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Volume 4 Number 2
February 1, 2005

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"Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little
things, in which smiles, and kindnesses, and small obligations, given
habitually, are what win and preserve the heart and secure comfort." (Sir Humphrey Davy)

Up Front NW
By Gary Ferrington

Water returns to the sea after the tsunami. ©DigitalGlobe
We offer our deepest sympathy to the victims of the December 26 tsunami and to our readers with family and friends in the area.
   We encourage your financial support of relief efforts now and in the weeks and months to come.
   Having personally experienced the Alaskan tsunami sweeping along the Oregon coast in 1964, I've been reminded that we who live near the Pacific Ocean
are indeed potential victims of earthquakes and devastating tsunami waves. May we remember the lessons learned from this most recent disaster.
   The images from television have encouraged a world-wide response to this natural disaster. Home video of the crashing waves and press photos of the aftermath are very powerful. The Internet has kept us instantly informed. Our access to media has indeed created a global village in which we share the tragedy and the need to help.
   It is my hope that as we respond to this human crisis we don't forget that others in the world, not often seen on our media screens, also need our assistance. These include the families of some 17 million who have died from AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the world-wide victims of genocide and famine such as the 70,000 individuals in the Sudan.
   The contribution of any donation to an aid agency, when combine with those of others, becomes a wave of caring support and concern. For more information see the listing of aid agencies at the USAID web site.

In This issue:

Feature Article: Satellite photographs from space provide stunning evidence of the destructive power of tsunami waves on the landscape and lives of people. The photographic image is indeed a powerful tool for communication.

Random Links: The ideas of Marshall McLuhan are being rediscovered as the future he predicted becomes everyday.

Site Visit: The Chaco Canyon is an installment in the San Francisco based Exploratorium's Ancient Observatories series designed as introduction to the field of archeoastronomy. It is a beautiful and informative site making full use of Internet audio and visual technology.

Lighter Side: The "On this Day in History" search engine is a fun site that allows visitors to type in a date from the past 200 years and find information such as the prices of basic foodstuffs, popular songs of the day, and news events that were making headline

On The Desktop: Items of interest to the media designer gleaned from the in-box.

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Photograph by Gary Ferrington
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