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Volume 3 Number 17
November 1, 2004

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"Whatever games are played with us, we must play no games with ourselves." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Up Front NW
By Gary Ferrington

The Proscenia Newsletter is now a monthly online publication. This change will facilitate our making it a more useful resource for readers.
    Those who look to the Newsletter for employment information will find the JobsNW section updated every week.
So, check back often. 
We will announce each new edition on the first day of the month.
In This issue:

Feature Article: "So you're a web designer? My son does that in school." A look at why hiring a professional to design a web site is far better than a family friend on the cheap.

Random Links: You have to go out and contact clients in order for your business to grow. Making those cold calls in person or on the phone can be a frightening task but these online resources will help you meet the challenge.

Site Visit: "Ancient China" is an excellent example of an interactive informational site produced by the British Museum.

Lighter Side: Chiloe Stories is certainly one of the more compelling sites on the Internet. This multimedia documentary project tells the stories of the archipelago of Chiloe (Southern Chile).

On The Desktop: Commentary and news of general interest to the multimedia community.

Letters From Readers.

"It just occurred to me that some of your readers might enjoy a website I put up recently: Very slow for dial-up (10-12 min) but loads quickly for anyone with DSL." PS, Eugene, OR.

"I am not a multimedia professional but find the articles and features to be of interest, graphically appealing and of great quality. Thanks for the great work!" CZ, Eugene, OR.

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Photograph: Rainbow spectrum by Gary Ferrington
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