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Graphic Design Forums
By Micky Hulse

As designers we often have questions to which quick answers can be found through online forums.

Micky Hulse of Eugene, has provided this set of links he believes designers will find useful.

ADOBE FORUMS. Share questions, suggestions, and information about your Adobe products.

DESIGNERS TALK: One of the better graphic design forums on the web. This is my favorite site to post questions relating to anything multimedia, but more specifically, thoughts and questions about art and design.

DEVSHED: This is one of the best places for help on just about anything computer related. This is one of the first forums I post to when I am in a bind or looking for inspiration.

DMNFORUMS:Home of the Worldwide Users Groups. Multimedia forums and news. From Graphic Design to Business Media, DMNFORUMS is the perfect spot to post a thread about anything multimedia related.

GREATNEXUS: These forums are well organized--Mainly forums for webmasters and coding. Not the most popular forum around, but if you are in a multimedia bind, post a thread at GREATNEXUS.

GRAPHIC DESIGN FORUM:"The best Graphic Design oriented forum on the net. Here at the GDF we welcome members from all parts of the world and all levels of experience. We welcome your questions and we have experts who have a ton of expertise in all areas of the industry."

PHPBUILDER:Another good site that offers tons of great information about PHP coding.

PHPDN: This is a PHP developer's network. From beginner to Expert and everything in-between, PHPDN is a great place to post questions, answers, and read tutorials.

STUDIO ADOBE:Not a forum, but you can browse our extensive library of in-depth tips and tutorials from industry luminaries and Adobe's own product experts.

WEB DESIGN FORUMS: A site dedicated to helping web designers and developers with their questions in a positive and helpful environment. Fully supported by donations, WDF has no site-wide sponsors and has no advertisements whatsoever.

WEBDEVFORUMS: With 5,000 members strong, WEBDEVFORUMS is the place to post any web-dev questions you may have.

WEBMASTER-TALK: The people at WEBMASTER-TALK want to grow and keep the Webmaster-Talk forum as a leading, top notch forum for webmasters. A place where can learn, share, and master the web together!

WEBMASTERWORLD is another all-in-one site that specializes in "News and Discussion for the Independent Web Professional."

WWW. SITEPOINT: One of my favorite forums on the WWW, SITEPOINT has it all. Frequented by tens of thousands of users, the Forums serve as a central discussion hub for Web Professionals worldwide, with hundreds of new messages being posted on a daily basis.