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"The corollary of constant change is ignorance. This is not often talked about:
we computer experts barely know what we're doing." (Ellen Ullman)

March 16, 2003

It is Sunday again and another electronic edition of the Proscenia Newsletter hits your virtual doorstep. This will be the last edition for two weeks as Spring break begins and most readers head for distant places. If any unique job opportunities come along I will share those with individuals whom I believe would benefit.

The publication of online journals is one way to cut printing costs and distribute material in a timely manner. Web designers may want to check out the publication Orion as an online example of what might be the future. I like the idea of seeing the current issue as if it were on my coffee table and by clicking "TURN THE PAGE" one can broswer a few of the feature articles. Nicely done.

Are you interested in game design? Game Developer, a free publication, features industry leaders and game development experts sharing technical solutions, new product reviews, and strategies for innovative, successful games. Visit to sign up. Be careful about the checking, or not, the box regarding more information. It is one way of getting yourself on vendor mailing lists.

It was asked at the last Proscenia staff meeting if there might be a way we could provide a networking service for current and former Interns related to the sale or exchange of equipment or sharing of professional services. I would be open to providing some free "classified space" in this weekly Newsletter if there is an interest. This would be restricted to material submitted by current or former Interns and Adjunct staff. It would include:

Help wanted. Use if you have a project under development and need either paid or volunteer staff.

Work wanted. Use if you'd like to make the readers aware of your availability for certain types of projects or about your professional expertise related to media production.

Equipment for sale. Use if you'd like like to sell equipment

Equipment for free or trade. Use if you'd like like to trade or give away equipment

The postings would have the following restrictions:

- Only current or former Proscenia Interns and project adjuncts could submit material
- Postings would be limited to 20 words or less plus contact information.
- Items are to be submitted by Thursday noon for publication on Sunday
- Publication will depend on available space
- Posting is to include: name and contact information.
- Proscenia would not be responsible for the accuracy or content of the material posted.
- The Newsletter editor reserves the right to reject any request for posting.
- Postings would be free.

So, there's the offer. If you'd like to make use of it please contact me.

Please e-pass this newsletter onto others who may be interested in multimedia and communication. And, as always, if you would like to be removed from this list please let me know.

Cheers, Gary


The hand-cranked pencil sharpner was the idea of Albany, Oregon resident William E. Howell who invented it in 1874.



Stephen King brought epublishing to the attention of the world by distributing his novel, Riding the Bullet, exclusively in eBook form. In the first 24 hours of availability, 400,000 copies were downloaded - more than any other book in any format!

The electronic book (eBook) is an emerging form of communication and is generating a burgeoning ePublishing industry. Many users purchase a special hand held reader which is about the size of a book and download purchased books from Internet sources. eBook readers make curling up in bed with a good book much easier than trying to do the same with a 17" monitor.

The reading experience is similar to a paperback. You explore a book page by page using a touch screen (no scrolling) and the text is justified. You can add bookmarks, and return easily to previously viewed pages. You can search for words or phrases and get instant access to a page regardless if the content searched for is on page 1 or 400. There's a cover page, a table of contents.

EBooks come in various lengths following the printing industry guidelines with a publication of 10,000 to 40,000 words being a "novelette." Novels are over 40,000 words. It should be noted that not only novels, but nonfiction, training, and other text based material is also published in this electronic format.

Electronic books will be the major publishing revolution in the coming years: the market for electronic publishing is estimated at $US 2.3 billion in 2003. An example of eBook popularity is the fact that over 5 million copies of Microsoft Reader were distributed for use on desktop, notebook, and Pocket PC systems in the past year. In 2001 Palm Digital Media reported that nearly 180,000 eBooks were sold, a more than 40-percent increase from year before.

Some of you will find yourself integrating your multimedia skills into electronic publishing jobs. It is good now to learn about this new medium and be prepared for the future.

A Canadian friend, Bob MacNevin, has been a desktop publisher for several years. He has been learning what he can about the design and publication of eBooks and has provided below an excellent list of references for those wanting to know more about this medium. He suggests that the Adobe eBook Reader is a sensible, well behaved piece of software. Probably downloading it and a free sample eBook would be the quickest way to get a snapshot of the medium's potential.


Electronic Book Web -- eBook Primer

Open eBook Forum

Adobe eBook Info and free Adobe eBook Reader Download eBook FAQ eBook Section




Pixar Animation Studios "combines creative and technical artistry to create original stories in the medium of computer animation. Pixar's creative department is led by John Lasseter, an Academy Award®- winning director and animator and the director of Toy Story, A Bug's Life, and Toy Story 2, as well as executive producer of Monsters, Inc.. Under the guidance of Mr. Lasseter, Pixar has built an entire creative team, including a department of highly skilled animators, a story department and an art department. Pixar strives to hire animators who have superior acting ability - those able to bring characters and inanimate objects to life, as though they have their own thought processes. In order to attract and retain quality animators, the company founded Pixar University, which conducts three-month long courses for new and existing animators. Pixar also has a complete production team that gives the company the capability to control all elements of production of its films." Check out How We Do It for background on animation processes. Also take a look at the portfolio art work in the Artist Cornor. And, finally, there is the Jobs folder for those interested in working at Pixar.



The Future of Weblogs. Blogging, which a few years ago was viewed as a lot of inconsequential chatter, is morphing into a cutting-edge phenomenon that may provide a platform for the Internet's next wave of innovation and moneymaking opportunities. "Just like the Internet was 10 years ago, blogging is popular with an underground culture that is doing it for the love and passion," says Tony Perkins, editor of the recently folded Red Herring magazine. "Now there are people like me coming along and trying to figure out how to package it. It's time to take it to the next level." Other heavy hitters hoping to cash in on the Web's so-called "Blogosphere" include Terra Lycos, AOL and Google. Last month, Terra introduced publishing tools to help users launch their own blogs, and AOL plans a similar move later this year. Meanwhile, Google just snapped up Pyra Labs, which runs, a network of Weblogs boasting more than 1 million members and more than 200,000 active blogs. "We want to take what has been an underground phenomenon and introduce it to the masses," says Charles Kilby, Terra Lycos' director of product marketing. "This is the 'eBayization' of the media," says Perkins. "You create a compelling arena and then let the real entertainment come from the participants themselves." (AP 9 Mar 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

The Internet Bubble, Jim Clark and Mark Andreessen. A decade ago a college student posted the first Web browser (Mosaic), and not long thereafter Mark Andreessen joined with entrepreneur Jim Clark to found Netscape, which many see as the starting of the dot-com revolution and the Internet bubble. And ten years later? Clark says he's finished starting new companies because "the economic appetite is gone," but recalls Netscape as something that "changed my life so incredibly, it's hard to comprehend. I made more than a billion dollars from a couple of years work." And Andreessen says of that period of history: "The pressure then on a new idea was absolutely insane... In the bubble, smart people lost confidence in their own judgment. You'd put in your money even if you couldn't figure out why it made sense. You'd think YOU were the one who wasn't getting it. Then in the light of day, you'd go, 'What was I thinking?'" (USA Today 10 Mar 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

McDonald's Jumps on WI-FI Bandwagon. McDonald's announced ten stores in Manhattan will begin offering one hour of Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access to anyone who buys a combination meal, and plans to extend the program to 300 McDonald's restaurants in New York, Chicago and a yet-unannounced California town. "You can come in and have an extra value meal and send some e-mail," says a McDonald's spokeswoman. McDonald's joins more than 400 Borders bookstores, hundreds of hotels and a couple of U.S. airports where Wi-Fi access will be available by summer. (AP 11 Mar 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

Legislation To Establish Digital Copying Rights. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D, CA) is reintroducing legislation called the Balance Act, intended to give people the right to make back-up copies of copyrighted digital works for use on other devices (such as car CD players) and to protect consumers who break technological locks in order to view DVD movies on their computers. Lofgren says, "Most people -- at least, most adults -- don't expect to get content as a freebie. But when people pay good money to buy something and then can't use it in the way they've become accustomed to, it makes them mad." The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA) strongly oppose the proposed legislation, which is thought to have just a long-shot chance of being passed. Arguing that such legislation "would provide safe harbor for pirates," Jack Valenti of the MPAA said, "As drafted, this legislation essentially legalizes hacking." (San Jose Mercury News 11 Mar 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

Designing Technology Not for OUrselves but fo 'our Futures Selves' Despite great progress in the use of technology to assist the disabled, there is still much to be done. Design expert Bill Gribbins says, for example, that too many Web designers use too many fine print and light blue colors, which are difficult for older eyes to see. "Many times designers simply aren't aware of these things. What works well from their perspective can be problematic for an aging user. When I talk to my students, I refer to it as designing for our future selves." (AP/USA Today 12 Mar 2003) Source:NewsScanDaily

New Computer Program May Be Able to Determine a Song's "Hit" Potential Earlier this week, the Polyphonic HMI company announced that their new software program, Hit Song Science, may have the ability to pick out which songs might be chart-toppers before they are even released to the record-buying public. The program identifies certain characteristics, such as melody, harmony, tempo, and pitch, that frequently result in songs that become immensely popular. Apparently, these shared traits are not always obvious, as the rock group U2 and the works of Beethoven shared similar values, as did the music of the Beatles and Elvis Presley. Polyphonic HMI's chief executive, Mike McCready, noted that "There are a limited number of mathematical formulas for hit songs." Other commentators and music journalists have already commented that much of contemporary popular music does in fact sound much the same, due to the restrictive playlists of many radio stations, with some noting that the subtle practice of "payola" seems to be alive and well. See: Major Music Labels Use Artificial Intelligence to Help Determine "Hitability" of Music Copyright Internet Scout Project 1.



ArtsElectric is a worldwide calendar and information center for new music, electronic music and the media arts.You'll find hundreds of events listed, as well as articles, interviews, and other writings.


Career Workshop - Portland. Portland State University Multimedia Professional Program (MPP). Tuesday, March 25, 2003 5:30-8:30PM 1825 SW Broadway (Smith Memorial Student Union), Rm 328 Free with RSVP. RSVP at 503 or by email: . Hear up-to-date information from creative and technical industry professionals and MPP graduates on staying relevant in the current economy. Learn how to approach the future with a full toolkit and sharpened skills. Gain useful insights into locating positions, networking and interviewing techniques. Refreshments available.

Sixth Annual Aurora Awards 2003. The Aurora Awards recognize individuals in the film and video industires who have achieved that same ability to captivate their audiences with displays produced from their own creative forces. Competitors come from private and corporate prodduction groups, advertising agencies, and television stations throughout the country. Film deadline is March 22, 2003.

Announcing Flashforward 2003 - the 9th Flashforward and Flash (tm) Film Festival on March 26-28th, 2003 in San Francisco.The conference program focuses exclusively on educatingand inspiring Macromedia Flash MX designers and developers by offering advanced technical, creative and business sessions led by the industry's luminaries. The SanFrancisco conference offers a variety of four-hour and one-hour sessions that explore indepth features of Flash MX, technologies and platforms that integrate with Flash MX including wireless devices, the Flash Comminication server, project management and usability and creative issues that face us all. Live, breathe, eat,sleep, and think Flash and join others for another amazing conference! Check out the Festival and Conference in flash or html. The FlashFilm Festival is an online competition and live awards ceremony showcasing and celebrating the best work on the Web. Finalists are showcased on the Flashforward2003 web site


Game Market Watch Conference and Exposition. April 1-2, 2003. Hilton Hotel at Universal City, Los Angeles. A two-day event designed to educate professionals from the PC, console and handheld games industry on emerging trends and o help them identify and evaluate new business initiatives and revenue generating opportunities. See full schedule at


AECT takes great pride in opening the Call for Entries for the 2003 International Student Media Festival. If your school (K-University) utilizes student produced media in its curriculum, you are invited to enter this exciting competition. Winning entries will premier in Anaheim, CA., in October. Official instructions, entry forms, and Festival details are available now. Entry deadline is May 31, 2003


SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Film Festival is an exciting new competitive Festival, created to celebrate, honor and showcase documentaries from around the world. Between June 18-22, 2003, SILVERDOCS will present 45 provocative documentary films at the newly restored, state-of-the art AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in downtown Silver Spring, MD. The festival will bring together filmmakers, international documentary professionals and the communities of the Greater DC Metropolitan area to debate issues raised by these documentary films and celebrate their art. Location: AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center, 8633 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA Start date: June 18, 2003 End date: June 22, 2003 URL: E-mail: Phone: (1) Fax: (1) Entry deadline: March 1, 2003 Source: Northwest Film Center


Full Moon Audio Art Camp. Full Moon changed not only the way I listen to the world around me, but opened my mind to creative possibilities I didn't know I had in me."- Joellen Easton, Full Moon '02 participant "Full Moon was among the most inspiring and motivational experiences I have had as an artist. The quality of instruction was tops in Canada and the incredible support for experimentation and creativity reminded me of my days at university when I was studying film production and sound. Full Moon fostered a spirit of sharing and cooperation - and an optimism that we could do anything...which we did."-Heather Ritchie, Full Moon '02 participant The fifth annual Full Moon Audio Art camp will take place August 10-16, 2003 at Au Grand Bois, 565 acres of rolling hills, woods, fields and ponds, located in the Pontiac region of Quebec. Full Moon provides a space where artists can live, work and create audio art 24 hours a day with energy focussed on the work itself, without the distractions of daily society. The week's activities include sound-walks, listening sessions, live concerts, workshops, production studio/editing facilities, good (vegetarian) food and great company. Full Moon welcomes participants in all stages of their careers : emerging, established, or curious. Our audio artists in residence this year are Chris Brookes and Rita McKeough, and both have a unique approach to sound, radio, performance and installation. Early-Bird Registration Fees. Payment received by May 31, 2003 CSIRP Members (in Canada) $300.00 Non-Members (in Canada) $325.00 American and International registrants $325.00 U.S. Full registration information and details about Full Moon are at On-line Registration Form: Participation is limited to 20 people. Spaces tend to fill up quickly, so please don't wait until July to register. Full Moon Audio Art Camp is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts; and sponsored by the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production. Registration cost includes accommodation, either camping, or in lovely and rustic cabins, and most meals. Please forward this email to anyone who you think might be interested. Any questions can be directed to Janna Graham Full Moon Project-Coordinator



Here are two resources that I would recommend for learning more about careers in multimedia production. The first is Boston College's Guide: Careers In Multimedia. To this I would add Skills Net. Skills Net has an extensive collection of material related to working in the media industry.



Animation Job Board: Animation World Network. This site provides continuiously updated listings of international jobs in the field of animation. Check it out.

Film and Television Job Board: Film, TV, & Commercial Employment Network provides important information and resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It's for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Information and resources are provided for many areas both behind and in front of the camera.


TV Prodcution Assistant. KVAL-TV has an opening for a Part-time Studio Camera Operator. Experience or degree preferred. EOE Send resume to: Job #P03-07 KVAL-TV P.O. Box 1313 Eugene, OR 97440 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic/Web Designer. UO Continuing Education is seeking an experienced graphic/web designer to design and produce print graphics and complementary web products. This is a full time short-term/limited position. Candidate should have minimum three years professional experience. BA required, BFA or advanced work in relevant discipline preferred. Applications taken until March 21. Fax resume and 3 reference contacts to , or email as a Word attachment to , or send to Continuing Education, 1227 University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403. Job description available upon request by calling or , 8am-5pm, Mon.-Fri. UO is an equal-opportunity, affirmative action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Graphic Designer/Art Director. Ad Group is seeking talented Graphic Designer/Art Director to join our creative team. Projects include corporate identity, packaging, sales promotion, in-store marketing, print & online advertising. Minimum qualifications: strong design & creative concepting skills. Thorough knowledge of Illustrator, Photoshop & Quark Express. Proficient on Mac. Knowledge of 4+ color printing. Minimum 4-5 yrs. working in an ad agency or marketing communication design firm. 401K, profit sharing, health insurance, vacation, etc. Salary depending on experience. Send resume including salary history & a few samples (color copies are fine) to: Human Resources Ad Group, 785 Grant St., Eugene, OR 97402, or e-mail PDF files & or web links to Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Senior Retail Design Professional - Wanted for growing retail design firm making international waves in food store design. Our corporate headquarters is in Eugene, Oregon, but we operate on the world stage. We need (covet!) an experienced designer with the highest level of design ability and presentation drawing skills. Mastery of hand-rendering and strong computer illustration skills a must. Experience in retail architecture, lighting, merchandising/display, and graphic signing/design required. Specific experience in food store design makes you a front-runner. Send Resume to: King Design International Attn: Design Assistant P.O. Box 21910 Or FAX to: Or Email to:

Digital Production. Obie Media is seeking a motivated individual to run a large format printer on graveyard shift. Duties include color correcting & setting up files in design programs such as freehand, illustrator & Photoshop. Some computer experience helpful but not required. Competitive salary & benefits. Send resumes: e-mail: . com or FAX: . EOE - Drug Free Company. OBIE MEDIA out-of-home advertising Location: OR Date: 3/16/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)

Web Development Sr. Software Engineer. Summit Information Systems - a Fiserv company - develops software solutions for the financial services industry. We are looking for Sr. Software Engineers to join our Web development teams. Requirements include: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field, or equivalent experience. 5-yrs experience developing web-based, 3 tiered applications At least 2-yrs experience in some or all: Java programming, Java servlets, JSP, & web services: Javascript, DHTML, HTML; SQL & relational databases, JDBC interfaces; eXtreme Programming environment. Experience with the following helpful: Apache Tomcat, Clearcase, jUnit/Cactus, AXIS. Oracle or SQL server. All positions are full-time, based in Corvallis, Oregon. No telecommuting available. At SUMMIT we offer an excellent compensation & benefits package. Submit resume with salary requirements to EEO/AA Location: OR Date: 3/16/2003 Source: Register Guard (Eugene)


WEB Assistant and Customer Support. 21 year old Hi-tech Company has a position available for a computer literate person interested in customer support and Internet marketing. We market our products exclusively via the Internet using in-house developed state-of-the-art strategies, tools and techniques. This is an entry level position for a person with pleasant customer manners, care of details and a genuine desire for on-the-job learning. Any of the following skills a plus: - Graphic illustration - Excellent written and verbal communication - Web page design We offer a pleasant working environment, competitive compensation and benefits. Our offices are close to the Cedar Hills Max Transit Station. Send or e-mail resume to: Computer Friends, Inc. 10200 SW Eastridge St. Portland OR 97225 e.mail

Web Production - Photoshop:Status: Full Time, Part Time, Temporary/Contract/Project Salary: USD 14.00 to USD 18.00 per hour This is a 1+ month Photoshop production position in Wilsonville, OR. Our client is looking for a junior level candidate who has about 1 year of Photoshop production experience. Job duties will involve Photoshop production work all day. The candidate will plug in graphics. For the right candidate, this position may evolve into working directly with the Graphic Designer to learn web graphic design. We are looking for candidates with about a year's worth of Photoshop production experience only! Contact Information :. Cathi Harte COMSYS 10220 SW Greenburg Rd. Suite 301 Portland OR 97223 Ph: Fax:

Caroff Communications. This is an application for a freelance Web Graphic / HTML Production Job. Only one position is available. We're looking for at least 75-100 hours per month to start. The position pays $14/hour. Schedule is somewhat flexible: work any hours you want, as long as the work gets done in a timely fashion. You will need a good understanding of HTML, a good HTML editing program, and a fair amount of experience with PhotoShop. Please fill out this application completely and then press the "Submit My Application!" button. If your qualifications fit our requirements, we'll contact you.

Graphics Production Artist. To support auto magazine advertising staff. Proficient in 'In Design' and with the ability to work independently. Please FAX resume to Attn Joan Watson at Published in The Oregonian on 03/16

Web Technician. Gresham. Mt Hood Community College - Assists in the development and maintenance of online and web enhanced courses, and in the development and delivery of faculty and staff online software applications training. Associate's degree or two years of college level course work in computer science or related field. Knowledge of instructional design and/or online course software such as WebCT preferred. $11-$13 hr. 15-20 hrs per wk. Days and hours are slightly flexible. Send resume to Cat Vogt at: or 26000 SE Stark, Gresham, OR 97030 by March 14th Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer

Graphics. Bend, Sony. Join the team that created Syphon filter, the critically acclaimed best selling action game! We're looking for talented artists and designers who know how to work and play hard, who are professional, passionate about games, and have a desire to be the best. You must have good communication skills and work well within a team environment. A strong commitment to meeting project milestones is required. Assistant Designr You love and play console games. You think about why one game is more fun than another. You are able to read and follow design plans. You know (or are able to quickly learn) 3D Max and other implementation tools. Preference to those with experience. Artists Experienced 2D artist to help with textures, interface, motion capture processing, character, cinema and other production level work. Must be proficient with Photoshop and oher 2D tools. Must be familiar with 3D Max. Must be willing to learn and become proficient with 3D Max. Demo disk or website samples are required. Offering exceptional benefits, please send resume specifying job you are applying for, to: Sony Computer Entertainment America Attention: HRA Fax: Equal Opportunity Employer Editor.

Editor. Environmental magazine publisher seeks managing editor. Editing, Web site and graphics skills required. Send resumes to: RESOURCE RECYCLING, P.O. Box 42270, Portland, OR 97242 Published in The Oregonian on 03/09

Document Processing Specialist. CH2M HILL, one of Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work for, has an immediate opening for a part time Document Processing Specialist in our Portland office. Qualified candidates will have a minimum of 3 years of experience in complex technical/engineering document production and proofreading with demonstrated proficiency in text input, table formatting, graphics insertion, speed, and accuracy; a high school diploma; plus related training. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is required. Proficiency in desktop publishing software, Visio, Acrobat, and HTML is preferred. A positive, 'can do' attitude, and team-oriented approach is desirable to fit into our energetic, fast-paced work environment. Please note the job code 3737BR/CR in the subject line of your e-mail and/or at the top of your cover letter when submitting your resume and cover letter with salary history to or you may apply on line at an Equal Opportunity Employer Published in The Oregonian on 03/16



Graphic designer. GREYTHORN INC Location: Bellevue, WA. A dynamic web design/marketing company is seeking experienced graphic designers to join their team. This role will be responsible for designing dynamic user interfaces for mobile devices and desktop applications. Previous experience creating icons, editing video, and doing some work with 3-d rendering is essential, as is print production experience. A minimum of 4 years experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Adobe Premiere, and InDesign is required. Strong design skills including layout, typography, color, and informational design are a strong plus. Requirements: Graphic design, mobile UI experiance Contact for more information: Mark Toews Greythorn Inc. 40 Lake Bellevue Suite 100 Bellevue, WA 98005 Phone: Fax: E-mail:



Senior 3D Director Game Programmers North Hollywood CA US Blitz Digital Studios ( is looking for top-notch senior game programmers that are experienced in 3D lingo programming and have a complete knowledge of Director: Responsibilities: € Create and develop innovative game engines for in-house and client projects € Assist in conceptualization of in-house and client game contracts € Write technical maintenance documents € Develop code libraries € Ensure functional integrity and design continuity € Keep abreast of current interactive trends, technology and design € Estimate accurate time on projects € Work with in-house and external programming team About our company: Blitz Digital Studios is the leading interactive / online gaming company. Based in North Hollywood, CA, Blitz develops high-profile projects for clients such as Warner Bros., Universal, GE, etc. Blitz¹s reputation is built on delivering first-time innovations in both design and technical arenas. Founded by the eStudio team, check out our website at Email to apply. Qualifications: Qualifications: € BA in Computer Science or 3-5 years of equivalent programming experience centered around Internet/Web technologies or Gaming industry. € 3D programming skills with Macromedia Director Shockwave, with strong knowledge of 3D Vector Math & Matrices - Experience in complete, shipped games and multiplayer environments a major plus. € Avid game player € Strong experience with Flash MX, Action Script, and Java a plus € A knowledge of relational database design, implementation, and SQL experience € Excellent communication skills, strong motivation for self improvement, and a good work ethic € C/C++ and VB experience a plus € NT, IIS, Linux, and Apache administration experience a definite plus Contact: Ken Martin Telephone: URL:

Turn Web site into CD Iowa City IA USA posted: March 10, 2003 I am a graphic designer who has an educational client who would like to take a Web site I am finishing and turn it into a CD. I believe the best route for this is to import the site into a Director document to maintain all the intra-site links and then add some Director-specific items, such as a Flash intro page and some background music. A local Director user estimated the job to take between 10 to 15 hours, but does not the have the time to do it. The budget is $1,000, but I might be able to add a bit more if necessary. I'll have sign-off on the site around March 24 and would like to have a first Director draft a week later. No face-to-face meeting required. Qualifications: Significant Director experience preferred, but attention to detail, both with project and in e-mail communication is a must. Contact: Christopher Green Telephone:

Creative/ multimedia graphic design. Flash animation billboards and Web banners. Software packaging and collateral design. Tradeshow booth graphics. Print and catalog advertisements. Photography for box shots and packaging. Web site graphics which can include icons, buttons, banners, etc. Product logo design. We are looking for new concepts as well as the continuation of existing programs. TechSmith customers expect a level of quality and timeliness that rivals that of Microsoft, Adobe and many other top name software companies. Before you contact TechSmith, I would highly recommend that you make yourself familiar with the TechSmith Web site as well as the packaging and Web sites of companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, etc. To set up an appointment to present your portfolio, please contact Stacey at or e-mail Tech Smith Due to the nature of the project requirements, please come prepared to show print samples as well as electronic examples (Flash animation) of your work.

Senior Artists All positions require 3D-modeling, animation and texture creation for high-end strategy game development. You should have 2-3 years of experience using 3Dstudio (MAX), excellent Photoshop skills and a passion for games. A degree is not required. You should have a number of the following skills: 1.3D modeling 2.3D character animation 3.2D texture painting 4.User interface design 5.Cinematics/Story boarding 6.Sketching/illustration 7.Excellent communication skills Responsibilities include: Creating and guiding the overall coherent aesthetic vision behind the game's look and feel. Character animation for human units, including the creation of realistic and fluid motion for battle animations, walk cycles, death animations and fidgets. Low polygon 3D- model building including detailed and historically authentic buildings, weapons, fighting ships and units. Designing high quality texture maps for all animated and non-animated models. Creating photo-realistic special effects including prerendered fog and non-ambient lighting effects on surface of terrain, shadows, water reflections. Assisting in hiring decisions and helping determine the hardware and software tools that should be employed by the art department in order to fulfill the artistic vision of the game. Submit resumes to Dara-Lynn Pelechatz at: Please also submit your demo reel on VHS tape or CD-ROM. Visit: Stainless Steel Studios. One Canal Park Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141

Cinematic Designer Experienced cinematic designer with scenario design experience needed to help build cinematics for our upcoming RTS title. Cinematics will have a strong historical and story context. They will be created using our in-house scenario editor. A college degree is not required, but you must demonstrate the ability to create intriguing, detailed, and - most of all - engaging cinematics. Job requirements: Demonstrable skills of cinematics design and layout from other RTS games featuring 3D cinematic engines like Warcraft 3, Age of Mythology, Empire Earth, etc. Proven ability in single player scenario design in RTS games like Warcraft 3, Age of Kings, Empire Earth, etc. A passion for games You must be a permanent resident of the United States. You must submit a sample of cinematic scenario work for review You should have the following: An ability to set story, mood, and pacing through your cinematics An eye for unique camera angles, paths, and perspectives A desire to work in a team environment Excellent written and verbal communication skills A background in film or film studies a plus Experience with film, video, or camera work a plus Stainless Steel Studios is accepting applications from candidates who are permanent residents of the United States and who can demonstrate they are able to work in this country. Contact: Dara-Lynn Pelechatz at: Please also submit your demo reel on VHS tape or CD-ROM. Submit resumes to Dara-Lynn Pelechatz at: Please also submit your demo reel on VHS tape or CD-ROM. Visit: Stainless Steel Studios. One Canal Park Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141

Art and Animation Manager. Get what you really want in a career opportunity! We're a rapidly growing digital media co. in immediate need of a topflight art and animation manager, an individual who is motivated by the challenge to expand both his technical and managerial skills in the development of a strong, responsive art/animation group. If you are experienced in directing art/animation personnel and want to use high end graphic animation software on MAC, this could be the opportunity you've been waiting for. Send your resume via email or fax to BB . Location: Source:The Birmingham News-online

Graphic Designer. MAC environment. Knowledge of Adobe Pagemaker, Illustrator and Photoshop a must Needs to have good proof reading skills. Send resume & cover letter to Graphic Designer, Production Manager, 527 D Street, Eureka, CA 95501. No phone calls please Location: CA Source:Eureka Times-Standard


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