Web Based Instruction
By Gary Ferrington

The Web is an excellent medium for the delivery of education and training. It can provide sound, photos, graphics, video, and text online and in an interactive format that engages the learner. This set of links provides an initial overview of what is involved in the design of Web Based Instruction (WBI).

Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning. If you would like to know more about online teaching and learning. Or are interested in knowing how to organize a course for online delivery the Distance Learning Resource Network’s"Designing Instruction for Web-Based Distance Learning" may be for you. This guide will help you design a course or materials for the Web or convert an existing course into an online course. These materials were designed in partnership with WGBH Interactive, a division of Boston’s WGBH Educational Foundation. Source: Distance Learning Resource

Using Instructional Design Principles To Amplify Learning On The World Wide Web. This article justifies and describes instructional design principles which can be used to transform Web material from simple informational resources to a powerful, instructional medium .Source: San Diego State University.

Design considerations for experiential web-based instruction. By David M Peter. An article that explores the modification of traditional instructional design models that focus on instructor to students relationships and provides a more experiential model appropriate for web-based instructional: University of Georgia

Web Based Instructional Resources This site presents examples of WBI courses, extensive articles and research papers, listings of conference and events, and general information and WBI resources. Source: University of California at Berkeley

Web Based Instruction.Web-based instruction has been defined as teaching and learning supported by the attributes and resources of the Internet. This site provides extensive links to guidelines for how to best utilize Internet attributes and resources. A very comprehensive site with examples of WBI programs.

So You Want to develop WBI? This site is dedicated to helping educators develop a better understanding of Web Based Instruction (WBI). Users are encouraged to take a pretest that provides a fun way of identifying your strengths and weaknesses relative to developing WBI. There is no starting or ending point to this course, however, you may want to take the posttest to get feedback on the effectiveness of this site. Source: Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District