job in Computer Graphics:
Steps you should take to get the ultimate computer graphics job. By Mark Swain. A nice clearly written guide to professional opporutnities in web design, game development, and television and video.




JOB BOARDS. Click and go directly to a listing of jobs - no need for searching.

Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Computer Game Design Job Board. This site is provided by and lists a wide variety of job opportunities from lead design to 3D artist and programming specialists.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.

Entertainment Careers. Net. Job Board. Entertainment jobs and internships listings at Studios, Networks, Production Companies, Record Companies, Radio Stations, VFX, Animation,Broadcasting


Audio Technical Producer needed for Southern Oregon radio network to do production, board opps and call screening. Email resume to: Location: OR Date: 2/6/2004 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer. Research and Development Technician We are recruiting for a versatile and talented addition to our R&D team. The successful candidate will have experience in: -CAD surface modeling using Rhino -Clay modeling (scale models) -Mold tooling -Surface modeling using Rhino 3D CAD software is a prime requirement. Additional computer skills, particularly Internet research, is desired. Any other "hands on" modeling skills and steel fabrication and welding skills are a plus. Country Coach offers competitive wages, excellent benefits including health, life, and dental insurance, 401(k) plan, and paid vacations and holidays. A physical exam and drug test is required after an offer of employment is made. Apply in person at 135 E. 1st Ave., Junction City, Mon.-Thurs. from 8am to 5pm, and Fri. 8am-noon, or email resume to: Check us out at COUNTRY COACH Location: OR Date: 2/15/2004 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Computer Support- Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon, is accepting applications for two TECHNICAL SUPPORT SPECIALISTS. For further information, see our our website at: EEO/AA Location: OR Date: 2/15/2004 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic Designer.We are recruiting for the following positions in our Marketing Department: GRAPHIC DESIGNER - Seeking energetic, resourceful graphic designer to join Country Coach marketing team. Team player. Able to work in fast paced, multi-task, deadline driven environment. Tasks include layout, printing and fulfillment of Encad large format banners, layout and design of direct mail. Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Indesign. Pay on experience. Apply in person at 135 E. 1st Ave., Junction City, Mon.-Thurs. from 8am to 5pm, and Fri. 8am-noon, or email resume to: Check us out at COUNTRY COACH Location: OR Date: 2/6/2004 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Production Director.Come join part of the winning team at Clear Channel Eugene. Are you ready to fill our immediate opening for a production director? Do you have the ability to make our spots sizzle? Digital editing experience, creative copy writing & great people skills a must. Please send your resume & production samples to CLEAR CHANNEL RADIO Attn: Prod Dir, Chuck Hall 1345 Olive Street Eugene, Oregon 97401 No Phone calls please. Clear Channel Radio is an Equal opportunity employer. Location: OR Date: 2/6/2004 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

TV Production Assistant. KVAL-TV has an opening for a Part-time Studio Camera Operator.Broadcast experience or degree required. EOE Send Resume to: Job #P04-03 KVAL-TV P.O. Box 1313 Eugene, OR 97440 Location: OR Date: 2/6/2004 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)



Administrative.M Financial Group M Financial Group, headquartered in Portland, OR, is a leader in the delivery of financial products and services for affluent individuals and top corporate executives. We are a well-recognized, dynamic, and fast growing company with great opportunities for self-directed professionals. We are seeking an achievement- oriented professional to join our team. Word Processing Specialist In this role, you'll provide word processing and desktop publishing support. You'll create, edit, format and proofread documents, spreadsheets, publications and other related projects, including correspondence, mass mailings, contracts, manuals and various reports. Successful candidates will have a High School diploma/GED and 2 years' related work experience. Must be able to create professional quality publications from concept through production using desktop publishing software. Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office, and the knowledge of or ability to learn Quark, Lotus 123, Adobe Photoshop, Freehand 10 and Illustrator 10 are vital. Excellent proofreading and verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously are also needed. We offer an exceptional work environment, outstanding compensation package with bonuses and ample opportunities for advancement. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy creating innovative solutions to complex problems in a collaborative environment, please indicate Job #WPS-OR and forward your resume and salary requirements to us today: M Financial Group, Attn: Human Resources, P.O. Box 2207, Portland, OR 97. Fax: . Email: Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Computer.NCUBE nCUBE CORPORATION, Beaverton, Oregon.A leading provider of on-demand media and digital advertising solutions is currently accepting resumes for the following positions. The company offers cable operators and telecommunications network providers the most comprehensive business and technology management solution for advanced television services such as video-on-demand, subscription VOD (SVOD), network personal video recording (nPVPR) and digital advertising insertion. nCUBE provides a friendly, casual work environment, challenging projects, competitive pay, and excellent benefits.

Java Developer (nODA)
B.S. in CS or equiv. + 3 yrs exp. Excellent Java, J2EE, XML skills, plus exp. with Solaris UNIX and SW design patterns required. Exp. with interactive TV, developing with Oracle databases, and open-source tools desired.

Java Developer (nABLE)
B.S. in CS or equiv. + 3 yrs exp. Excellent Java server dev skills (multithreading, interfaces) required. Exp. in object patterns, modeling languages, XML, Tomcat, and web app design a plus. Cable TV/On-Demand exp. desired.

TV Client SW Developer
B.S. in CS or equiv. + 5 yrs. exp. Excellent C skills and exp. in multithreading required. Exp developing in PowerTV, Scientific Atlanta environments, Java, GUI/graphic dev desired. XML, XSL, XSLT, sockets a plus.

Software Engineer
B.S. in CS or equiv. + 5 yrs. exp. C/C++, MFC, UNIX, Java/Perl/Apache skills; exp. in SW design and Windows required. Oracle, PL/SQL, and socket programming desired.
Senior Software Engineer
B.S. in CS or equiv. 5+ yrs. exp. in Unix/Linux kernel and file system dev in a distributed or multi-processor environment required. Distributed lock manager, volume manager, and/or UNIX device driver exp. a plus.

Quality Assurance Engineer
B.S. + 4 yrs. QA exp. Strong QA background in high performance or real-time UNIX server applications. Strong analytical & scripting skills required. Must have self-management skills & ability to drive defect triage. Cable TV, Ad Insertion, or VOD systems exp. desired.
All inquiries may be sent to: Published in the Oregonian on 02/15

Computer.New Horizons Computer Learning Center Full-Time Instructors New Horizons is looking for quality, full-time graphic and Internet instructors to teach Adobe and Macromedia products as well as MS Suite. This excellent opportunity provides bonuses, great benefits, continual computer training, the latest software program knowledge, and travel in the Oregon area. Join our awardwinning staff! Submit your resume with cover letter by mail, e-mail or fax no later than Feb. 12, 2004. New Horizons 9800 SW Nimbus Ave., Ste. 100 Beaverton, OR 97008 or fax to Published in The Oregonian on 02/09

Customer Service Provide customer service for graphics software products. Requires excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, ability to capture upselling opportunities. Experience with windows and Mac desired. Experience with graphics software products and web design also desired. $8.50/hr. to start. Also have openings for bilingual technical support. Must be fluent in written and spoken Spanish and English. $9.00/hr. to start. Apply at Published in The Oregonian on 02/14

Digital prepress operator. Requires experience w/ InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop, digial file transfer, web design. Hardware & networking exp helpful. Swingshift. E-mail resumes to or fax to . Published in The Oregonian on 02/07

Education. Clark College is accepting resumes for the following temporary part-time positions in the Art Department beginning March 29, 2004: Graphic Design / Art Instructor and Digital Photography Instructor. The department is also accepting resumes for potential openings for Black and White Photography Instructors. Master's degree and college-teaching experience are desirable. To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Clark College Personnel Services, 1800 E. McLoughlin Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98663, . (Hearing impaired ) For information regarding teaching assignments, access our web site at, Jobs at Clark.Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Graphics pic scanning. Great job for graphics student. Work your own hours. Scan, edit, pictures. Work at home or in our office. Trained person only. ext 104. Hillsboro and Seaside.
Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Graphic Artist. Advertising co. needs a multi-talented graphic artist w/strong communication skills. Must function effectively within a computer-driven environment. Preference given to touch typist familiar w/Corel Draw 11. Great benefits. Downtown Portland. Free parking. Send resume w/salary history to PO Box 6343, Portland, OR 97228, Attn: Anne Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Graphic Design. Imageworks Marketing Group seeking multitalented designer. Print/Web. Contact James @ Published in The Oregonian on 02/14

Graphic Design/Publicity Hawthorne wellness facility seeks one w/open mind and heart for part-time Graphic Design/Publicity position. Organized team player. Fitness knowledge pref'd; marketing experience a plus. Must know Indesign, Excel, Illustrator, PC & Mac. Send resume to OWH/Designer, 4231 SE Hawthorne, PDX, OR 97215. Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Graphic Design/Publicity Hawthorne wellness facility seeks one w/open mind and heart for part-time Graphic Design/Publicity position. Organized team player. Fitness knowledge pref'd; marketing experience a plus. Must know Indesign, Excel, Illustrator, PC & Mac. Send resume to OWH/Designer, 4231 SE Hawthorne, PDX, OR 97215. Published in The Oregonian on 02/14

Graphic Designer.needed for community business publication. Quark Xpress, Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator knowledge a must. Exper on both MAC & PC preferred. Send resume to: Publisher, Vancouver Business Journal, 2525 E 4th Plain Blvd, Vancouver WA 98661. Fax or email Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Graphic Designer. Freelance work. 2yrs professional exp req'd. Email quark, pdf or word file resumes to: Published in The Oregonian on 02/09

Graphic Designer. Established high-energy food co., seeking talented, dependable, creative & enthusiastic Graphic Designer w/good sense of humor & extensive exp w/pkg design to work in stressful but fun, fastpaced atmosphere. F/T pos. Primary Responsibilities: - Create design concepts & finish art files for pkg, POP, brochures, sales support materials - Create mockups - Work w/vendors on prepress for quality of print production - Attend press checks - Do illustrations & write copy - Web design and digital photography skills a plus - Support for art director and senior designer Job Qualifications: - Proficient in Freehand, Illustrator & Photoshop in a Mac environment - Degree in art or exp in field - 3 yrs exp w/package design - Able to work under pressure in a deadline-driven enviro - Must be self-starter, creative, flexible, able to withstand critiques of designs, be fast, accurate & highly efficient Send cover letter with salary reqs & samples of work. Hardcopies only to: c/o Oregonian, Dept. 9734-M, Ptld, OR 97. No CDs or website referrals.Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Illustrator. DESIGN YOU: A senior retail design professional with the highest level of design ability and presentation drawing skills. You're also a master of hand rendering with strong computer illustration skills. Experience in retail architecture, branding, lighting, merchandizing/display & graphic signing/design required. Experience in food retailing gives us goosebumps. US: Established & growing retail design firm located in Eugene, but operating on the world stage. Check us out at Fax resumes to: or email: Equal Opportunity Employer Drug test required. Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Marketing The Oregon Film & Video Office seeks L.A. marketing and recruitment representative. P/T. Requires LA area residency. For application packet: Oregon Film & Video, 121 SW Salmon, Ste 1205, Portland, OR 97204, attn: LA Rep, Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Marketing Coordinator. David Evans and Associates, Inc (DEA), a national, multidiscipline professional services consulting firm, is seeking an entrylevel marketing coordinator for proposal writing and production in its Portland office. Must have a Bachelor's degree, business-related preferred. 1-3 years of office experience desired. Experience in A/E/C considered, but not required. Must have high computer aptitude and experience in MS Office. Experience in Adobe PageMaker and PhotoShop desirable. Ideal candidate will have excellent writing and organizational skills, and the ability to learn quickly. Competitive salary and excellent benefits. If interested and meet qualifications, please send cover letter, resume & references to: Attn: J-B DEA 2100 SW River Parkway Portland, OR 97201 (no phone calls please) Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Marketing Coordinator If you've got great writing, graphics and web skills, TEC Equipment needs you! We're the largest truck dealer on the West Coast and we need help implementing our marketing plan. Show us your Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop skills with 3-5 yrs of exper. and we'll show you a great opportunity. Email your resume and two samples of your work to: or fax to Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Photoshop wizard Advertising/Print Production /Prepress. Need freelancer or moonlighter for ongoing projects. Must be an experienced Photoshop wizard. Please fax resume & note to Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Printing Prepress Department looking for individual with digital prepress Flexo experience. Proficient in the use of PhotoShop, Illustrator, Freehand & Quark. Narrow Web Flexo & Nexus experience a plus. Full benefits. Please send resume to: Craftsman Label, 8925 SE Jannsen Rd, Clackamas, OR 97015 or fax to: . Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Production Coordinator - Lead Gillespie Graphics, the largest screen printer in Oregon is currently recruiting for a top notch Production Coordinator. This hands-on position will coordinate custom print jobs between the sales reps, customers, and production. Also coordinates requests for pricing, booking jobs into computer and processing paperwork. The ideal candidate will have at least three years production coordination experience in a manufacturing environment and have a true feel on what it means to take care of their customers. A background in graphic design would be helpful. Excellent attention to detail, leadership skills and computer skills including Excel required. To apply send your resume and cover letter to Gillespie Graphics - PC, PO Box 1340, Wilsonville, OR 97070 or fax Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Public Relations/ Communications Specialist If your talents lie in pitching stories, developing marketing communications and writing ad copy, Michaels of Oregon would like to talk with you.Michaels manufacturers hunting and shooting products for the outdoor and law enforcement markets. We need someone who can assist us with public relations by writing press releases, advertising and product copy and web content. You'll be responsible for public relations events and may need to pitch hit as a company spokesperson from time to time. Qualifications include 5-7 years progressively responsible experience in public relations field; accreditation in Public Relations preferred. Must possess effective media relations techniques, with proven experience in public relations crisis management. Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, and MS office products proficiency desired. Established relationships/experience within the outdoor, sporting goods or law enforcement industry a plus. Michaels of Oregon, located in Oregon City, provides a competitive salary and benefits package. To apply, submit cover letter and resume to by February 13. Equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Visit our website @ Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Teaching: Graphic Design, Art, and Photography Instructors. Clark College is accepting resumes for the following temporary part-time positions in the Art Department beginning March 29, 2004: Graphic Design / Art Instructor and Digital Photography Instructor. The department is also accepting resumes for potential openings for Black and White Photography Instructors. Master's degree and college-teaching experience are desirable. To apply, submit resume and cover letter to Clark College Personnel Services, 1800 E. McLoughlin Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98663, . (Hearing impaired ) For information regarding teaching assignments, access our web site at, Jobs at Clark.Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Email Published in The Oregonian on 02/08

Technical Illustrator We have an immediate career opportunity for a TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATOR in our Technical Publications Department. Job duties will consist of creating, editing and revising service and operations manuals using engineering specifications, prints, parts lists and existing content/artwork for various manufactured product lines.To qualify for this position, you must possess the following qualifications: Experience with computer generated graphics using Inventor, AutoCAD & Corel Draw Desktop publishing skills with Adobe PageMaker Advanced skills with Microsoft software Must be skilled in drafting and technical illustrating and be adept at electronic layout and various reprographics methods Mechanical aptitude A four-year BA/BS degree in technical illustration and writing preferred. 2-3 years experience in a manufacturing/production environment helpful. Excellent benefits program available including vacation, holiday pay, medical and vision coverage, and retirement plan. Employment drug screen required.We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.For immediate consideration, please email resume, cover letter and salary requirements to: Published in The Oregonian on 02/15

Technical Writer Portland, OR based software company seeks to fill a full-time technical writing position. Responsibilities of this detail-oriented job include writing release bulletins, manuals and technical bulletins for a variety of products. Qualified candidates must have 2-3 years technical writing experince and a bachelor's degree in Englsh, Journalism, Communications or other related field. Knowledge of FrameMaker, Acrobat and Windows 2000 strongly desired. Successful applicant must be able to work independently, as well as in a team environment. Must be comfortable with the editing process, have strong organizational skills and be expected to meet tight deadlines. Salary commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits package. Qualified applcants may e-mail cover letter and resume to or fax to , Attn Development Department.
Published in The Oregonian on 02/08


I'm currently limiting Newsletter job searching to Oregon and South West Washington. However, for those interested in positions elsewhere in the Northwest may I recommend the following:

America's Job Bank.Provides a simple search engine that generates a number of NorthWest jobs. Try, for example, typing in Seattle and using as a keyword photoshop, graphics, web design, or video. Be sure to select the Arts, Design, Entertainment, Media category.

Sakson and Taylor. Most media jobs in the Seattle area seem to be promoted through Sakson and Taylor a Seattle based employment service that specializes in technical communication. The organization fills positions in animation, graphics, media, instructional design, writing and other areas. This seems to be a central connection to the media production opportunities in the Seattle area.

Seattle Times. Seattle area jobs not listed with Sakson and Tayler will be found in the Seattle Times online employment service.

Career Click .COM. This online service allows you to search individual, regional, or national Canadian newspapers for job positions. Remember that Canada has tight employment restrictions for non residents.

Vancouver Sun . The Vancouver Sun provides an online employment section that lists jobs in that great city of the North. These same jobs can be found on Career Click. Com listed aboved.


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