Flash Animation
By Gary Ferrington

Flash has become an important program used in the design and development of both web and animated movies.

An online presentation What's new in Flash MX2004? (15 min's.) introduces the next edition of Flash. Several options for exploring the content are offered so you don't have to watch the entire program.

Becoming a Flash 5 Master. This Web Monkey site provides 4 basic lessons with extensive detail related to getting started with flash:Lesson 1 -Tools, symbols, and layers, Lesson 2 - Buttons, morphing, and animation, Lesson 3 - Sounds and tell Target, Lesson 4 - Navigation, optimizing, and publishing.

Best Flash Animation Site.com A resource center for flash designers and developers. Provides flash showcase examples and useful articles.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Flash These Flash 5 Tutorials include: 1.Create a Splash Screen, 2. Creating a and 3. Using Masking in an Animation

EchoEcho Tutorials. One of several sites providing online tutorials. This site includes: Introduction to flash, drawing, buttons, tweenings, Flash+Java scripting and an FLA archive of examples which you can download and study as to how they were designed.

Flash Kit. Started late October in 1999 as a resource site that flash developers would find useful. It was the goal of the site developers to "...create a one stop raw materials center for flash creations."

Flash Tutorials. There are 14 Flash tutorials at this site. These are quite well illustrated.

Examples: Here is a sampling of flash examples that I have book marked. A couple are informational, some offer drama, and others are simply humorous. Enjoy!

Broken Saints. A 24 chapter dramatic fantasy using flash as a storytelling medium.

Final Task. Inspired by Japanese Animation, this movie showcases a cinematic martial arts approach to the Flash application.

Growth of a Nation. A ten minute informational presentation illustrates the growth of the United States from the original thirteen states in 1789.

Kubrick 2001: The Space Odyssey Explained. This site is the Golden Web Award winner for 2. According to USA Today, the site "Cleverly interprets the movie's obscure bits."

Royal Bank. The frustrations of trying to cash a check at your local bank.

Saskatchewan Stories. Like Growth of a Nation above, this site is one designed for students.It is a multimedia experience that provides insights into the various work activities of people in a Canadian Prairie province from the First Nations groups to the present day.

Yes & No: A Dysfunctional Road Movie. Sometimes driving badly just seems to make more sense than the alternative. This is a hilarious animation depicting examples why.

Why Cows Have Legs. Jason Tammemagi's bovines of the world unite and show us their mechanical parts.