By Gary Ferrington

This collection focuses on web based short films for entertainment and learning.

Atom Films. A lot of short films to watch here including:animation, comedy, music, extreme, action, spotlight, drama, and more.

Brain Pop. This is a collection of short educational animations in the areas of health, science, technology, math, English and Social Studies. They are informative and well done. They illustrate how short films could be integrated into an educational web site.

BMW Films."Brace yourself for intricate plot twists, riveting car chases, and a dose of wit. All eight short films of The Hire, created by Hollywood’s finest talent, are available now for downloading and streaming."

Commercial Productions - TV Spots.Five quicktime movies related to the quality of life. All are dramatizations of about 60 seconds in length. The collection illustrates the effective communication of information within a short time frame. Films by Frank Chindamo and Noelle Aimee Kozoll.

Fun Little Movies. A Los Angeles-based film and broadband production company specializing in comedy. Their work has played on HBO, MTV, and elsewhere.

Real Good Movies. A variety of short films including a claymation spoof - ICEBURG. "What really happened on that fateful night the Titanic collided with the iceberg? Depicted through the eyes of innocent animal inhabitants of the iceberg, this zany parody of the blockbuster film Titanic sheds new light on the romantic of life, love, death and survival."

Short Films. Includes drama, animation, sci-fi, action,comedy, and film maker interviews.