OpenEar Project Coordinators

Ken Loge and Gary Ferrington formed Proscenia Interactive with the goal of facilitating an informal association of independent media producers who come together and work on projects having pro-social entertainment or informational value. Proscenia's organizational structure is one based on collaboration and cooperation believing that profit is secondary to the development of quality materials for children and adults. Loge and Ferrington serve as managers for the current OpenEar Project.

A photograph of Ken Loge.
Ken Loge
Creative Director
Principal Developer
A photograph of Gary Ferrington.
Gary Ferrington
Associate Project Coordinator
Intern Supervisor

Ken Loge is the Project Manager for the Applied Computer Simulation Labs at the Oregon Research Institute, where he is currently engaged in research on the use of Virtual Reality programs to help children who are physically challenged operate motorized wheelchairs, and programs designed for students who are blind to help them learn Orientation and Mobility skills in 3-D acoustic space. He is also a part-time instructor, teaching courses in multimedia production, multimedia authoring, and interactive writing and design at Lane Community College.

Gary Ferrington is Senior Instructor Emeritus at the University of Oregon. His background is in instructional design and technology, and while at the University, headed the graduate program in Instructional Systems Technology. He is currently on the editorial board for Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology and is the secretary for the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. Ferrington is actively involved in the media literacy movement in North America and has participated as a consultant in the design and development of commercially available training materials.