Cascading Style Sheets
By Micky Hulse

Web designers are making more frequent use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to gain control over how pages are displayed. CSS allows the designer to define how different elements, like fonts, colors, headers and positioning of text will appear.

Reader Micky Hulse of Eugene has provided this set of Random Links that may be of interest to readers working with CSS.

Useful links:

CSS validator. The best way to check your CSS for errors and standards compliancy:

XHTML validator. This site checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards:

W3Schools--Well organized and easy to understand online Web tutorials based on W3C Web standards:

A List Apart has a lot of great CSS tips, tricks, and tutorials... a great resource for web developers:

Lay-out-o-matic. Generate standards compliant CSS layouts with the with a few clicks of the mouse:

Glish. Another great site that has a ton of CSS techniques, layouts, resources, and tutorials:

CSS Maxdesign. Home of Listomatic and Listomatic2. One list, many options:

Another CSS template creator:

More templates: and

Devshed forums. A great place to get support from peers and pros... signing-up is easy: