The Movie Trailer
By Gary Ferrington

The movie trailer is sometimes better than the film it promotes. The design and production of these short films has become an art form worth studying. A media designer can learn much by accessing and analyzing the creative design processes used in many movie trailers. Here is just a few of the Internet sites devoted to this form of micro movie.

BBCi Films. This is a well designed site and provides access to film trailers using three different download rates. It also offers a variety of other resources including an informative interview section. A guide to 13 trailer and clip sites around the world.

The Film Asylum. This site is centered around the fantastical side of cinema including horror, sci-fi, fantasy and action. Provides trailers, clips and reviews.

IMDb Internet Movie Database. This is a well known searchable directory with links to hundreds of trailers. Search by genre or year.

Movie Trailers. Provides QuickTime trailers for most current feature films. Also includes soundtracks for some films. A well designed site making many titles easily accessible.

Movie-List Classics. Includes some trailers which are no longer (or never have been) available on the Internet. The trailers have been re-encoded in high resolution picture and sound.

Pulsing Cinema. This site has celluloid trailer orphans of European and Japaneese horror films. Another strange venu with limited quality.

Real Cinema. Provides trailers of films to be released later in the year 2004 as well as current features. A nicely organized and easily accessible site.
Trailervision.A unique site that offers spoof movie trailers for films that don't exist. Trailervision pioneers the movie trailer as a new medium. Trailers are fast, funny and entertaining in their own right and often better than the movies they advertise. Trailervision produces spoof trailers and spoof ads at This site requires membership.

Telugu Cinema Trailers. presents film trailers from Indian features. These aren't the most imaginative, but somewhat interesting for their music.

.An extensive archive of movie trailers. Titles only with no descriptions of the film. If you know a movie you may find a trailer for it at this site.